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Welcome to Sax's Place

Attention!! This site is several years old. Please feel free to wander around, but if you want to check out what I'm up to these days, go here:


There you were...wandering down the streets of an unfamiliar city...the summer heat creating mirages on the blistering asphalt...the noonday sun so bright it felt like needles piercing your retinas. Suddenly, you notice a small doorway. On a whim, you jerk the door open and step inside...
The near-darkness blinds you...the blast of cool air washes over you in a wave of welcome relief. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you start to notice details that weren't apparent at first. Dark blue lights illuminate a small corner blues are softly playing on the sound system...a large hand-carved bar dominates the near-side wall...several locals turn to inspect the new-comer.
The bartender takes one look at the sweat pouring off of your face and the dazed look in your eyes, and without asking, slides a frosty mug down the bar to you:
"Welcome to Sax's Place"

An overly dramatic way of saying it, but Welcome to my web page. I'd like for this to be a place where folks can come to get a laugh or at least a smile. There's no socially redeeming qualities here......No political correctness.......just things that I enjoy doing or think are funny. If you don't like it...go away. If you do like it, tell your friends. Either way, thanks for dropping by. The first beer's on me.

The Nomads Squadron Home Page
One of my favorite hobbies ( my wife calls it an addiction ) is playing an online, interactive flight sim called Air Warriors 3D. I'm proud to be a member of The Nomads Squadron. The Nomads started out as an AW squad playing AW4W on AOL a few years ago. Since then, we have evolved into what we call the Nomad Gaming Society. This bunch of crazies plays just about every online game around, with Nomad Squads or Clans established in most games. Just a few of the games that you'll find Nomads playing together are: Ultima Online, Quake2, Rainbow6, Rogue Spear,European Air War, Aces High, Nascar 2000 and Dirt Track Racing. However, it seems that we all come back to AW3 on a regular basis, as much for the craziness as anything else.
If you're ever in a game and spot someone with a "+" in front of their name, it's more than likely a 'Mad. Say hello......they're always willing to lend a helping hand or shoot the bull with ya.........and tell 'em: +Sax sent ya!!

Fake ID 21
This is a prime example of Nomad silliness. In the fall of 1998, two Mads, +Phnx and +Dead, wrote and directed a spoof of the movie, "Independence Day". They enlisted the help of most of the Nomads, including yours truly, and many others in the AW community. Everyone recorded their parts at home on the computer, then +Phnx put it all together along with sound effects and music. It's still hilarious! Just click on the link above. You have two choices. You can either right-click on the files to download them, then play them on your MP3 player, or there is a "play" button to the right of the files which will play them in streaming audio to RealPlayer......don't forget that that it is broken up into three parts.

My Old Road Outfit
This is a collection of music links and a short bio on my old Rock'n'Roll band. Basically, just some links to music and bands that I appreciate. A good place to look if you have a taste for good saxophone players....after all, my name is +Sax.....LOL

Monkey Business
Silly-assed stuff that I've either found on the web or people have sent to me. This is where the politically incorrect part comes in. I have a decidedly weird sense of humor. If you take life too seriously, or are easily offended, don't even go there. If you like things tongue-in-cheek, or enjoy a good laugh, check it out. It's mostly jokes and stuff, but I'll put links to funny sites that I find here also.

My New Band, "The Lippnikies"
For the past year or so I've been involved with a great bunch of musicians here in South Carolina. We're known as "The Lippnikies". We've finished an EP of original material that I think is pretty good. The tunes are located under the "CD" button. Check them out & let me know what you think.
Do You Know This Man?
I am trying to find out any information that I can about my father-in-law. If you have a relative or know someone who was stationed in New Guinea around 1943, please check out this link. We think that he was with the 43rd BG, but that's not for sure. I've included more pictures and all of the info that we've been able to gather so far. If anyone can give me any leads, no matter how slim, please let me know.
Rogue's Gallery
This is basically just a collection of pics and stuff from my days with the Tucker boys. I have no idea if anyone gives a rat's behind about seeing this stuff, but I've got a ton of it. If you want to see more, give me a shout and I'll put more of it up.

Sax's Dirt Track Racing Newbie's Guide
For the past few months I've been playing an online racing sim called "DTR". It's based on Late Model stock cars that are raced on dirt tracks of different sizes and shapes. The action is fast and furious and the people are lots of fun. The game ships with a copy of GameSpy, and it's really easy to find pickup races. There are also leagues and racing groups in the game. The way that the game is designed makes it relatively easy for beginners to race and have fun quickly, while at the same time it takes quite a bit of practice and studying to get really fast. I love it!!! Check it out.

I've got forums for most of the subject matter here.

Please visit and shoot the bull.

Sax's Ezboard Community

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