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Welcome to the homepage of the NHPs and Language project. This project is part of a theoretical course on Syntax and Grammatical Theories taught by Prof. Dirk Geeraerts at K.U.Leuven. This is one of the optional courses in year three or four of Germanic Languages at K.U.Leuven. This year, the course centers on Chomsky's idea of an innate, universal and uniquely human language competence. Several papers, prepared in small groups of three to five students, aim to assess the situation in one subdomain. Apart from our project which looks at the language competence in non-human primates, more specifically in apes, these domains are:

The ultimate aim of the papers is, of course, to form an opinion of one's own. Once every group has presented its contribution, there will be a final 'cross-group' discussion.

Addition (November 2000)

A new section called Human mind has been added to the site. It will deal with the study of the human brain and its role in the development of language. For the moment this section only contains a list of works with regard to this issue, but it should soon be completed with some remarks. It is still to be determined what form this will take. Meanwhile, please have a look at the reading list.

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