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Welcome to the Scottish History Website

Course Tutor: Peter S. Lanigan, M.A. (Hons) in English and History - Glasgow University


Cumbernauld College began developing web supported Scottish history courses back in 1998 and, by 2000, three such courses had been developed. Students who have enrolled in the courses came from a variety of backgrounds - from retired army officer to U.S. deputy sheriff.

In January, 2003, the tutor, Peter Lanigan, moved on from his employment at Cumbernauld College, and, unfortunately, the courses are no longer being offered.

This website provides information about the courses which were offered prior to 2003, as well as some articles on Scottish history and links to some of the interesting Scottish history sites I have come across in the course of developing the materials and units.

I will be offering courses in Scottish History will from another online location later this year.
Watch this space for more details.

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