Prisoner (2-5-04)

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Locked in your own prison,
Denied the freedom you need,
The only visible objects
Are chosen misconceptions 
Of a destructive future.

You see what's behind,
And it will lead the way 
Down the repetitive path 
That is far familiar to you.
The trite trail of tears. 

Running blindly down that way,
Not looking where it goes,
One step pulls you to that hole. 
And it grows dark with the depth, 
Just like your waning hope.

Without warning, the end manifests.
Hitting hard, the built up pain
Cripples you body, your mind, 
Opening the storm from inside,
And pouring it on the ground.

In your sad, little world,
You ignored what I have said. 
Now you must see the truth,
Let go of the fear in your head
And climb your way out.

Copyright 2004 Danny Caballero

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