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A. Contact Information

William Albert Hewgley
318 Shady Lane
Kingston, Tennessee 37763

Telephone: 865-376-4169
FAX: 865-376-4169

B. Personal Profile

Hewgley, William Albert, engineer. b. Nashville, Tennessee on April 3, 1931; son of Robert Ashley Hewgley and Florence (Carns) H. ; m. Cynthia Presson on August 10, 1957; children William A. and Robert A.; B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University cum laude in 1953. Process electrical engineer Union Carbide Corporation/ Nuclear Division, Oak Ridge, Tn. 1953- 1961 (except for 2 years while in the U.S. Army Signal Corps 1954- 1956); project engineer Aerojet General Corporation, Azusa, California 1961- 1964; section manager Southwest Research Institute*, San Antonio, Tx. 1964- 1978; engineering specialist Union Carbide Corporation/ Nuclear Division, Oak Ridge, Tn. 1978- 1984; engineering specialist Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tn. 1984- 1993; independent consultant, 1993 on. Author of a number of technical papers. Life member of IEEE professional society. A family man, an Independent, a patriot, and a man with exemplary character.

*Southwest Research Institute(SwRI)- SwRI was founded in 1947 by oilman and adventurer Tom Slick. Author Loren Coleman, who wrote two books on Tom Slick's adventures, believes that Slick was probably a CIA operative during the 1950s. Slick died mysteriously in 1962 when his private airplane disintegrated in midair over Montana.

C. Definition of Surveillance

Through the use of physical or electronic means, monitoring of an individual's activities with the intent to control his/her current or future actions.

D. Web Pages by William Albert Hewgley

Note: The author's hard copy file on his family's surveillance case consists of more than 500 letters. Seven of them are reprinted in the websites listed below in order to illustrate to readers the nature of illegal surveillance currently being conducted inside the U.S..The remaining websites below contain useful information on the Intelligence Community, the constitutional rights of privacy, the background on the author, and other relevant information.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Spies

1. The Intelligence Community, In Brief
2. Intelligence Community's Secret Surveillance Network (An Exclusive on Domestic Surveillance)
3. The Hewgley Surveillance Case: Letter to House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
4. The Hewgley Surveillance Case: Letter to Director of CIA
5. The Hewgley Surveillance Case: Letter to President Jimmy Carter
6. The Hewgley Surveillance Case: Letter to President Ronald Reagan
7. The Hewgley Surveillance Case: Letter to President George H.W. Bush
8. The Hewgley Surveillance Case: Letter to Director of FBI
9. The Hewgley Surveillance Case: Letter to Office of Personnel Management

Laws and Justice

1. The Rights of Privacy, In Brief
2. A Government of Laws

Other Subjects

1. The Hewgley Genealogy Page
2. Consultant in Inorganic Electrical Insulation

E. Book Submitted to Library of Congress' Veterans History Project

Hewgley, William Albert: William Albert Hewgley: Nashville Native, Veteran and a Victim of Cold War- Originated Surveillance; April 24, 2002; 57pp.

Submitted to the Nashville Public Library; 615 Church Street; Nashville, Tennessee 37219; Phone: (615) 862-5782; in response to the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress' Collection for the Veterans History Project (Public Law 106-380). Filed in the Library's Nashville Room as the William Hewgley Collection, AFC/2001/001/3007. Mr. Hewgley is listed in the National Registry Service of the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project.

F. Book Submitted to The Legacy Project

Hewgley, William Albert: Cold War Intrigue: The Domestic Surveillance Experiences of Veteran William Albert Hewgley; June 19, 2002; 52pp.

Submitted to The Legacy Project, Post Office Box 53250, Washington, D. C. 20009; The Legacy Project is an Independent, Nonprofit, Nonpartisan Organization Whose Mission is to Safeguard Wartime Correspondence so that Future Generations of Americans can Learn from the Experiences of Veterans.

Signed Originally: William Albert Hewgley
June 25, 2000

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Readers: Have similar surveillance experiences as author's family? If so, via email below, tell us what you have encountered.