Knocking On My Door (4-28-04)

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Out of anyone in the universe,
It was your beauty that shone,
It had to be you I saw.
You came to me and smiled,
Everything around grew silent,
The world was nothing but us.
My eyes said "Let me go with you"
And our hands were the answer
As I gave you mine to hold.

All that I saw were your stars,
And, like the sparkle in your eyes,
They blinded me with pleasure.
We sat under your protective tree,
Shading my eyes from the harmful,
As we enjoyed love's gentle breeze.
There, we thought we were close.
You said, "I've shown you mine,
Now can you show me yours?"

Our eyes were locked, but mine trembled.
It was something I have never done,
But then, she wasn't just anyone.
I was like a flower she was holding,
Ready to bloom with her touch
And open myself up  for her.
From there, she saw it all,
Reading my life like a journal,
And I gave it to her, with the key.

But your knocking on my door
Was just a dream created by you
To hide me from your nightmare.
Together, you would make me feel
Like you always left to the right,
While I always left to the wrong.
I couldn't find why we hurt
Until I finally woke up to see,
That it begins with you.

"Go away," You didn't hear me.
"Go away," You finally noticed me.
"Go away," I turned my back to you.
Your song cannot be heard,
And your halo fades away
As I start to see the real you.
I shut myself away from you
And your light diminishes
As I start to walk away.

Copyright 2004 Danny Caballero

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