A Moment In Life: Part II (7-23-03)

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As I drive alone,
Late at night,
My windows are down.
The wind blows through me.
Total freedom lies in the empty streets.
Yet there lies the invisible fear,
Hidden, keeping me at a slower pace.

The music playing flows through me,
And I hear it well.
But truly, I am ignoring it
As I fear what could be,
Even though there is nothing around.

Tired of the slow pace,
I pull into the fastlane.
I start to speed up.
The wind starts to grow.
Muffling any words from the music.
And I only go faster.
Without a thought of fear.

Lost in speed, I notice my missing music,
And I play it louder.
Now it does not fall on deaf ears
As I finally reach my exit
Off the fastlane.

As I slow down.
The turbulent wind is silenced.
And the music plays only louder,
Guiding me in the right direction.
I safely reach my destination
To not be alone anymore.

Copyright 2003 Danny Caballero

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