The Chains That Bind Us

In response to the many requests that we recieve for more information about prison labor or what we like to more accuretly portray as prison slavery, listed here are a few articles that you may find interesting or usefull.

Whenever possible we have asked for permission to mirror the articles here. When we couldn't, then there is a reference listed immeadiatly following the article.

Much of this material was found on the INTERNET. Obviously we ran into a lot of busted links, etc. To alieviate that problem we have "lifted the article and relocated it here. It is our hope that eventually we will be a complete library dealing with this issue. For our job is not only to organize ourselves but also to help educate you the public what Prisoner labor slavery is about and the effects it has on you and your pocket book.

We hope that you find something of use here. If there are any questions need for more information please do not hesitate to contact the National Communications Office or one of our elected representatives.

Take care, speak with you soon. Confusion To Our Enemies.

From the Barricades;
Michael Lee
National Communications Officer
Missouri Prisoners Labor Union

Prison Labor. Does it Help or Hurt Us?
Ron Zachara
Provides examples of what companies support prison labor and use it. Also it provides statistics of how much money is made from prison labor. How much money per dollar is put to certain parts of the government and how it helps us as taxpayers. Opinions of people on issue and and how some of the prison labor shops are directed.
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The Corporate Use of Prison Labor in America
Emily Richardson
Many of the objections to the use of prison labor are misleading. The convicts, the prisons, and the corporations are not the only ones who benefit from prison-labor programs. Prison industries benefit the taxpayers, the communities, and the national economy as well. The history and some of the common aspects of prison industries are also discussed to provide a complete knowledge of the issues. Further more, a few recommendations are included that would help create a fairer market with the corporate use of prison-labor in consideration.
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The Use of Prison labor in the Computer Market
Kevin Rankin
This article is about different computer companies that have subcontracted out their work to companies that use prison labor. Their are some of the prisons that are run by private companies that have the majority of the prisoners. Some of the major computer companies are Microsoft,Dell, IBM, Compaq, Motorola, Texas Instrument, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, AT&T Wireless, Bay Networks, 3COM, IBM, Intel, Northern Telecom, Digital Switch, and New Bridge Networks. The wages of the labor makes the use of prison labor very attractive for any type of business. The Wackenhut Corperation has a very large portion of the private run portion of the prison market.
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Prison Labor:
Reasonable Labor or Slave Labor?

Dean Musenbrock
Prison labor is a very controversial subject. Depending on who you ask, this type of labor can be good or bad. In one way, it produces money to help support our prison system. In another way, however, prison labor is used while paying the prisoners small wages and overworking them. Not even the government can take a definite side to whether prison labor is slave labor or if it is a means of putting our prisoners to good use. The debate will probably last well into the future.
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Corporate Use of Prison Labor
Kevin Dixon
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Prison labor: source of superprofits
Joe Bernick
This article was reprinted from the December 14, 1996 issue of the People's Weekly World.
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"Workfare" And Prison Forced Labor: New Strategies To Reduce Wages
Mark Cook
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Sheet Metal Union feels heat of prison labor competition
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The Economic Impact of Prison Labor
California Three Strikes Amendment Project Original Source

Atlantic Monthly
The Prison Industrial complex Part One
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The Prison Industrial Complex Part Two
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The Prison Industrial Complex Part Three
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Profiting from Punishment
Paul Wright
Prison Legal News March 1997
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Oregon's Prison Slaveocracy
Dan Pens
Prison Legal News May 1998
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Nothing To Lose But Their Chains: Prison (and) Labor
Stefanie Kelly
Volume 1 | Number 2 | Fall 1998
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Uncle Tom's Cell:
Prison labor gives a market face to an old idea -- slavery

Josh Levin
Perspective Magazine February 1999
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AFL-CIO Executive Council
May 7, 1997 Statement
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Prison Labor
IAM challenges U.S. prison labor attempts to rob workers of jobs

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) Statement
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"Prison labor in U.S. garment industry exposed by L.A. Times"
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From Auschwitz to Chain Gangs:
A Short History of Prison Labor

Mark Cook
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WSLC Legislative Issues
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The Labor of Doing Time
Julie Browne
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Look for that Prison Label
Julie Light
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The Prison Industry: Capitalist Punishment
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Curb the Prison-Industrial Complex
RAnk and File statement from UE
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"Worse Than Slavery"
Parchman Farm and the Ordeal of Jim Crow Justice

By David M. Oshinsky
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