Wingless Church (2-26-04)

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The rain fell harder,
Crashing along his back.
Far away, sirens faintly scream
Through the depths of the night.

Lightning ran across the sky,
Emitting the only light seen.
Thunder echoed behind it,
The only sound above the whispers.

People began to gather around.
The crowd started to grow
As did the puddles, growing deeper.
As did the blood, flowing even more.

No one knew what had happened,
Their eyes were fed processed lies.
They only knew one thing, death,
Laying in front of the wingless church.

Innocent as his heart could be,
One boy touched the victim
And all he could feel was pain,
He saw how the man lost his light.

The boy ran to his mother,
Blood still dripping from his hands,
With words drowning in tears and rain,
“They were only virgins to love.”

On the man’s finger is an indentation
Created by their golden circle.
Now stolen, but he didn’t care.
To him, it was already taken away.

There was only one symbol
From the man’s lost love life,
It was his own bleeding heart,
Pierced through from behind.

The sirens slowed to a stop,
But his wounds never did.
He missed all the red lights
And now it was too late.

They walked up and looked around.
Not a soul had an answer,
Except for the one in flight.
And the men picked him up.

His left hand fell, dripping,
Revealing the carved words on his palm:
“You will never lose me”
And it rained even harder.

Copyright ©2004 Danny Caballero

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