Solitude (9-23-03)

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Dark clouds engulf the sky.
An everflowing waterfall of rain falls,
Drenching whatever it touches,
Beating anything it lands upon.
And there I am, standing still.
I am there because I cannot move.
What I wear upon my shoulders
Bears an unbearable weight upon me.

Even in darkness, nothing stands still.
The violent flashes of light prove so.
Nothing stands still, except for me.

Alone, I am disconnected from the rest.
Alone, I am different from the rest.
Everyone is like the strong boom that fills the sky.
I am just the patter of an ending flight.

Water drips down my face
As I start to open my eyes.
I see nothing in the darkness.
I see something in the darkness.
In the torment, it has grown.

In my first steps, the rain still pours.
And I am still my own prisoner.
But as I take off my heavy shirt,
My freedom reveals my regained strength,
My freedom reveals my regained vision.
And as I look up through the dark clouds,
I see the slight light breaking out.

Copyright 2003 Danny Caballero

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