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  • What is the name of Luke and Leia's Father?
  • Who was Anakin's slavemaster?
  • What part did Qui-gon need to fix Queen Amidala's Ship?
  • What spoken line is in every Star Wars movie?
  • What was Jar Jar's Boss' Name?
  • Who framed Roger Rabbit?
  • What was the name of Samuel L. Jacksons Character?
  • What planet was the Rebel base on when the movie began?
  • What was Luke's call sign when he was on patrol at the beginning of the film?
  • What was Han Solo's call sign?
  • When Han was talking to Luke, what did he tell Luke were put in place?
  • What object supposedly hit the ground near Luke that he went to investigate?
  • What kind of animal were Luke and Han riding on?
  • What was the name of the Rebel base commander on Hoth?
  • Han changed his mind about paying Jabba because of a bounty hunter he encountered on what planet?
  • What did R2 turn on in the Princess' chamber?
  • Which entrance did the deck officer say that Luke may have come through?
  • What vehicles were the Rebels having trouble adapting to the cold?
  • The deck officer said Han's tauntaun would freeze before it reached what point?
  • What kind of creature attacked Luke?
  • What were the odds of survival for Han and Luke as given by R2?
  • Who appeared to Luke in a vision on Hoth?

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