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Onyx Illuminatus 

    Onyx Illuminatus is a chapter of The Cammarilla, which is a fanclub of White Wolf Publishing. If you are a member of The Camarilla please continue to peruse this site.  If you are not a member and wish to learn more about The Camarilla, please  Click here to got to the main web site.

    This page has been set up so that you can find out about the chapter.  It contains information both IC and OOC about the area and the players.  It also contains the Venue information for Mortals and Garou, which are the two Venues that Onyx Illuminatus runs.

    Onyx Illuminatus is in Charleston, South Carolina.  We are part of the Domain of the Blood Moon.

Informational Links:

Information on the Officers
Mortals Venue

Garou Venue

Other Links:

White Wolf
South-east Region
The Camarilla