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Links of interest


Time User Uppers:

GPL Message/Interact Board
Chris Bickel's world of smashism and emoviolence
The PRANK RECORDS homepage
World Wide Punk
XMIST RECORDS - released a GPL seven inch
In/Humanity discography page
MORDAM RECORDS - distributes PRANK/Guyana Punch Line
Shows in SC area
ANTISCHISM site done by a fan
Free the West Memphis Three
Cool punk distro
How to fight the religious Right - written by a Christian(!)
GPL annoys everyone at

What does GPL sound like? Reviews:

Drawer B: irritainment review
Drawer B: Xmist 7inch review
Drawer B: Maximum Smashism review
these guys called us 'grating' and a 'painful listen'
Hardcore Times review -- cool webzine
called us 'best thrash record of the year' or something lame like that
Another thoughtful and loving review
First 'Direkt Aktion' review

Misc. Buddies

THE JAM ROOM - great cheap studio where GPL records everything
DADE COUNTY RESISTANCE - Troy's other band