Damon Salvatore

DESCRIPTION; Hair black with rainbow lights in it, like a crow's feathers, or 'like liquid, too soft and fine for human hair.' Eyes that are black, 'fathomless and full of strange lights' and which have a tendency to 'fill the universe.' He's middling-verging-on-short, and has 'dark beauty and grace and the sensuality that drew women to him like moths to a flame.' He tends to lounge in a way that should get him done for harassment but can take 'lithe stalking steps.' He usually wears all black, mirrored sunglasses and drives a black Ferrari with 'illegally tinted' windows. He has a 'very engaging' laugh and a 'charming' smile.

Overall Comment; 'God, he was beautiful. Handsome was too weak and colorless a word.'

NATIONALITY; Italian. Florentine, to be precise.

AGE; Er, about 500. Looks about 20.

SPECIES; Vampire.

BELOVED; His first love was fragile blond Katherine, but seeing as she's dead and they tried to kill each other beforehand , I think the engagement's off... He loved queenly blond Elena, but she wanted his brother, and then he seemed to be bonding with little redhaired Bonnie, but he walked off into the night.

FAMILY; A deceased and unnamed mother whom he loved very much. A presumably deceased father, Giuseppe Salvatore. And a weak but sweet little brother called Stefan.


GIUSEPPE; What do you mean, you're not going back(to university)?
DAMON; I would have thought even you could understand such a simple sentence, father. Shall I repeat it in Latin for you?
GIUSEPPE; You are telling me that I... will have to face my friends knowing my son is a... an idler?
DAMON; Apparently. If you can call those who fawn on you in the hopes that you will lend them money your friends.

(mocking Stefan on the subject of Elena)
DAMON; I only did it because I wanted to be close to you. Brothers should be close.

(throwing a tree out of a forest in a wild display of power)
I didn't like it there anyway.

(with Elena)
ELENA; Where's Stefan?
DAMON; Stefan who?

(to Elena)
Don't you be as stupid as my brother is. Or I might have to treat you the same way.

(to Elena)
DAMON; Do you know... that a mole on the neck means you'll be wealthy? Do you mind if I check?
STEFAN; I mind.
DAMON; But do you matter?

(on the subject of himself)
I'm the most dangerous thing you're ever likely to encounter in your life.

(on the subject of Elena giving in to him)
ELENA; I'd rather cut my throat.
DAMON; An intriguing thought. But I can do it so much more enjoyably.

(after inviting himself to dinner at Elena's)
ELENA; Go. Or I'll tell them you're the killer.
DAMON; Don't you think a guest deserves a little more consideration?

(seeing Elena and Stefan's reunion)
Very touching. Do you want me to imitate a violin?

ELENA; I can't go down there. They think I'm dead!
DAMON; Oh, you've remembered that. Good for you.

(accused of dropping Stefan down a well)
A well? It's hardly my style.

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn about anyone else.

(on and to Elena)
I told Stefan from the beginning that he was selfish not to share you. Brothers should share things, you know.

(making a pact)
STEFAN; I agree.
DAMON; And I agree. In fact, we all seem to be in a frenzy of pure agreement.

(denying the attack of Vickie Bennett)
ELENA; The cemetery, remember? The ruined church? The girl you left wandering around there in her slip?
DAMON; Sorry, no. And I usually do remember girls I leave wandering in their slips.

(on the subject of joining Katherine)
KATHERINE; I didn't mean to hurt you... I'm sorry.
DAMON; Katherine?
DAMON; Katherine...
KATHERINE; Yes, Damon?
DAMON; Go to hell.

(on himself)
I am more dangerous than you can possibly imagine.

STEFAN; Do you want to get caught, Damon?
DAMON; I am never caught, little brother.

STEFAN; What are you going to do when they come after you?... Kill them all?...
DAMON; Why not?

STEFAN; Don't throw their lives away.
DAMON; I don't give a damn about their lives.

(when Klaus is about to kill Stefan)
Get away from my brother. Before I tear your heart out.


(I) watched that beautiful, capricious smile with a feeling of sorrow for what Damon might have been.

STEFAN'S(beside Damon and to Elena).
If you're looking for evil, you don't have to look very far.

Damon was a strange guy. But gorgeous. Definitely gorgeous


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