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Iron Scouts

^Mosby and his rangers^

Civil War Link
Civil War, Charleston

This site is dedicated to the men who lived their lives in a twelve inch seat. To those who ate from what they could carry in a saddle bag. The men who spent long cold nights in a saddle or sleeping on the cold hard ground. Who had to be marksmen, foot soldiers, and riders hell bent for leather. They went for days without sleep or food so that their beloved Army would know what lies ahead of them or to use their cunning and skill to screen the movements of others. To raid supply lines, destroy railways, or cut communications. Those who stayed to defend retreats or mounted a charge right into the face of overwhelming odds. He whose best friend had four legs. This site is for all the IRON SCOUTS of the Confederacy and the men who still uphold their honor today. A special thanks to my partners in the saddle over the last several years and heres to what we will be in the future. "Cobra Toast" Neill, Eric, Ron, Russ, Mike, Henry, and Tex thanks for holding the flanks and keeping it in line. Iron Scouts READY, PRESENT, FIRE!!! Thanks Rebecca, I Love You!

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