The Lost Soul: Part I (12-17-03)

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In the absolute darkness
Of a constructed reality,
They wander aimlessly through life.
Trapped. Blinded. All by their closed minds.

Their essence lays within them,
Frozen by their bleak, desolate lives.
Lives forged by the others' examples
Of a never-ending cycle of monotony.

But piercing through the shadows of dark,
There is one who barely sees the others' despair.
Its gift, It was destined to share,
To help as many to awaken from the nightmare.

Resonating through the silence are lost sounds.
Only the One allows them to refuge in its mind.
Its burden, It takes on for the others
As It speaks out to everyone, anyone, no one:

"The sound of many thoughts
Falls upon my ears.
Empty thoughts are released,
Confused in their numbers.

The sound of my thoughts
Falls upon deaf ears.
My mind, filled with thoughts,
Is overwhelmed within its numbers."

Copyright 2003 Danny Caballero

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