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The History of the San Carlos General Hospital

UNDOUBTEDLY, one of the most outstanding and significant events in the pages of the history of San Carlos was the landing of the American Forces in January 1945 at Lingayen Gulf, because it culminated in the liberation of its inhabitants from the opression and tyranny of the Japanese regime and also ushered the beginning  of a new chapter in the medical history of the town, when the Civilian Emergency Hospital came into existence.  Primarily established the by thePhilippine Civil Affairs Unit (PCAU 8) of the United States Army to solve the health problems of civilian population especially civilian war casualties, this hospital formed then nuecleus of the present San Carlos General Hospital.

With Dr. Antonio G. Sanchez as its first Chief, it started its services on January 24, 1945 in the Median apartments. Medical and other hospital supplies were furnished by the United Satates Army.  In order to accomodate the steadily mounting number of patients seekingtreatments and admission in the hospital, it was transfered to the  residence of Don Emilio Posadas on February 1, 1945.  Dispensaryclinics were opened in the different outlaying barrios of the municipality tocope with the medical needs to the people.

It was during the incumbency of  Dr. Padlan and largely thru the efforts of the then Speaker Eugenio Perez that the hospital gained government  recognition on November 1, 1946 and was officially known as the San Carlos Maternity and Children's Hospital under the Bureau of Health.   It may not be amiss to mention here that the establishment  of a government   permanent hospital in San Carlos to cater to the medical needs of his constituents was the brainchild of ourbeloved Speaker Eugenio Perez motivated by his intense desire and inspired by his ambition to serve the people and free them from the shackles of superstition, ignorance and quackery.  Speaker Perez wit his usual zeal and unswerving determination coupled with relentless efforts finally succeeded in securing funds for the construction of a hospital building in the former site occupied  by the branch of the Provincial Nursery at Bolingit, San Carlos City, Pangasinan.

Simultaneously after the inauguration of the building on September 26, 1952 by the late President Elpidio Quirino, the hospital moved from the convent to its present location.   From July 1, 1948, the hospital was under the administration of Dr.Condrado L. Bulatao, Acting Chief until September 23, 1953 when he resigned to engage in private practice.  Dr.Maura V. Banaag Posadas was designated Physician in charge up to February 28, 1954.

March 1, 1954, found the hospital with Dr. Consorcia G. Bautista as Acting Chief which position she occupied until June 30, 1954 prior to her permanent appointment effective July 1, 1954.

Since then the hospital has improved by leaps and bounds in the form of buildings which were constructed and the expansion of its services. Whereas in 1952, there was only building, that main building proposed to be called Perez Pavillion, now there are other additional buildings.

Various services were introduced, improved and expanded. In 1955, the bed capacity of the hospital was increased from 25 to 50 allowed to operate as a general hospital. These numerous improvements were made possible by the continued and generous assistance of the past and present national, provincial and municipal officials as well as civic spirited citizens of San Carlos.

During the incumbency of Dr.Gil P. del Rosario, the old Medical Ward was demolished and a new Pediatric Building, two new Operating Rooms were constructed and made functional in December 18, 1988. Another additional building was inaugurated last December 18, 1984 for the Surgery and OB-GYNE Ward due to the increasing number of patients desiring services from the hospital. Another building was constructed housing the OB-GYNE cases plus new delivery room. This was necessary to meet the needs of the community in dire need of good quality health care as one of the basic needs of the populace.

In 1955, the bed of the capacity increased from 25 to 50 and was allowed to operate as a general hospital. At present it is a 150 bed capacity. Tertiary Hospital. For the year 1989 it has an occupancy rate of 93.8% covering the municipalities of Calasiao, Urbiztondo, Malasiqui and Sta. Barbara as its catchment areas.

Effective January 1, 1993 following the devolution program of the government, the hospital has been transfered to the auspices of the local government the provincial government of Pangasinan.



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Virgen Milagrosa Medical Center

February 14, 1951 -  Dr. Martin P. Posadas, MD, son of Don Bernardino and Dona Maria Posadas, of San Carlos City, married Dra. Rosalina Quebral, daughter of Don Segundo and Dona Maria Quebral of Manila.   He graduated from the UST College of Medicine in 1949  while she graduated from the College of Dentistry in Centro Escolar University.

1951 - The Posadas Clinic was established at Bonifacio Street in San Carlos and later, renamed Posadas Medico-Dental Clinic.  It had a 10 bed capacity, five of which were devoted for charity patients.   It had provisions for surgical and X-ray services, considered to be the first in a rural area and the first air-conditioned operating room in those days.  The then Philippine Free Press featured this clinic in an article "Action in Pangasinan" in October, 1995, one of the few clinics in the country in answer  to the late President Magsaysay's challenge to physician achievers to give medical care to the poor.

1957 - The clinic became a 4 storey hospital and was renamed Virgen Milagrosa Hospital.

1958 - The  School of Midwifery was granted a permit to operate (the first such school north of Manila) and it brought students from all over the country.

1959 - The first twenty-one (21) Midwifery graduates took the board and scored a 100 percent  passing, 6 of whom garnered the top six places.

1961 - Opening of the school of Nursing (3 year course). More students came from all over the country.

1964 - The first graduate of the school of Nursing obtained a 100 percent passing in the board exams given that same year.

1969 - Construction of the VMUF Complex in the 12 hectare site in Taloy District,  San Carlos,to  house the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, the dormitory and first radio station in San Carlos.   The building was blessed and inaugurated in 1972.  The 7 storey in VM Medical Cener was also started,  including the 3 storey Medicine Building.

1973 - The Virgen Milagrosa Medical  Center (VMMC) was completed and was blessed and inaugurated February 16, 1974.  It has a 100 bed capacity with ICU, CCu, and complete laboratory facilities.


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Pangasinan Doctors Hospital, Corporation

Located at Rizal Ave., San Carlos City, Pangasinan owned and managed by the following:

1. Dr. S. Elguira

2. Dr. R. Elguira

3. Dr. M. Idica

4. Dr. J. Casillan

5. Dr. R. Leyra Uy

6. Dr. J. Cagampan

7. Dr. M. Brown

8. Dr. S. Brown

9. Dr. M. De Guzman

10. Dr. G. De Vera

11. Dr. Garcia

12. Mrs. Punzalan


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San Carlos General and Surgical Hospital

Hopital founded in 1978 by Dr. Juan C. Lomibao along Roxas Blvd., and at present it is owned and managed by Hildegarde C. Lomibao the Hospital Director.