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Thank you for your interest in the Sea Island Divers Business Plan. Due to their nature, business plans must be maintained as controlled items. In order to ensure that we are only sending these documents to serious individuals, we must ask a deposit of $250.00. Your deposit will be returned in full when the business plan is returned to us. Please print this page and fill out the information below, then send it with your deposit to:

Sea Island Divers
212 Burroughs Ave.
Beaufort, SC 29902

The Form

Last Name:________________________ First Name:________________________ Middle Initial:______


Phone Number:(______)______-______________

Please tell us how you heard about our site:________________________________________________


Please read:

I understand that I am responsible for the Sea Island Divers Businesss Plan. I am not authorized to make copies or to distribute it in any way. To insure this I am sending a deposit of $250.00. I understand this deposit will be returned in full when I return the business plan to Sea Island Divers.