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Great Seal of the U.S.A.

Home of the Presidents.


Dwight David Eisenhower
34th President of the U.S.A.



Some fast facts about"Ike."

Born: October 14, 1890 in Denison,Texas

Died: March 28, 1969, in Washington, D.C.

Nickname: "Ike"

Married: Mary "Mamie" Geneva Doud (1896-1979)
on July 1, 1916

Religion: Presbyterian

Education: Graduated from U.S.Military Academy,
West Point, N.Y. (1915)

Political Party: Republican

Career: Officer, U.S.Army, 1915-48;
Supreme Commander of
Allied Expeditionary Forces, 1943-45;
Chief of Staff, 1945-48;
President of Columbia University, 1948-50;
Supreme Commander of NATO, 1950-52
President of the United States, 1953-61.


Ike'Place of Birth.

On the morning of October 14, 1890,
Dwight David Eisenhower
was born in a modest two-story frame house
at the corner of Lamar Ave. and Day St.
in Denison, Texas.

Ike was the third, of seven sons, born to
David and Ida Eisenhower, and the only one to
be born in Texas.

When Ike was still a small boy,
the Eisenhowers moved to Abilene, Kansas.
It is here that his Military history began.


Here is a poem, written by
Bertha Le Brect and entitled

The Little White House On The Corner.

In the State of Texas
Down where the Bluebonnets grow,
In a little white house on the corner
A babe was born long ago.

A babe who was destined for greatness
Both here and over the sea,
And now has achieved highest honors
As President of our Country.

From the little white house on the corner
Where his life began,
He rose to the Nation's leader
In the White House in Washington.

And the little white house on the corner
Still stands in all its pride,
Of the birth that made it famous
Throughout the country side.

There, visitors are always welcome,
So travel down Texas way,
Stop in Denison and visit Ike's birthplace
On the corner of Lamar and Day.


On the next page I will show and tell you
what the city of Denison, Texas has done to
honor our 34th President.
Just click and "Ike" will take us there.