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The current situation:

The year is 2089. Many changes have occurred over the last eighty-eight years. This page will attempt to summarize them for you.


Socio-Political situation:

The current world powers are the United States, Russia, The Euro and the Asian consortium. The US consists of 75 states, covering most of north and south America. Only Argentina and Quebec are not states. Russia took over much of the middle east once oil stopped being a tool of power. The Euro consists of every European nation except for England, Ireland, Switzerland and Greece. The Asian Consortium covers China, the Koreas, Vietnam, and all the land to India in the west, Russia to the north and Australia to the south. All world power governments except for the Consortium and England are Democracies of some sort. The Consortium has kept the communist ideal alive, while England has returned to being a true Monarchy state. Most of the few independent nations are either democracies or lawless dictatorships, like India and most of Africa. Antarctica has long been dedicated as a research only location and surprisingly, most nations have respected that decision. The ocean floor has been settled to some extent, one of the states in the US being entirely underwater. There is very little 'international water' space anymore. India became a dictatorship out of necessity. The population got so far out of control that extreme measures had to be taken just to keep basic needs such as food and power distribution going.

The Lunar base established in 2020 is a multinational conglomerate. The corporations have as much power as the parent nations. The current population is approximately 150,000.

The Venus terraforming project is mostly corporate funded, with the US, Russia and Euro governments pitching in support for colonization rights. The project has gone very well, humans are able to travel outside with only filter masks on. Of course, the average noon temperature at the equator is still high enough to kill an unprotected human in a few minutes. The colonies are located at or near the poles. The estimated population is 35,000

The Mars terraforming project has gone much slower. Habitat domes are still needed for survival. There are domes for each of the superpowers, as well as one for Quebec, one for India and several smaller ones for corporations. The estimated population is between 5,000 and 50,000

The asteroid belt is heavily mined for the valuable resources found there. There are many mining ships floating around. With no real boundaries of ownership, there is sporadic fighting when a rare set of minerals is found. There is no estimate of population, but a guess hazarded by some bored MIT students put it at between 10 and 40,000.

The rest of the planets have only sporadic activity. The Mercury area is too hot for even the best armored ship to withstand for long. Jupiter and Saturn, while possibly rich in natural resources, are too far away for the current level of technology to safely commit to mining operations. This is not to say it doesn't happen, various affiliated ships have been out past Pluto before.

As for the rest of the Galaxy, only the aliens can tell us that. Yes, aliens. There are three official races that have contacted the Human race and sent ambassadors. There is a fourth race that has only been seen as guards for the ambassadors. These aliens have sent ambassadors to each power and most of the independents. They have periodically been on news vids for the past three years. Although most people have seen them in this fashion, few have seen them up close and personal.



There have been many advances in the past 89 years. Most importantly, ion drive and some fusion drive space ships ply the stars between Earth's closest neighbors with frequency.

The internet has grown, with the aid of true wireless communication technology, into the 'Grid', a network that encompasses Earth, Venus, the Moon and Mars. All computer access, mail and vid services are distributed in this fashion.

The ever important arms and armor have also evolved. Charge weapons are common items, with laser development evolving from day to day.