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General Richard Heron Anderson
Camp 47
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Beaufort, South Carolina

First organized October 9, 1897
Rechartered October 14, 1995

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the Cause for which we fought; to your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles he loved and which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations." - Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General,  United Confederate Veterans, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1906

Your officers...

Philip R. Underwood-Sheppard, Commander
Francis X. Dinan, 1st Lt. Commander
Don Carlson, 2nd Lt. Commander
John J. "Jack" Mayers, Jr., Adjutant
Steve Fields, Color Sergeant
Darrell Jarrell, Chaplain
Lee Fields, Past Commander
Michael Givens, 5th Brigade Commander
Max Jackson, SC Division Commander

Meetings the first Monday of every month at 7 o'clock pm.

At our last meeting...

The Minutes of the regular meeting of the

Sons of Confederate Veterans
General Richard H. Anderson, Camp 47

Held October 1, 2001 at the Fire Station, Port Royal, South Carolina

Is as follows:

Call to Order lead by Commander Sheppard
Invocation offered by Chaplain Darrell Jarrell
Pledge to the Flags led by Steve Fields


We were pleased to have two visitors, Jerry Ashmore and Craig Whitaker, both prospective members.


There was no program.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes

As of 30 September our account had $3065.17. Minutes of the September meeting were read. Both reports were accepted as read. The Treasurer encouraged members to use caution when proposing donations to external activities to insure that our camp retains enough resources to meet our own project goals.

Committee Reports

New Meeting Place. The matter of our meeting at the Arsenal is still with the Beaufort Historical Society and it is doubtful if they will make a decision in the near future. So, we will continue to meet at the fire house until further notice.

Monument Committee. Rob McFee who was to report on progress, was not at the meeting.

Ball Committee. No report other than the ball will not be in November as originally scheduled.

Old Business

Billy Syfrett, from the Walterboro Camp, reported that their camp’s Lantern Tour at the Live Oak Cemetery in November, and which they hoped our camp would jointly participate, was deferred until the Spring because of fallout from the World Trade Building disaster.

New Business

Terry Taylor, an new member was inducted and welcomed into our Camp.

Commander Sheppard read a constitutional ammendment proposed at the recent National Convention. Camp vote on the ammendment was precluded because of a lack of a quorum.

A motion by General Leach to donate $25 to the Beaufort National Guard armory for air conditioning was approved and a check presented to General Leach for that amount.

Nomniations for camp officers for 2002 were as follows:

Commander  Phil Sheppard
1st Lt. Commander Frank Dinan
2nd Lt. Commander Don Carlson
Chaplain  David Miller
Quartermaster  Webb Horry
Color Sergeant Steve Fields

There were no nominations for Adjutant but two names were proposed, Phil Hodges and Wayne Cousar. Commander Sheppard will approach both candidates before November to determine if they will be willing to serve.

It was proposed that the camp participate in the local Veterans Day Parade, November 12th. It was generally agreed that while desirable, insufficient time remained to plan and organize our participation. A parade organization committee was formed to do general planning and put the camp in a better posture for future parade opportunities. The committee is headed by Tommy Collins and assisted by Frank Dinan and Darrell Jarrell. Out thanks are extended to these volunteers.

The “Iron Cross” is missing on the grave of General Anderson. The Chaplain will investigate whether it was stolen or removed for maintenance. If missing, he will consult with the local UDC and arrange a replacement.

Other Business
Members present were reminded that dues are now due for the year 2002 and encouraged to submit early.


Darrell Jarrell led us in the Benediction andCommander Sheppard led us in singing Dixie.

The Meeting was adjourned on or about 8:10 PM.

This concludes the minutes for the October 2001 meeting.

Upcoming events, 2001...

To add events here, contact the webmaster!

November 5th: Camp Meeting, 7:00

December 3rd: Camp Meeting 7:00

March 23, 2002: Annual Confederate Ball



Sons of Confederate Veterans (National)
South Carolina Division

"If this cause that is do dear to my heart is doomed to fail, I pray heaven may let me fall with it, while my face is toward the enemy and my arm battling for that which I know to be right."
Major General Patrick R. Cleburne, killed at the Battle of Franklin