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The Convention Report


October 27 - 29 was filled with games galore at MACE 2000 in sunny High Point, NC.Mr. Wolfe and I arrived in High Point early Friday, enjoyed a nice luncheon, then proceeded to do the check-in and register thing.

Slot 1: 3PM friday. A living Greyhawk game, the ruins of Vestril Keep. It was a ghost story gone awry, the first adventure of the soon to be famous half orc brothers. After fighting brigands who were no problem at all, freeing a ghost by smashing a magical gem (and gaining the hatred of many demons for my character) and gaining ( and quickly losing) a curse on one of the other party members, we retired halfway to second level.

Dinner, Bojangles good.

Slot 2: 8PM friday. A Living City adventure. There were seven people waiting at the table for a DM at 8:00. The game coordinator came by to tell us that the GM was running late, but would be there. He came by again to tell us that other people from the GM's home city had arrived and that she should be there shortly. He then came back a third time at 8:45 or so to tell us that traffic was horribly backed up on I-85 and that the GM would not be making it. He also informed us that there were no other games open. At this point, I volunteered to run the game, a 'short' one called Dragon's Deep. After 15 or 20 minutes time reading, we convened in the room. By the time we finished, voted, handled certs and trading and got to bed, it was after 2:30AM. It was a fun game. I wish I had a camera when I was telling people how many levels their characters had lost due to energy drain.


A little sleep, followed by breakfast at a greasy spoon called Jennifer's. Good food, too bad there wasn't a nonsmoking section.


Slot 3: 9AM saturday. Another Living Greyhawk game, called Horse Play (or Rustlers). The half orc brothers headed into orc country and met the mystical door that would not open! It was a fun game, the only problem being that we ended up 60 experience points below second level.

Quick lunch and scramble to find that the other Living Greyhawk and the RPGA feature were full for the slot.

Slot 4: 1PM Saturday. We waited in vain in the RPGA room to see if we could finagle our way into a game. We couldn't. We ended up playing a quick game of Warhammer 40K using the GW guy's Orks and table and Doug's templars he brought. You'll have to ask him how the game went for him.. :) We also checked out the other board and miniature games. Sean Martinez, the guy who has been running Round Con was there as the AOG representative. He was running fleet scale B5 wars games. I got to check out the minis, the league book and rules, as well as the Vorlon and Shadow rules. Loved it. There was SFB, Battletech, and a new game that looks interesting called Mage Knight. The only strike I can see against it so far is that it is a 'collectible' game. It is a miniature game, they sell plastic minis that are already painted, that have a special moving base with all the stats and info for the piece. I think the quick play reference sheet was only one small page. Like I said, looks interesting.

Dinner: We ended up taking a ride in Richard's newly repaired car. The ride was an adventure in itself! We dined at Applebees, since we had some spare time. It was myself, Doug, artist extraordinaire Richard, Game designer Steve Long, and someone else who was a VIP, but for the life of me, I can't remember his name. I highly recommend the "N'awlins Skillet" if you dine at applebee's.

Slot 5: 7PM Saturday. We played in the Living City adventure Built to Last. It was mostly a classic dungeon crawl, that was hilarious because of the players. Oh yes, and Doug got first place.

The charity auction followed the game. For the first time in I don't remember when, I didn't end up buying anything. There was a large crowd there, and a good portion of them came with lots of money to spend. A few dragon figurines, game sets and T-shirts quickly went above my available funds. There was an Armorcast Battletech Madcat. Myself and two others knew what it was worth. I had to stop bidding at $30.. I think it sold for something like $120. Ouch.

A few hours sleep, and the Doug and I were off to see if we could sneak into a game, as once again, everything we had played was open and everything we had not was full.

Slot 6: 9AM sunday. We arrived bright and early 8:50 AM on Sunday morning to see if we could get into a game due to sleep ins, drop outs, whatever. We found the front desk unmanned, one person setting up an axis and allies game, the guy who ran the Mace cafe and one other guy walking around. It didn't take long for us to figure out that it was that fall backwards thing. We once again could not get into an RPGA game, but ended up in what was probably the most fun game all weekend. We played TOON for the very first time with Mike Brannon (Vampire and Werewolf GM supreme) and Bill Mann (Klingon wannabe). I was voted best player for my Wile E. Coyote impersonation. Ask doug about the Adamantium Boombox.

Lunch from the Cafe

Slot 7: 1PM Sunday. The ( as normal) wonderful Werewolf Wild West game run by Mike Brannon. Saloons, bible study groups, bank robbings and the attempted return of some silver toothed vampire. If you ever go to one of these conventions and like the White Wolf games, look up Mike Brannon and play one of his games.

Dinner at KFC and the long trip home....

All in all a very fun weekend. Looking forward to either Round Con in Columbia,SC or Stellarcon back in High Point early next year. The tentative date for Round Con is April 20-22. If so, I will most probably be unable to go. Kathryn's birthday is the 22nd.

Just heard my soccer team had to forfeit.. needed one more player to play. Damn.