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Scotland: 1700 - 1850

Scotland in the Days of Wallace and Bruce

The Jacobite Rebellions

About the Courses

Scotland: 1700 - 1850

Outline of Course

1) Explanation of Key Concepts

2) Explanation of module

3) Unit One: "Act of Union, 1707"

4) Unit Two: "Industrial developments in Scotland 1700 - 1850"

5) Unit Three: "Transport and Communication in Scotland 1700 - 1850"

6) Unit Four: "The Highland Clearances and emigration 1750 - 1850"

7) Instruments of Assessment

The course will be sent to you in stages, and you will be asked to attempt the assessments at appropriate points in the course.

Scotland in the days of Wallace and Bruce

Course outline

Unit 1 - Scotland in the 13th Century

Unit 2 - The crisis of the Scottish throne

(1286 - 1296)

Unit 3 - Overlordship and Rebellion

(1296 - 1305)

William Wallace

Unit 4 - From rebellion to independence

(1305 - 1326)

Robert the Bruce


The Jacobite Rebellions

Course Outline

Unit 1 - Understanding the Jacobite Tradition

Unit 2 - The Union of 1707 and the Jacobite Cause

Unit 3 - The Rebellion of 1715

Unit 4 - Scotland between the two Rebellions

(1715 to 1745)

Unit 5 - The Rebellion of 1745


In addition to the unit notes provided, students were asked to do some reading and research of their own. Certain texts were suggested to students but most were well aware of the possibilities open to them in "surfing the net" with access to web sites of various libraries and societies. Some web sites were suggested to them by the tutor but students on the course also shared suitable web site addresses with their tutor and other students, with comments about which sites they had found most useful.

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