Savior (6-19-03)

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As he stood,
Planted firmly to the ground,
He misunderstood
The drop that he found.
Only one fell from the gray.
Only one fell to his feet.
He thought "It happens everyday"
So he took a seat.

As he sat
Without a single care,
Another fell through his hat,
And into his hair.
Even though it was not the last.
He thought "Soon it will fade"
Even though rain was falling fast.
Still, there he laid.

As he rested,
The drops began to rise.
He pretended to be uninterested,
But the continuing rain was a surprise.
As the water rose to his head,
He thought "This rain will soon end"
But he struggled instead.
His own life, he had to defend.

As he fought,
The water continued to flow.
And then he finally got
What a friend tried to show.
On accepting his watery grave,
He thought "I wish I saw land"
Only then to be saved
By his friend's helping hand.

Copyright 2003 Danny Caballero

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