Featured Artist: Heart of the Flames
Looking for poetry that practically screams sensuality? Look no further! No matter what the subject matter, reading Heart of the Flames’ words, you can almost feel the texture and rich emotion her work contains. I think you’ll find the selections below a good sampling of this wonderfully talented poet’s work!



In the midst of darkness,
Grew the light,
And this light had meaning.
And the significance
Of the meaning was bliss.
And the essence of bliss,
Was love.
And it rose up before me,
Like a vague destiny
From the ebony abyss.
And feelings try to creep in.
An unbidden intrusion,
Sounding the alarm,
In my locked heart.
And locks are being picked,
The scrupulous want in.
And the air wavers to and fro.
I see it with the clarity of a profit.
And love lurks in the light.
Lurking to consume.
Waiting for a drop in defense.
And the light,
Like a berry,
Waits for the bite,
To be juice on his teeth,
And a taste nestled on his lips,
Devoured slowly in small amounts.
And each moment of light
Swallowed in ecstasy.
But the moments pass.
And the lock holds.
And the feelings slowly fade.
Creeping back into the abyss.
And the light of love diminishes.
And the serenity is extinguished.
And no light remains.
Except that which burns,
In the embers of my memories,
Lost deep in my heart

My hidden existence goes on.
Thoughts run helter skelter,
Through my mind.
Bereft and lonely,
I shoulder the burden of living.
Don't bother lighting the candles.
Hurt can see in the darkness.
The singing demons call to me.
Shattering the crystals of my life.
Blindly consumed.
Emotionally drained.
I remember to much.
The hurt twists inside me.
Like the tide,
It ebbs and flows,
In and out of my pores.
I inhale it....
I exhale it....
My soul a vessel of hurt.
I hear him in the winds tonight.
Elicit sounds burning my ears.
I re-shoulder the burden of living,
And step quietly into the darkness.
Its time to set me free.

Months of freedom,
I knew it wouldn't last.
What do they know anyway,
I've been having a blast.

Screw the blood tests,
The fevers, the surgeries and pain.
One lump after another,
Parts removed in vain.

So many scars,
I look like Franks wife,
No more will they cut me,
No more knifes in this life.

No chemicals either
Would lose hair this time big,
Gotta look healthy as a horse,
Ain't buying no funeral wig.

I go to work and come home beat,
Get on the computer and play.
Fulfilling fantasies and dreams,
Hopeing to survive another day.

Some people try to hurt me,
With loves rumors they say.
I'm tired of the bullshit,
Leave me alone, I'm not gonna play.

I even fell in love,
It was good when it began,
But he lost faith,
When he didn't understand.

I've beaten this before,
I'm invincible don't you see.
I don't need anybody.
So stay away from me.

This lifes a tarnished silver.
My essence he once consumed.
Now alone with eyes of death,
My soul he has entombed.

Flaws of human destiny,
Exposing fears,
With cheeks crested scarlet,
And unrevenged tears.

Love cast from this flesh,
Innocence confused,
With eyes dark and liquid,
Punishment refused.

Conditioned against cracks,
A heart of stone,
Until polished with friction,
By ghosts unknown.

Love crushed to dust,
Wind ushered through the door,
Into inky darkness,
Emptiness once more.

Beware of stones thrown,
When fate festers above,
It could cause a heartbreak,
Or terminated love.

My eyes......
Surrounded by shadows,
Of fatigue and despair.
My shame......
Unable to be cleansed,
With soap and water.
My throat......
Arid and raw,
From silently screaming in my sleep.
The origin of my demise.......
Its no mystery to me,
An evil source......
The Demon of my memories

From the blood of darkness,
To the heart of my weakness,
Cast your evil spells,
Pure black magic from hell.
Coerce with your hex,
Using powers of sex.
Chant dark incantations,
And ritual invocations.
Conjure your spells,
With pentagrams from hell.
Rub salt in the wound of life,
Then push deep...
With the twist of your knife.

Combustible reality,
That was neither,
Apparent to the senses,
Nor obvious to the intelligence.
Feelings destined to detonate,
Flames of burning passion,
Ignite on thin ice,
Fueling the crystals of lust.
Until frozen waters thaw,
Gilding like glaciers,
Down the furnace of unknowing,
Ice cold cheek.

I seek the actuating impulses of your behavior.
Human nature,
And the wheels go round and round.....

I seek to delve into the phenomena of consciousness.
Measuring accurately,
And the wheels go round and round.....

I seek to treat the science of your mind.
Thinking carefully,
And the wheels go round and round.....

I seek the interests affecting your abilities.
Analyzing precisely,
And the wheels go round and round.....

I seek the problems beyond your intelligence.
Reasoning articulately,
And the wheels of my mind,
Go round and round and round and round......

Greased death overturned on tile floor.
A puddleing pool of liquid fire.
Burners blue jets traveling,
Seeking out the innocent.
Mommys here, Mommys here

Standing rigid in drenched diaper,
Blistered tears bursting from tender skin.
Pure terror screamed out like no other.
Small fists clamped in shivering blue knuckles.
Mommys here, Mommys here

Tiny chest heaving like a yo-yo.
Unforgetable terror filled eyes,
Little bitty lips tinged blue.
High pitched shrills now silent.
Mommys here, Mommys here

Melted diaper fused as one,
Steam rising from dripping flesh.
Final gasp of innocence denied.
And in my dreams I hear my little angel cry,
Wheres Mommy, Wheres Mommy.

dedicated to my lil lost angel
Johnny Jr. 1976 - 1979

Look at love through a telescope,
Don't analyze with a microscope.
Some look but never see,
What they should value most tenderly.
Hopes and dreams
to cling to,
Loves melodies
to sing to.
Love conquers
by forgiveness,
Love wins
with tenderness.
Let love make you high,
The limits the sky.
Loves a reality,
a unity,
Loves chemistry
with such intensity.
No love
and you perish,
Your heart must always cherish.
No love
and your lost,
Give love at any cost.
Make a heart happy,
let it grow,
Before its to late.....
And off they go

She sits alone in the dark,
In her love filtered sphere,
Love songs play,
But she don't hear.
Lanterns light,
turned off,
turned on,
Shadows dancing,
Everything went wrong.
Alone in her world,
She sees his face,
While doilies collect dust,
On their yellowed lace.
She tries to pretend,
That it wasn't a joke,
But the day he stopped writing,
She began to lose hope.
Outside spring new peony's,
In beds of white,
With fragrance alive,
In the golden sun light.
But there in her world,
She can't see, smell or hear,
She stares and cries,
Then wipes off her tears.
For there on the table,
Sits the empty vase,
With water rings dried,
Circling its emptiness
At the base.
Flowers once promised,
Flowers never received,
Only at his grave,
Where her heart for him grieved.

Dedicated to my Eagle....
John Sr. 1951 - 1978

In the lazy air of an early fall morning,
Spruce trees line rocky shores,
The cold surf assaults great granite ledges,
Leading to sandy beaches,
With last summers wild flowers,
Hanging on for life,
Proclaiming their defiance of the salt spray.
I bathe in the surf of contentment.

In the distance of the new horizon,
A sunrise gilds the ring of peaks,
Dominated by autumn,
In brilliant shades of,
Yellow, orange and scarlet.
Mesmerized by the beauty,
Hypnotized by the allure of the winds,
I swim in the depths of tranquility.

Patches of quiet lazy pools,
Dot the rocky shore with duckweed.
Floating in peaceful bliss,
Like a carpet of green velvet,
Unaware of rough seas ahead.
Autumn breezes gently bend the sea oats,
In a rhythm of calm,
I wade in the euphoria.

As dusk ends this cool August night,
The sunsets afterglow,
Paints the distant peaks,
An eerie but warm shade of pink,
Filling my heart,
Feeding my soul,
With precious moments of time,
I drown in Happiness.

Heaven to Earth had once descended,
the clouds, the stars, our hearts were blended,
Words of love on currents glide,
Love linked two hearts side by side.
But the curtain of pearls parted and sorrow entered in,
Moments of perfection lost, shadows begin.
Ashes filled my heart with sadness learned,
Frozen I stood as my heaven burned.
That was the day his hand fell from mine,
The thread through our heart broke for all time.
Immobile as stone, I watched with my eyes,
My sacrificial heart was broken with lies.
I was the offering, a libation to gods of love,
As smoke conceals fire, hell hid in heaven above

He was an ordinary looking,
extraordinary man.
A blissfully ignorant,
embryonic child,
with uncreated potential.
Every aspect of his life,
blends and influences.
He dances on the edge of a cliff,
His feet caper on the very lips of imagination.
Balanced between destruction and creation.
He is the breath of life.
Exhalation is creation,
Inhalation is annihilation.
His imagination is brother to ecstasy.
His ecstasy is a razors edge,
between sanity and insanity.
Heartbreaking delusions,
of the most exquisite beauty,
spring from his imagination,
with all its glamour and its danger.
Imagination alone is nothing,
But when he gives it,
it makes an impact.

One life is all I have to live.
A real love is all I want to give.
It's like an itch I can't seem to scratch.
A fluttering feeling I just can't catch.
My soul is old.
My hearts growing cold.
I feel the strain,
To harvest loves pain.
I've heard there's nothing to it.
I just need courage to do it.
Real love it has to be.
But it's an elusive mystery to me.
My soul is burning.
My heart is yearning.
I feel the need,
To harvest loves seed.
I'll live it and give it.
I'll scratch it and catch it.
theres nothing to it, I'll just do it.
There has to be, A harvest for me.

Just beyond the horizon of your eyes,
Is the path to my happiness.
The light of your protecting love,
Shines through like stardust.
Deleting years of loneliness.
Illuminating safe passage,
For my heart to tread.
The moonwashed light in your hair,
Sparkles in my heart.
My worries drop like
The golden leaves of autumn.
The musk of love is in the air.
If I could, I'd give you,
A shred of Rainbow sky,
A place to root,
And wings to fly.
Our momentary silence
Has become comfortable now,
For, Everytime I see you,
I fall in love with you
all over again.
I don't know why,
And I don't know how.
With the gentle hush of the moon,
Your soul moved into my heart,
Promising to stay,
For the duration of eternity.

Our lives overlap and intermingle,
With interdependent holds.
Sometimes indistinguishable,
Sometimes perishable.
Ahhhhh....But true love....
True love embraces the soul.
The sweet serenity of two hearts,
helplessly joined.
A blessing from heaven,
With the thrills of hell.
A chemical reaction,
Of the chemistry of love.
Love is made....
Not born...
"know how" is the aphrodisiac.
Its an adventure into a romantic endeavor.
Sexual magnetism....
Intoxicating passion....
Seduction with a tantalizing taste of lust.
Two silhouettes blending to become one.

My life's in a state of deterioration.
A dismal existence of nerves strung tight.
No truce between my emotions and intellect.
A mixture of fury and fear blanching my face.
Anxiety surfacing in my red Burmese ruby eyes.
Nothing more mutable then my emotions right now.
Violent obsessions
Devious manipulations
Tears shimmering like baroque pearls,
Stream down my cheeks,
Dull with a death like pallor.
Scars deep that tell a tale of loss.
A cycle of reincarnation takes place in my heart.
Where love and hate are alternating pulsation's.
The devil keeps crumbling my beliefs.
Compelling me to reevaluate my existence.
This moments peace may suddenly be broken.
This atmosphere of tranquillity any second ceased.
The feelings of love,
Nurturing, yet destroying.
My adrenaline pumps as the devils chains are renewed.
Squeezing the life and hopes from my heart.
I search for the broad white road to heaven,
But keep finding the gut wrenching boulevard to hell.

My flesh binds my spirit,
But my spirit inspires my flesh.
It's time to let go.

My face is tranquil though ravaged by terror,
At the death of self driven activities.
I need to let go.

Depressed at the loss of Earthly attachments,
Yet elation being without the weight of daily life.
Its time to let go.
Frightened at unending loneliness,
Yet bliss of undisturbed solitude.
I want to let go.

Shiva embraces and awakens the energy in my body,
In order to exalt my mind.
I'm letting go.

I'm now on the edge of manifestation.
I am formless.
I dangle between heaven and earth.
Poised between destruction and creation.
With no bias or inclination towards either.
OM, powerful and mysterious Mantra,
With no semantic meaning.
Pure sound now vibrates between my material world,
And my spirit world.
I am nothing,
Yet I am everything.
I chant the Mantra,
Imbuing it with significance through meditation and devotion.
I am the sound of oneness.
I have let go.

I follow soft foot prints,
Clearly imprinted,
Delicatly indented,
Into the hushed stillness of the forests.
Covered in a carpet of soft and white.
That once knew the silent moccasins of man.
The blankets of icy crystals,
Cover the vibrant colors hibernating below.
Invisable feathered friends,
Sing winters songs from the white canopy above.
The winter breeze kisses my cheeks
Enough that I know I'm still alive.
I have traveled this weary path before,
Beneath solemn skies,
Desolate stretches to hike alone.
I follow a new path.
My own.

Beneath the vaulted ceiling,
Of by far the brightest stars,
I am dazzled by the gleam,
Of thousands of natures candles,
I dream.
I dream of a hobblebush,
Blooming along a fern bordered brook,
A place to skip stones,
And let your mind wander.
I dream.
I dream of the winds sighing,
Through gnarly old pines,
Whispering serenity,
That echoes the touch of moonlight.
I dream.
I dream of strawberries as big as teacups,
And seals sliding down
Shimmering glaciers hung between,
Mountain bastions pouring into broad valleys.
I dream.
I dream of leaves rustling their songs,
Around my ankles,
And birds flapping lazy wings,
Across Autumns golden meadows.
I dream.
And when I dream....
I dream of you.

I sit in silence,
Waiting for that,
Which hasnt come.
The sun has burned my eyes,
Into splinters of reality.
I'm tired of
Pushing the plough,
And dreaming of the hay,
At sundown.
My ship of dreams,
Hasn't yet come in.

Let me breath in fresh air.
Release the suffocating fustrations.
The chill of emptiness,
Has not yet reached my heart.
Let it go un-noticed,
That the halo of romance,
Grew horns.
Patterns or chaos,
These painful puzzles
Of life and love.
Am I an image of madness,
Besieged by anguish?
The voice of calm in my dreams,
Haunts me now.
Through best intentions,
And cherished ambitions,
Love was made with no regrets.
Yet I'm still at the bottom,
Looking up.
Oh Luna,
Show me the way
To see through the darkness,
Show me the only way,
To go is up.

Light the incense.
Let the fragrance rise,
To wrap around your heart,
In wisps of lavander scented smoke.
Let it curl around,
Like the coils of an asp,
Sucking your breath,
Taking your life,
Like you took mine.
Sleep the sleep of deadly flowers.