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Hey every one,finally decided to get rid of that stupid grand opening thing it's been up for like half a year.first of just to let you know we are no longer just anime,there are sub-devisions,like the Nine Inch Nails section and me and a couple of friends are starting into more music stuff.This is just the begining for anime realm I like the format we have now so that won't be changing ne time soon.(make sure to scroll down this page for our Links section and my Nin Beneath the stain of time page well thats it for now .Ja Na.(p.s: try to send us some fan art.(to see our startinf from 1998 the old page click this link)click me

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ANIME100.COM: Video Game EditionLink to Anime Awards a cool site


I will make a new seperate updates page soon because I am running out of room on this page lol. Ja Nai.(12/12/01)

Here is my list of things to do in the next month or so getting ready for a new year ^_^ say Ja Nai to 2001.ok here goes.Add a music page to rurouni Kenshin where you can download music,Add more pics to the Kenshin page and kenshin group page,Add pic pages for other Kenshin charatures.Add a music page to tenchi and add more pics.take the animated gis out of the DBZ page and make a seperate page for them and add more pics to the DBz characture pages.add my big ass load of sailormoon animated gifs to the page and make a sailor moon music gallry,Start on trigun page ,make a Ranma Music gallry and get pics to make a ranma pics page,make a ranma animated gifs page.Make a Street fighter animated gifs gallery and a music gallry.get pics for Vampire Hunter D.add some new news on the news page,Add Fan art...and alot more.look forward to this in the next month or so .oh yea I gotta fix that sonic Link again.(12/12/01)

The sleeper has re awakened and started working daily again....hehehe I did alot of updates on the ranma oage.I added animated gifs and the story behind ranma.Tonight i will add some pics on the tenchi page for sure and some on the rurouni Kenshin page.so see ya.(12/11/01)

Yo yo yo I just got the ranma page up today chack it out so far.(12/9/01)

Well I'm at school bored to death I started collecting pictures for a ranma page i might make soon and i have been working a little on the paranormal page but it's not up yet I still need more imformation so look for that stuff in the next couple of weeks.(12/4/01)

Yo I have been dead latly life kinda sucks nothing has been good so I will be taking a break from everything except this page . I might work on it slow but i will work on it I just got some new pics I will try and up up if my damn server doesn't screw up.(11/30/01)

Hey every one I have been on the Nine Inch Nails Oddesy lol.I will be updating some stuff tonight for pictures probably on the rurouni Kenshin page and I might out some new animated gifs on this page and start the conspiracy page hehehehe well thats bout it for now sayonara(11/16/01)

Halo all I have some news for you here we will be concentraiting on more signifigant updates rather than anime reviews for a while.We will be adding a page all about paranormal and the unexplained.I have alot of new pics to put up on the Kenshin page for a Aoshi gallery.I have alot of Sailor moon music to put up and some Ff music. Well I will catch you all later Peace From the ANime Realm.(11/11/01)

Yea I'm back and with alot of new stuff to feed all of you hehehehe.I have alot of new lyrics up already (Korn:follow the leader,Garbage:Garbage,No Doubt:Return of saturn,Life Of Agony:River Runs Red) and I have alot of new stuff I want to add to the Anime pages and I also want to put up c.d/song reviews.So see you soon .Love and Peace Ja nai.( 11/9/01)

Hey!!!! I am so happy my restriction is finally almost over and I can almost say that I will be right back hehehe.I think I have a couple of days left hehehe.It's beeen Hell not being able to go on the internet for a whole god damn month. Well soo I will be back giving you more reviews that you all so crave for well I just had to say this really quick now i have to go before I get caught.(11/8/01)

Hey all, I am so pissed off I finally got a quick time to go on-line. I have been on restriction for a long time and i still have like 2 weeks left and i dunno when I will be able to work more on the page.As soon as i am able to go on-line I will work on the page. love and peace.10/30/01

Hey every one i just wanted to let you know that I am taking ashort break from this web-page maby a week I just want to use it to collect some new stuff and information ya know and get some new pictures for the page and stuff well catch you all later buh bye.(10/8/01)

Hey this weekend will for sure add a bunch of new Tenchi Muyo pictures on the page and hopefully some Rurouni Kenshin pics.(9/28/01)

Hey every one we have been updating alot this week we got two new lyrics pages up for Oasis:(Whats the Story)Morning glory and Nirvana:Nevermind. We also got some anime reviews up we will do todays anime review later tonight but we have all together like malmost 70 reviews now so check them out. Ja nai.(9/28/01)

hey since today is Friday before i go tp my dads house i will try to put up a bunch of Tenchi Muyo pics and maby some Vampire Hunter d and Kenshin hopfully soon we will get that sonci page back up. see ya.(9/21/01)

Hey all today I got all the reviews up for the week and there pretty good animes on the most part man soon were gona run outa stuff to reiview.Were already on 60 or 61 reviews. So stay tunded for lots of new stuff to come ok Ja nai.(9/21/01)

Hey tonight if i have a chance i will add a bunch of new reviews on this page i have missed almost a weeks worth of reviews. I hate not being able to work on the page that much it really sux and i want to make this page way better i attempted putting yp a third frame but it didn't really look so well so insteat i will just make tables as soon as i figure out how to do it later ya'll.(9/20/01)

Hey everybody I know i have not been around much latly but it's because school man I have to do my work in this Graphics designing class so updates will be on hold for a little while longer while i figure some things out ok .Ja nai.(9/20/01) Here we are at school(well not we cause I'm not with Jess :( )working on the site,hehehe.I just put up some more lyrics on ther Lyrics page so now there is californiacation lyrics.Oh yea i just updated the vampire HunterD web-page to giving almost all the imformation about the movie. hehehe. Welll until later ,Ja Nai (9/17/01)

Hey was up people sorry we haven't had many updates latly but were working on it our music page is coming along and our Kenshin picture archive is gathering not to mention all our midi's expect alot to come in the next month or so, now that we can work from school our site should come along alot more. later.(9/16/01)

Hey every one whats up I'm at school right now but I forgot to bring my passwords so I can only work on this page right now ,bye the ay we did not get ne thing done this weekend becasue i was at my dads house see ya all later.(9/10/01)

Hey every one somthing is wrong with our Sonic page I dunno if we can fix it so hold tight(9/3/01)

Hey every one latly we have been working hard on the VampireHunterD and TenchiMuyo pages.Also I have been rebuilding a respactive Midid collection just for all you fans to have and use for your pages and pictures to.(9/3/01)

Hey every one guess what I can now work on the page from my school in my first class this so rocks when ever I have free time I will try and bring you some new stuff I got my music page working I will add the link soon.I hope to have the Trigun page up soon and maby even ::gasp:: Ramna 1/2 hehehe. Check out all our new reviews k until later buh bye.(9/7/01)

He starting soon we will have an Anime of the month alog with the review number so you can read the review on it.(9/1/01)

Hey every one just to let you know starting Tuesday on weekdays we will have updates on reviews only monday through Thursday because of school but on Friday through Sunday we will be doing alot of updating on the pages and collecting all our supplys for updates on weekdays to add on the weekends.(9/1/01)

Alright every one we hate to do this again but for a while all that will be in action is the reviews page because our files got destroyed again last night and we have to get new stuff for the page we were pretty close to getting every thing we needed to start a Trigun page but now it's all gone. We have some news to,We soon will be starting a music page with lyrics from your fav animes and some bands.(8/31/01)

Hillow world(my slang for hello) We are back back in action to the world after a relaxing two week break were fresh and ready to bring you to a new world of animation the process will take a while like always but we'll bring ya all your desires(8/27/01)

Hey every one today we are gona haul our asses to get some stuff done before my break I have to go to my dads for tow weeks and tonight I am going to try and get up about 14 new reviews and some new pics and music on the pages.(8/9/01)

Ok every one here is our newest update for a while we will only be putting up new reviews and nothing else because I have to get all my file all over again I found a whole bunch of new Midis I wana put up for all the pages so watch out for those but the picture gallerys will be delayed for now ok bye bye.(8/8/01)

::panting franticly:: Well we have a new page up and I'm so happy chack out Dance of fate online this is my story that I am wrighting so far I have chapter one up and I forgot to put up the prologue but I will add it on later and i am working on Chapter 2 on my computer.(8/6/01)

Hey every one guess who is back after a very damaging file lossage from our computer database thats right were slowly but surly getting some of the stuff that we used to have back so we can add it to the web-page. Check out our latest review on the anime review page. Arigato,If ne one supports our site thank you all come back soon for more goodies. (8/5/01)

Hey all this is Joey just letting you know that I will not be able to work on our web-pae for a while because all my files got screwed up but maby Jess will add some stuff until later bye bye (7/31/01)

Hey every one guess what We finished most of the Gundam wing pics we have galleries for all five of the Gundam pilots.Be patiant and will fix the big jumble in the Dragonball z pics page and add pic galleries to some of our other pages.(7/26/01)

Everyone!... whether you be a anime freak or a generall watcher... I present to you the wonderful, graceful, ( and not to mention smart) ~JESS!!!~ OoOo AhHh... tee gee ^_~ I am now a fortified member of this web site (WOO HOO! ^_^) within these next few weeks my first few nick nacks will be to bring you more stunning anime movie reviews. Including Darkside blues, Oedo city cyber police, and Bio Hunters just to name a few. Also look for me on the Final Fantasy page... listing the wonders of all Final Fantasy's! story reviews, characters, and maybe even... *gasp* pics? ( can't wait to flex this new found muscle! *MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA* *innocent look* 0_0 ^_~ till then~ Jess: The beloved Goddess of Final Fantasy ( ARRIVAL~! 7/25/01 WOO HOO! "SO YOU'D BETTER GET READY!" ~ Gene Starwind at the end of each preview of the next episode in "Outlaw Star"

Bye the way I just wanted to say hi to Jess today (kisses) I love you bye bye.(7/23/01)

So now I am open for requests for new anime pages when we finish updating our page will give you all notice but e-mail us with ideas maby will have a pole.(7/23/01)

Well well well. There is not to much going on here latly except extencive updating on our old pages for pic making them easyer to load and deviding them in to sections .(7/22/01)

well today have been a day of nothing done lol my friend came over and we didn't get ne work done :(.(7/22/01)

hmm lets see ok this site is gona have even more chages soon. As soon as we get more imformation we are gona give you some non mainstream animes because we don't wana be defined as a site that just gives you popular animes because not all pop animes are good and there are some good ass animes out there that we want to give you the low down on. (7/22/01)

Hey Hey Hey well latly we have been updating all our old picture galleries to make them much much more better all for you veiwing pleasure.(7/21/01)

Ya know any good places ta eat hmm pizza ahhhh mmmm Stevie She's.... (ooops I spoke to much) Oh back to the point Tenchi is up for action but heavily under construction but you can veiw the little we do have ^_^.(7/20/01)

Hey every one les see whats new hmm we are currently on a rom and picture search lol. Need ta get more pics for alot of the pages. Oh yea We now have up the Heero Yuy pic page it has some cool pics on it check it out ,peace out,Arigato. (7/20/01)

our next target is Tenchi Muyo just a word to all when out pages get up they won't have much like all tthe rest of the pages but they will evolv with time. bye bye.(7/19/01)

Hey Hey Hey guess what the Vampire HunterD page is up and kickin but it needs alot of work right now there is not much on it and since there is not much stuff on the net for vamp hunter D the most it will have is probably a picturepage,later(7/19/01)

maby soon I might get up the Vampire Hunter D page again hehehe I need to get more imformation and pics first though.(7/18/01)

Soon we shouls have a review from an anime pro my friend Stevie about a kick ass anime called X which I have never seen :( look forward to this review k -_-(7/17/01)

Heya ya'll was shakin we just got up some new info on out street fighter page hehehe this long ass story that I wrote based on the movie it tells all the happeneings in the movie if ya wana find out more bout street fighter(7/17/01)

yo all listen up if we want this web-page up and runing we need your support so if you like our page tell all your friends that like anime n stuff.Arigato.(7/17/01)

I recently discovered that the new Emulator I recently put up wasn't able to d/l because I inputed the text wrong but I have finally fixed that little problem so now that emulator is upa and runing.(7/17/01)

ok ok I know things have been slow latly and we didn't get ne update yesterday except a new anime review,but,finally we have the Street fighter page up it doesn't have much of ne thing yet but all good things start slow so will go go go and complete this page.(7/17/01)

Man it's been a while I missed updating alot in the week I was gone see there was some family problems thats all I will say so I never got to do some of the stuff I promised but without ne further delays maby sometime I can get this damn Street Fighter page up.Thanks for the continued patiants.(7/15/01)

Damn we are so Hella behind I can't belive it oh well I really really wana get soem stuff done. Well were gona work our asses of to bring you the Street Fighter page ok .(7/4/01)

Well today we hope to get some new stuff up like the street fighter page I bet you just can't wait huhu well bye. (7/2/01)

hey were back after 4 days of no updates or ne thing we missed updating the page but now were back woo hoo.(7/2/01)

Well I am gona be gone for the next 4 day leaving tomarrow so we will have no updates those days.(6/28/01)

Hey guess what we got a new emulator on the emulation page it's way better than our other Supernes emulator it's called s9x it's been out for a while but we finally got it.(6/28/01)

yay it took longer that I though it was supposed to be yesterday but we finally got the Anime fan art page up for now it only has my art but I'm happy if ne one wants send us your art and we'll put it up.(6/28/01)

Ya know what today we got alot of new pics on the Megaman Pics page ^_^ all my other pics pages are going slow but there getting there hehehehe.(6/27/01)

Hey Hey Hey.Today is the day well maby that we finally get the fan art page up and I might just get up anough energy to work on my Kenshin page hehehehhe Kenshin is the best.(6/27/01)

well well well back again I see back for more huh huh huh lol.Hmmmm we got some new reviews up today and some new stuff for anime News can you belive all the cool stuff that coming out latly .niether can I ^_^.(6/26/01)

hmmm things are going slow here lately we got all the music on the pages finally working sooo happy hehhehe check out all the pages there getting better little bye little (oro)(6/26/01)

We had alot of problems today hopfully everthing will be back to normal tomarrow.somtimes the internet is cruel.(6/25/01)

Hey Hey Hey ^_^ The Megaman Pics page is finally back up ^_^ Theres not much on it now but you know the routine we update it gets better end of story lol . bye. (6/25/01)

Today we did alot of work on the FinalFantasy page and it is looking better than ever soon we plan to make a page to D/L music from FF (6/24/01)

Finally the Anime News page is up it doesn't look so good yet but soon it will be really good with alot of news on upcoming things. (6/24/01)

ok ok I know I have had 3 updates today but i just got the frames up and I'm making so many changes today that I'm putting hella updates ^_^. so ne ways we finally got more than one review up so E-mail me and tell me what Animes you want reviewed and will even put your review up if it's an anime we have never seen. Peace out. 6/23/01

Thanks to Chi for fixing out Frame problem we were having alot of trouble getting them up Thumbs up to Chi lol. Im him if you ever want to (s/n KChi01) 6/23/01

OK all you fans if any lol. Our page has finally taken off into the point of no return we have frames and were kicking ass.(oro)Alot of updating is being done so a couple of the pages might be down for a while. We are also coming out with a Anime update page where you can find out about all the latest goodies in anime and were gona try to have daily Anime revies and more please visit offten for updates 6/23/01

Coming soon there will be a page for fan art were every one can put there art u that wants to be seen on-line don't be afraid. 6/22/01 Sign My Guestbook Get your own FREE Guestbook from htmlGEAR View My Guestbook

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