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Character creation notes

The most important thing you need is a character concept. Look over the background and news sections and think of what type of character you would want to play in the year 2089.

Progress level: 6 (Some PL 7 items and technologies appearing.)

Allowed races: Human. Trust me, no one really wants to be an alien now. Also, you can never tell when Mr. Lamb might make an appearance.

Classes: All but Mindwalker, I was allowing only one, it has been taken Note:  For those who do not own the book, the 'classes' in alternity don't limit the PC as much as classes do in a game like AD&D. For example, anyone can use any weapon, not just the Combat Spec class. The Combat Spec class may just be able to more easily learn those weapons. When you decide on a character concept, I will help you decide which class is best for that concept.

Starting monies and items: Your character concept will decide what extra money and/or equipment you will start with. I will work with each person on this.

The current roster of characters includes a space marine (doug), two pilots (brett and richard), a pyromaniac mindwalker/fugative (jeff) and an alien engineer (chris lamb).