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History of Scotland

Calgacus and the Roman Invasion
One of the earliest accounts of Scotland

De Excidio Britanniae
Contemporary Celtic account of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of England

The Battle of Luncarty - 980 A.D.
Decisive defeat of the Danes

King David I - Warm sunrise after a cold, dark night
The great age of church-building and law-making

King William the Lion - Start of the Auld Alliance
Red Rampant Lion on Yellow Field

True Thomas - Poet and Seer
The story of Thomas the Rhymer

Alexander III - Scotland's Golden Age
Prior to the Wars of Independence

Andrew de Moray
The unsung hero of the Wars of Independence

Wallace and Bruce as the English saw them
A contemporary English view of Wallace and Bruce

Important Historical Find
Proof of the actual site of Bannockburn found

The Declaration of Arbroath - 1320
One of the most eloquent documents ever written

King James the First - 1424-1437
Scotland's Reforming Monarch

King James the Fifth - 1512-1542
Scotland's Tragic King

The Complaynt of Scotland
Part of a diatribe against the "Rough Wooing" of Henry VIII of England

Death of Mary, Queen of Scots
A contemporary account of the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

The Treaty of Union - 1707
The infamous dissolution of the Scots Parliament

The Glenfinnan Manifesto - 1745
Charles Edward Stuart's Manifesto at Glenfinnan

The Weaver's Rising Proclamation - 1820
By The Committee of Reformation for Forming a Provisional Government

James Connolly 1868-1916
Born in Edinburgh, hero of the Irish Republic

John Maclean 1879-1923
The Fighting Dominie

The Wee Magic Stane - 1950's
Daft song ripping the pish out of the hunt for Clannach na'h Alba

A Claim of Right For Scotland - 1988
Extract from the Campaign For a Scottish Assembly's seminal work

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