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Premier Vendors to the Publishing Industry

  • New! PUBLIC SCHOOL DATABASE: Over 25,000 *clean* addresses on CD for only $149! Includes related data - fax numbers, school size, grades, emails, and websites. SCHOOL MARKETING from TheScienceSpiders/RanchWorks: Jumpstart your school sales with our inexpensive mailing lists, faxes, and school home pages. Now you can try your mailings and school communications without the high minimum orders required by mail-list companies. We start with lists as low as $10! And all our school addresses have been used recently for our own school mailings so they are cleaner than lists the big companies provide. Even a small school mailing can provide valuable feedback about your marketing approach. And we let you narrow down your mail list without extra fees! Choose your own addressee, size of school, grades, and geographical location! Check our website at School Sales & Services or email for detailed requests...Kathe Kain
  • AUTOGRAPHED BY AUTHOR wants to send buyers to you…if you sell your own books, autographed, from your own web site. Readers, collectors, and gift buyers love to shop at because we're the largest gathering of autographing authors on the internet. We use internet marketing techniques to attract buyers, then forward them to web sites of authors they'll you! John Kremer, author of "1001 Ways to Market Your Books," placed us sixth on his list of "Top 101 book marketing sites." (If it wasn't alphabetical, we might have placed higher!) Yahoo! web sites placed us on their first page for Autographed Books, ahead of 33,700 other sites (August, 2000) Join John Kremer, Shel Horowitz (Grassroots Marketing, The Penny-Pinching Hedonist), Dr. Kathe Kain (The Science Spiders), and dozens of other savvy authors at AutographedByAuthor. For more information, visit Rick Kamen, organizer of Autographed By Author.
  • MEDIA123 is a 22,200+ database of media names/addresses packaged with an easy-to-use sort/extract and print application. Use Media123 to target specific newspapers, magazines, and broadcasts for publicity for your particular business. Media123 allows you to print on different label stocks as well as to export to ascii files for mail merge. You can also add your own media names to create your own list. It has never been easier to extract the names of editors and talk-show hosts who can help you get the publicity that your business needs. Advertising costs money, but publicity is free... you just have to work a bit harder to get it. Media123 cuts this work in half by saving your the time and effort of finding the media that covers your particular business or product. The 10-day trial package is full-features, but it only has some 1100 names/addresses. Upon purchase, buyer is sent the complete 22,500+ file. There are other media lists on the market but NONE of them come with their own easy to use update and extract engine. Why pay high fees for PR when you can have the same data the professionals have! Media123 will be updated once a year for a nominal cost. This is the media application that you have been waiting for! You won't find anything on the market like it for even twice the price! Once you try it, you will be convinced that Media123 is one of the best investments that your business can make. You can't sell if no one knows about you and Media123 can get you started in getting free media publicity. A press release to the right people is all it takes... and Media has the lists of the right people! . $129 or email Canton
  • PUB123 is a complete back-office solution for the small office/home office. The program has an easy to use interface for doing invoices, customer management, inventory, and finance. It has over 40 reports which will help you run your business. PUB123 exports credit card transactions to the popular programs like PC Authorize and Transact. PUB123 also exports financial data to Quicken and QuickBooks. What makes PUB123 so easy is its simple to understand and navigate interface. There is almost no learning curve. You can start now and be productive with it in thirty minutes. PUB123 has a very sophisticaed ad-hoc query system so that you can find and report the data that YOU want. It also prints labels to several different stock. The program has been "internationalized" to print on European paper sizes and labels. In additon to printing, you can easily export customer and order data to ascii files for import into mail-merge programs. Another feature of the program is the powerful royalty/license fee module, that will keep track of amounts that need to be paid to francises, inventors, vendors. etc. There is no limit to the number of customers, products, or orders that PUB123 can handle. It is also available in a networked, multi-user version. PUB123 is a full featured program at a price that can't be beat. It competes head to head with QuickBooks and wins!!! PUB123 has a large and happy user base, free support, and free updates. It's the kind of program you have been looking to find for a long, long time. Let PUB123 run your business, instead of your business running you! Download at no risk, on a ten day trial. If you like it, you buy it... and we know you will like it, as everyone does. If you have a small business, either service or product oriented, PUB123 can make your life a lot easier. $199. or email Canton
  • WORKABLE WEBS: Affordable, workable web design for small publishers and associations. Please visit the web sites in our gallery to see what we've done and what's in progress. We're happy to answer questions about our services and pricing. Send them to Be sure to mention that you found us through this site and we'll also tell you about our special offers--only for those who come to us from here...Judy Coker
  • PUBLISHERS' ASSISTANT is the business software program chosen by hundreds of independent book publishers of all sizes. The program was introduced in 1989, and has been constantly improved ever since. One secret to the success of the program is that it is developed by an independent publisher, Upper Access Books. We know the book business, and understand what publishers need their software to do, because we use the program every day too. Visit our web site at Carlson
  • GRASSROOTS MARKETING: GETTING NOTICED IN A NOISY WORLD from Shel Horowitz --the complete guide to low-cost, high-return markeitng in any medium, with nine chapters on cybermarketing and cover blurbs from Dan Poynter (Self-Publishing Manual) and Jay Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing). Order at, by phone at 800-683-WORD/413-586-2388 (8 a.m. 10 p.m. US Eastern Time) or from at Grassrots Marketing at
  • SHEL HOROWITZ (author of three books on cost-effective marketing) provides affordable, effective low-cost, high-return MARKETING: strategic planning, consulting, copywriting, etc. for publishers, authors, and small business owners. PRESS RELEASES A SPECIALTY., 413-586-2388, email
  • DESKTOP MIRACLES: Desktop Miracles is a full-service Publishing Design and Production studio providing jacket and cover design and interior typesetting to publishing clients nationwide from New York City to San Francisco. Please visit our website for a detailed description of our services, including complete print production management, and an on-line portfolio of our design work, or email for our latest portfolio via snail mail.; 802-253-7900...Barry Kerrigan.
  • THE PUBLISHING GAME is a unique conference for writers and independent publishers. This year's conference will take place September 3-5 in Boston. Sessions include "Book Yourself on Oprah," "Break into Major Magazines," "Get Reviewed," "Write a Best-Seller" and more. Speakers include John Kremer (author of "1001 Ways to Market Your Book"), Brian Jud, Barnes and Noble's Marcella Smith, Joel Roberts, humorist Ivy Eisenberg, as well as major NY publishers, bestselling authors, literary agents, and a 50-vendor exhibit hall (including publicists, internet experts, cover artists, printers, etc.) Conference price includes three glorious days in Boston, a private one-on-one consultation with the expert of your choice, web design for your book or business, sumptuous meals with speakers and literary notables, land/sea tour of Boston, six course banquet at Medieval Manor Theatre Restaurant, and much more. See for more details, or send your snail request to for a complete brochure...Fern Reiss
  • AEONIX PUBLISHING GROUP: There are many issues in creating and publishing a professional looking book to be sold in book stores, specialty shops or through direct mail and the Internet. Aeonix Publishing Group provides full service design and production management. Aeonix can help you with producing your book. We can give you advice, as a consultant or trainer, or we can produce a complete camera ready book for you. If you wish, we will design covers and marketing materials for your book. In addition, we can help you prepare RFQs for printers and evaluate the bids you receive and give you guidance with tax issues, marketing, and distributing your book. To contact Aeonix Publishing group, send an e-mail to or visit our web site for helpful publishing tips...Pete Masterson.
  • BOOK PROMOTION RESOURCES from Para Publishing and Dan Poynter. Over 500 pages of valuable resources to help you with the producing, selling and promoting of your books. Featuring The New Book Publishing Model. There is an innovative way to write, produce, sell and promote books. Yes, the book business just became faster, easier and cheaper. See our Web site and our two new books: Writing Nonfiction: Turning Thoughts into Books and The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print & Sell Your Own Book (12th revised edition). You may list your book on our site free. Just click on Success Stories. Place your book in the proper category (genre) and include your email address and Web site URL so customers can respond directly to you. Need help? See our Suppliers List of editors, typesetters, printers, PR agents, copy writers, bar code suppliers, books designers, cover artists, dump manufacturers, exhibiting services, fulfillment services, media lawyers, truckers, web site designers, and much more. Dan Poynter can help you too with workshops and private consulting. For a FREE Information Kit on book writing, producing or promoting, visit the Para Publishing Web site...Dan Poynter
  • FLORIA PARMIANI (author of children's books, Italian vegetarian cooking, poetry, and essays), offers ITALIAN TRANSLATIONS for publishers, authors, and the general public. Floria Parmiani was born and raised in Florence, Italy. or email:
  • IVAN HOFFMAN is a publishing, copyright, Internet law, recording and music attorney as well as a published writer and author. He practices in the Los Angeles area. (Note from Editor: He also helps long distance with contracts and legal assistance. And his web site has numerous articles on publishing issues). You may reach him on the Internet at, web site or via a real telephone at (818)342-1762.
  • EDITORIAL SERVICES - An Eye for Details--Ensure the success of your nonfiction book with high quality editing and proofreading. We'll clean up your book and check spelling, punctuation, grammar, format, consistency and more. Thorough, dependable, discreet, meticulous. Content editing, copyediting, rewriting, and proofreading. Contact Sharon at 949- 581-6190 or, MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS - Sizzling marketing and public relations campaigns by the joint efforts of PeopleSpeak and Sizzle. Our team can deliver clever and inventive marketing campaigns that will make your nonfiction books stand out; write snappy, attention-getting press releases using fax and e-mail blasts; contact reading groups and book clubs that will capture more of your niche market readers; and more. Contact Sharon (see above) or Mary Ellen at 858-456-0707 or, ...Sharon Goldinger
  • BOOKWRIGHTS Design Studio. Book jacket and text design and production. Print brokering. 18 years experience in book publishing. Our clients range from self-publishers to NY publishing houses. Used by many pub-forum members, ask us for references. Email us at and see our samples and pricing at Long
  • MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW - Produces a weekly half-hour television show (Bookwatch, Madison WI); a shortwave radio commentary (KNLS Bookwatch) broadcast to Europe, North & South America, and the Pacific Rim; publishes four monthly library newsletters, two monthly on-line book review magazines. We also have contractual arrangments to provide book reviews to;;; and Gale Research Company (for inclusion into the interactive CD-ROM series "Book Review Index" for corporate, academic, and community library systems. Additionally, we maintain a major website for publishers, writers, librarians, book retailers, and the general reading public, as well as posting the individual reviews to thematically appropriate newsgroups, listserves, websites, online bookstores, and internet discussion groups. The Midwest Book Review is an organization of volunteers committed to promoting literacy, library usage, and small press publishing. We accept no funds from authors or publishers. Full permission is given to post any of these reviews on thematically appropriate websites, newsgroups, listserves, internet discussion groups, organizational newsletters, or to interested individuals. Please give the Midwest Book Review a credit line when doing so. When submitting their books for review consideration, we require publishers to provide a finished copy of the title (no galleys or uncorrected proofs) accompanied by a publicity release...James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review, 278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575 1-608-835-7937, email: or, website: Cox
  • EXPERTS WHO SPEAK: Smart authors and publishers know that paid speaking is an effective way to generate book sales and cash to cover book promotion expenses. In addition to active speaker marketing, ExpertsWhoSpeak.ORG can often negotiate better fees and contract terms, and make sure speakers are paid on time. ExpertsWhoSpeak.ORG represents several Pub-Forum authors, and assesses each speaking invitation for opportunity, visibility, and profit; confirming arrangements and handling paperwork. For more information visit our website www.ExpertsWhoSpeak.ORG, email: speakers@ExpertsWhoSpeak.ORG or contact Pub-Forum member Andrea Reynolds at (814) 774-5070.
  • BOOK STANDS: One and two-tier clear plastic book stands are available from Footprint Press. See for photos and ordering information or email Sue Freeman at
  • WexfordPress (all one word please) has two publications to brag about. HOME PUBLISHING SECRETS, first in a series of pamphlets on the possibliities of actually producing books etc. on a home computer, is available now. The price is just $3.50 plus $1.50 shipping. And our new book review, ROWSE REVIEWS is positively begging for books to review. We will even take books as email (pdf format) although we prefer hard copy. Rowse Reviews has two unique and author-friendly policies: if we don't review we critique, and if an adequate SASE is submitted we will mail back review copies after they have been read. See the attached for details. Our address is: John Culleton WexfordPress 2401 Haight Avenue Eldersburg, MD 21784 Also please visit
  • CONTENT EDITING: As an independent publisher I do many jobs myself. However, I also know my limitations and I regularly hire consultants. One of my strengths is content editing, which I now offer to other businesses, particularly writers, publishers, and web designers. My expertise is in content editing non-fiction works, particularly books, brochures, booklets, websites, and company literature. You can contact me by sending an e-mail to You may also fax me at 413.566.2173. In your communication, let me know the details of your project, including the following information: type and length of publication, intended audience, and completion and publication dates. For further details, see our website at Thank you for considering Elim Books for your content editing projects. Kimberley Converse, Publisher.
  • Questions for the webmaster??? Call us at 803-736-9797, fax to 803-736-5362, email or visit our web site

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