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The Bird Cage

Name: Jaws
Age: 06/15/1997
Breed: blue parakeet
Gender: Male
Jaws got his name because he'll bite anything and everything you stick in his face..I don't know why he's this way..Maybe because of two certain brothers I know that use to hit the side of his cage..(sigh) I can't do nothing about it my brothers made my ducks and parakeet mean..well I got Jaws from the jockey-lot too! His ok for a bird he knows what kind of music and food he likes :) -if he hears music he don't like he'll sit on his perch all fluffed up..and if theirs no food in his bowl he'll do that too..Jaws favorite food is the cheese off of Ritz Bitz crackers...He won't let no one feed him the cheese except me. If anyone else sticks their hand in the cage with the cracker he'll bite their hand and won't take the cheese...Now if you get Jaws hungery enough he'll come out of his cage and eat the seed out of your hand..well my hand-I guess he's smart enough not to trust anyone else but me..He loves to sing and look out the window and watch the birds play in the birdbath..

Jawz flew away on Saturday, September 15th, in a way...but after he flew away it took me like month before I could forget about his present missing...every day I excepted to walk into my room and hear him chirp at me and sing along and be-bop along with my's the entry I wrote in my jounral the day he flew away..and how he did fly away..

ok thur ...checking my e-mail... ok now for my story... ok since today is so beautiful outside i diecided to clean out my parakeets cage and i took the bottom off the cage and sat the top half on the ground with the bird still in it..ok well when i was thur cleaning out the bottom part of the cage i went to put the top part back on the bottom and he must of saw the cats that were around the back door and he went crazy and went out the the bottom of the cage since there was no bottom on the cage at the time and he went flying to the pine trees and then he went towards the woods...but no big loss because he was mean and aways bit me...and my mama said that we would go get a new one thats been hand-feed and all that i could actully touch and pet..and my friend sid said that maybe he'll fly into an empire state building and crash!! well nothing new yet so ttyl!!! ill let ya know if stupid comes back...TALK TO YA LATER!!! bye!!