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Useful websites

With any history websites you find it is important to be aware that websites can literally be set up by anyone and you will need to consider how reliable the information is. It is part of historical study to compare different sources of information. The following sites are just a few of the sites I have found which are useful.

Scotland's Past gives a useful timeline of Scottish history and some brief details about some of the key dates.


The Scottish History Tour gives access to some longer articles as well as their own links page. 


Electric Scotland has a whole range of Scotland related information as well as a messageboard with various topics.


Rampant Scotland has good biographical details of many of the historical figures from Scotland's past as well as well as snapshots of various key battles.


The Strathearn site gives the history of the area which had interseting links to the Jacobite rebellions and to Wallace and Bruce.

This is an interesting article on the Highlander Web magazine which deals with General Wade's roads.

The Skyelander site has a host of materials, including the text of a book about the Highlands Clearances.

The following studyweb link lists a number of sites which have Scottish History content:

The BBC website now has a number of basic Scottish History pages to introduce people to key areas of Scottish history. There are some interesting links to media clips / songs etc.





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