Frozen Star (12-13-03)

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I feel a cold wind that dominates,
Blowing from your melancholy state.
It freezes you to start
Then it tries to break you apart.
But I cannot watch with my eyes
The beginning of your demise.

I need you to be strong
Remove anger that's blinded you for long.
Then you can finally see
What you have always meant to me.

Nothing is what it seems.
Once again your light will be seen.
For you are not too far
Of a lost, frozen star,
For me to hold close
And melt away your woes.

So if you hear me shout,
Fight back your rejections,
Fight back your depression.

To you, I yell out
Fight back the last good bye,
Fight back the day you die.

Copyright 2003 Danny Caballero

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