A Moment In Life: Part IV (11-9-03)

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As the rain descended from great heights,
I took a pause in my forward motion.
Before and behind, steam rose from the street,
Ascending into the late, darkened sky.

I remove what covers my head
And let the wind blow freely through my hair
Like an everflowing sea of grass blades.

Enclosed in this frigid air,
I seem frozen in my movements.
My eyes gaze forward, and then nowhere.

I emerge from my darkness
As the rain drips off my fingertips.

I raise my arms against the rain,
Stretching them out, and turning my palms up,
Catching every drop that lands upon them.

Drops fall in front of my eyes
From a few strands of my wet, black hair.
And I turn my face toward the clouded sky,
My eyes gaze upward, and then nowhere.

I feel every drop that hits any part of me.
My face, my hands, my body,
All saturated by the cold falling rain.

As the water sinks into my skin,
A large, frozen breath is taken in,
Filling my chest with the crispness of the autumn,
Pushing out the fire hidden deep inside.

I clench my hands into fists.
I open my eyes to falling raindrops.
I let out an oppressed shout.

I yell out into the bleak darkness
Why am I alone?
Why can I not reveal the truth?
Why must I make myself so miserable?

Water rolls away from my eyes
As I calm the rage within me.
Water not from the clouds above
But from the heart inside of me.

There laid the beginning of the search,
My search for true peace.
My eyes gazed forward, and then inward
As I looked for my own lost answers.

Copyright 2003 Danny Caballero

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