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The breaking News.

11/13/01 (6/10/2089 08:55 GMT): SNN will be bringing you live coverage of the Alien news conference. One of our camera crews was allowed to film this historic occasion. Just a reminder, in five minutes, the representatives of three alien races will speak to the world leaders about an undisclosed but 'very important' topic.

In other news, the corvette Cortez, which is carrying survivors from that asteroid accident is in orbit and is expected to deliver its passengers to Crete after the conference. We go live now to Jerry Clinton in Prague as coverage of this historic event continues...

1/31/01 (6/10/2089 08:00 GMT): As the marine corvette Cortez approaches earth, sources at SNN have uncovered more information regarding the asteroid incident last week. The survivors are being taken to marine headquarters in Crete for debriefing. There has been no official releases concerning the event, an oddity from a group that is usually very vocal in their actions and attitudes.

1/31/01 (6/9/2089 1900 GMT): The world leaders are anxiously awaiting a summit in Prague tomorrow morning at 9:00 GMT. There is speculation that the visiting aliens are going to make some sort of important announcement. Although reporters are not allowed in, we will be interviewing attendees as they exit. 

8/30/00 (6/6/2089 23:30 GMT): More news from mars far orbit. Sources in the marine information division have stated that at least two major ships and one shuttle were destroyed near the ill fated asteroid today. One was a corporate ship, almost all of the crew were killed by radiation poisoning. Another was a national ship, half of it's crew also survived the encounter. The survivors are returning to earth on a marine corvette. Several other ships have not checked in with their respective sponsors.

8/29/00 (6/6/2089 21:00 GMT): There is a report of tragedy, not just for the people involved, but for everyone who has spent millions on the asteroid venture. The asteroid in question was destroyed by a nuclear missile attack from the Retribution this evening. There are supposedly casualties from several expeditions. Sources from marine HQ state that there was an "Extremely dangerous situation at hand" and that "World leaders have supported our decision to destroy the asteroid". Nothing definite is known at this point, but a rogue radiation source is suspected to be at the center of the matter.

Note: this was a game day.. the party arrived at the asteroid, only to find another ship on the surface and a mysterious base inside the asteroid The ship was deserted, it looked like something really strong ripped through it. It's fusion reactor was also dead. Not just off, completely drained. The party investigated the base, only to find some sort of bio engineered horrors. They killed a few, lost their ship, and got off the rock on the marine carrier. The marine carrier, acting on orders from someone important on earth, destroyed the asteroid with a nuclear missile attack. The party, along with other survivors, were shipped back to earth on a corvette.

8/14/00 (6/3/2089 12:00 GMT): The Legios Astartes, the self proclaimed 'Space Marines' have sent their command ship, the Carrier "Retribution" to the contested area of the Asteroid Belt. In a gridcast from the command deck of the ship Commodore Logan , the highest ranking officer aboard, made this statement: "Many people consider a good portion of space to be the wild west sort of frontier, where lawlessness and terrorism prevail. We will show the people of this good system that this is an incorrect conclusion. We are the law here." We at SNN will keep you updated on this latest development.

8/7/00 (6/2/2089 11:15 GMT): Reports from Mars orbit indicate that a Russian ship that left from the red planet this morning was attacked in space by a vessel or vessels unknown. The ship "Vroditosky' transmitted an SOS at 11:00 this morning. The Heinlein telescope in Mars orbit is currently being aligned to search for debris and any indication of what the outcome was.

7/31/00 (6/1/2089 16:00 GMT): Mars orbit is looking a bit more clear this afternoon. At least ten ships have left already, headed for the now infamous Asteroid claim grounds. One ship, a merchant vessel crewed by the Argo corporation boosted out half a light minute before she disintegrated in a nuclear fireball. Preliminary reports tell of an apparent meltdown in the primary reactor core due to inadequate maintenance. Argo claims it was deliberate sabotage.

7/31/00 (6/1/2089 11:00 GMT): Local news on the Mars front; Several groups were attacked in separate instances this morning in apparent acts to stop any exploration of the Asteroid find. One incident in particular was very bloody, with at least 4 gang members dead, some in a mysterious fashion. At least three groups have had to postpone their efforts to claim some of the waiting wealth , many others are planning to blast from orbit this afternoon

Note: A game day. The very first alternity game. The party is hired on as extra crew for a ship headed towards the asteroid strike. While making their way towards the central hub and the starport, they are accosted by a few youths just looking to exact a toll. The misdirected youths are then shot, skewered and burned. The party then proceeds to the starport where they wait quietly until the ship leaves.

7/28/00 (6/1/2089 08:40 GMT): Another outbreak of violence this morning, this time at the Russian consulate on the Moon. European protesters arrived early this morning, asking for the release of several Euros taken prisoner by Russian security two days earlier for espionage. When the ambassador arrived at 08:35, he was met by gunfire from the crowd. Russian troops returned fire. Preliminary reports put one Russian soldier and twenty civilians dead with an several wounded. The ambassador is said to be safe only because one of his bodyguard stepped in front of a gunman as he was firing.

7/27/00 (6/1/2089 08:30 GMT): More news from SNN. The ImTech compound on the San Andreas beach has just been attacked by persons unknown. Several terrorist organizations have already stepped forward to take credit. An ImTech manager was heard to say it was a competitor trying to steal the probe data. Two ImTech security guards were killed. There is no word on the attackers. All are believed to be at large in the area. Bounty hunters are on watch to see if ImTech continues it's 'bounty' system to catch the perpetrators.

7/23/00 (6/1/2089 08:00 GMT): From a SNN (Solar news network) report ; "Reporters were given access to some of the alien diplomats today in Prague. The most asked question was about the dissimilarities between the presiding aliens and the 'classic' aliens that have supposedly been visiting earth for at least 150 years. All three of the present diplomats told SNN reporters that no alien fitting the 'big headed and short' figure we described is known to exist. Only the tall, slim and possibly telepathic Fraal, the machine like Mechalus, the saurian T'sa and the hulking wookie-like Weren are part of the "Interstellar Concordium" of planets that Terrans may be asked to join. We were told that these aliens were here not only in a first contact mode, but also to test us as a species to see if we are ready to join in the greater galactic population. More news to come in this matter."

"In other news, an unusually rich ore filled set of asteroids has been discovered in the outer part of the belt by an ImTech  remote probe. As is usual with this kind of find, the first manned mission that logs onto the grid from the site will have mining rights. SNN has been given information by several corporations that have begun plans for an expedition."