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Going Nowhere Fast

My life is tumbling all around.
The mind's thoughts are set upside down.
It seems like a game show,
Million dollar question - "Where do I go?"
I only wish I knew the answer,
To finally clear me of this cancer.

The world's in a freefall.
I am going to lose it all.
This light isn't going to last.
I am going nowhere fast.

I'm overwhelmed with the hunger.
No matter what, the pain lasts longer.
One of these days, I'll find a way out,
To release the anger, just scream and shout,
"I will fight! I will win!"
My time will start once again.

The world's in a freefall.
I am going to lose it all.
This light isn't going to last.
I am going nowhere fast.

Finally, the conversion has come.
The life long war has been won,
Thoughts have just set straight,
Hunger gone with what I just ate,
The sun is breaking through,
Look at the morning view!

Life Of A Soda Bottle

All you need is to twist and go.
From there, you control the flow.
Make it go nice and slow,
Or pour it from high or low.
Beware the wind that blow,
It may be your greatest foe,
For it will pour it all on Joe,
He will shout "My Dockers! No!"
And proceed to crush your toe,
Knock you to the floor below,
And taunt you badly. So,
Take care before you twist and go.

Soli's Poem

Teddy Grahams,
You gotta understand,
I got them all in my hand.
Some in a box.
Some look like a fox.
But overall, I just gotta say,
I'm having a happy day.

Green Dude

From the cornucopia of things in the universe,
I found an interesting green friend.
His only talent was singing a verse,
This verse without end.
"Weed, weed, it's good for me.
Makes me jolly, as jolly as can be!"

Algebra II Sucks

I hate triangles.
I hate rectangles.
I hate right angles.
I hate left angles.
Why can't I be at Bojangle's?

I Wonder Why

If this waiting is the name of the game,
Then I wonder why does it feel so wrong?
Everything that goes by appears the same.
And then I see her, my feelings grow strong.
To me, the next move seems to be so clear.
Yet now there is a wall blocking my way.
Why do I still possess all of this fear?

I wish that, just maybe, I could break through,
Build up enough courage to ask her out.
If only, I wish, her feelings I knew,
Then perhaps I could rid myself this doubt.
Oh, why am I continuing this wait?
Don't I know that I am already late?

Just A Thought

Driving before the morning dew,
All I could think of was you.
Listening to the smooth tunes of jazz,
Thinking of that summer romance,
If it could only be as true.
I would redefine myself to be new.
The bright lights pass me by
As the pink sky comes around.
Another day will come along,
Singing this sad love song.

Unfinished Business

Why couldn't I just understand
My perplexing problem at hand?
It may be quite simple to you,
But it is like a streetlight turned blue.
The choices are limited to a few.
In all reality, it is only two.
Follow the wise man's word,
Or the inside voice, all night I heard.


The shot is heard miles away.
Those in waiting are not here to stay.
At the end, there is no finish line,
Only the great wall of time.
Some stumble at the beginning,
Far behind was their thinking.
Some sprint way too fast,
To find out their breathe does not last.
In the middle is where they survive,
But not those with numbers 9 to 5.
The leaders do not thrive on competition,
Nor on silly pre-game superstition.
They use the race to feed the need
At their own enjoyable speed.

A Sense Of Peace

Lit by the moonlight,
The river is left in peace,
Forever glistens.

The Afterglow

Stars glowing from the night before,
Feet not even touching the ground.
The blackness is all around,
Even She has struck me down.
Everything falls to the wrong,
Distance from right is far too long.
The dark makes the mind lost,
Leaving the heart to feel frost.
This life appears to never end.

The Creation

The hell boils from within,
Until the thoughts form as one.
It is created.
Hanging on the precipice,
It is created.
When the rain is about to pour,
It is created.
When the sand that falls begins to surround,
It is created.
It acts as the golden key,
Unlocking the emotions deep inside.
Serving as a great nepenthe,
The Creation cleanses the soul.


Where it all stands still,
Nothing happens.
Like firing a blank,
Nothing happens.
Letting the wall stand before you,
The energy goes to waste.


Wandering through lost thoughts
That are farther than the lunar smile.
Looking for the stellar object
To light the emptiness around.
This light that shines of pulchritude
Is easily seen from near or far.
Simple as this journey may be,
Same are the obstacles that form.
Making a road block on the universal path,
I have my own black hole.
Small it is, large I make it,
Always letting it win the battle.

Pure Evil

Everyday is the same,
I must face this pain,
Just drives me insane.
Torture must be its aim.

Attached to this ball and chain,
I must end the reign
Of the monster I cannot tame.

Why must it be incredibly mundane?
Beating away at my brain.
So horrible, it has no name.

Until that special time, I must remain.
Only then, my sanity I will regain.
Unless someone restarts this cruel game.


in the sea
by obstructions
within consciousness
the earthquakes around


Breathe in
Take firm grasp
Find yourself
Opens eyes
Be one with the inner you
The you that is true


The moon,
Obscured by clouds.
The dune,
Being wasted away.
The tune,
Blocked by the noise.
All have been beaten away,
Never to see another day.


All trapped inside
Being held back by you
Or is it me?
So much I need to reveal,
But I am closed with a seal.

Can you see me
Past the blocks?
Can you hear me
When I knock?
Can you sense my feelings
Those I have locked?

You have a firm grip
On what's inside of me.
Burning to get out,
It's ready to be seen
From the two rocks it is between.

Can you see me
Past the blocks?
Can you hear me
When I knock?
Can you sense my feelings
Those I have locked?

You can lead me,
Make me do what you want.
It needs to be pushed out.
Just give me a simple sign
So I can call you mine.

Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you sense what I feel?
I'm tired of denying to you
The part of me so true.

Stormy Outlook

Looking up,
Lightning strikes.
Looming danger
Lights the sky.
Losing thoughts;
Lack of dark,
Leaving in seconds.

Listening to the rumble,
Largely overwhelming.
Launching the sound
Lands in my ears.
Living to its fullest,
Loudness surrounds,
Leaving in seconds.

The River

River slowly goes
Wandering to where she knows
Thinking while she flows

Missing Out

I am missing something.
It is like a hole in my wing.
Unaware of how it was lost,
Or at what cost.
All I know is
It yearns to be filled.

Everyday it grows.
I wonder if it shows?
I am losing my hold
On this, which is cold.
Only to be connected
To the warmth.

The emptiness must reside
In that place inside.
It has broken me in two.
To be together, what should I do?
I need the missing part
And never become apart again.

In My Head

Little enough to fit in a hat,
Large enough to fill a universe.
It cannot be washed away
Nor ignored with silence.
They are mine to own
Yet never to conquer.

Within my reach,
Beyond my grasp.
Few to many,
Many to few.
Outspoken they are,
Never to be heard by you.

Thoughts From Above

It pours to slow the day.
Covers the sky to make it gray.
Looking up, thinking as I lay,
What causes this delay?
Like this, I do not want it to stay.
Why can't I just say,
Because I see the ray
That lights up my way.

Passing By

Looking around,
The clouds form like waves,
Flowing softly along.

Walking around,
The trees that have grown old
Are being replaced.

Growing now,
Are new buildings for life
Starting anew.

Looking now,
The winds have changed,
Sky clearing for a better day.


Feel dead inside,
Held back by rules to abide.
Dead air surrounds,
Black sky covers above,
Darkened ground below,
Perpetual beating from the rain,
Intensifies the pain.

Soli's Poem: Part II

Solitaire, Solitaire,
She looks better with longer hair.
When it comes to Danny, she doesn't care.
Even though she took him to the fair,
All night with him, she had to bare.


Floating away, far away.
Distance between them grows,
Feeling alone everyday.
Emotions are their extreme foes.
Seeing they are losing their way;
Vision blocked as if it snows.
Sensing where they lay,
Their chance of connection goes,
Floating away, far away.

The Fastlane

Limits are pushed,
The maximum overtaken.
Ending is far from near,
Beyond the sight of the mind.
Speeding out of control,
Without attempts to stop.
The day will eventually come
To get off this ride.


One is all it takes.
The day itself breaks,
Smaller pieces it makes.
Although it still forms one,
Sooner it shall be done,
Even if some has never begun.


With his eyes closed,
All can pass him by.
Existence does not even matter,
Gone before it comes.

Eyes always wide open,
Vision can become blurred.
Overwhelmed and changed,
Never to be his own.

All must be experienced
Through self-action.
Follow yourself down the right path,
Your own just path.

Fountain Of Thoughts

Like a fountain,
Overflowing with thoughts.
It is enjoyed by all.
Stories to be seen,
Ideas to be heard.
Living everlong
And flowing forever.

Blue Hue

All around you,
It is clear,
Yet above it is blue.

Dive into it,
It is clear,
Yet below it should be blue.

Two greatest things are blue,
Shouldn't the third have some too?


Cold and desolate.
Below, all is ruled,
Ruled by an overbearing force.
Many try to break away,
But only a few reach success.
Those few are high above,
Glowing and shining
In their own victory.

My Love

Driving a Blazer blue,
It's my love, oh so true.
In my life, she is new.
Without her, what would I do?
Funny, and beautiful too.
And eyes sparkle like morning dew.

Yellow Sheet

Oh yellow sheet,
Smells of clean feet,
Allows others not to cheat.
Nothing can beat
My sheet named Pete.

Too Far

Stretched too far,
Beyond all limits.
Delaying the impossible.
Impossible if delayed.
Using the broken ideas
Stolen from a created future.
Fear clouds all,
Blocking beautiful rays.

Dark Clouds

Pushing the clouds away,
To feel the free rays,
Only to last a day.
Impossible to hold back,
They fit through the cracks
Because of the filling I lack.

Losing Thought

Left behind
Lost as a moon in the day.
Falling down
Like a leaf on Autumn's tree.
A gallivant mind
Flying through endless trails.

Broken Apart

Two important pieces
Searching for peace
In opposite ways.
No matter how much it weighs,
Looking for the one
Seems impossible to be won.


Cut away,
Alone today.

Leaving and living.
Ignored yet explored.

Dying inside
Is taking its toll.

Pushing to be accepted,
Only to be neglected.

Closed Inside

Asking to be told,
An action like gold.
Allowing to grow,
After being closed,
Altering what it chose.
Above and below,
Adjusting too slow.

Abandoning its cage,
Admits its rage.
Accelerating towards light,
Agony leaving with night.
Appreciating the day,
Air clears the way,
Acknowledging its freedom.


The best ear around
Lays before me.
Listening as I flow,
Remembering my thoughts.
Relieving me of the pain,
The pain that burns through.

Flying Around

Wandering all around,
Hoping to be found.
Clear and clean,
It flies free,
But this cannot be.
The breeze is not seen.

It blows your way,
Wanting to stay.
Hides in fear
Of what could end.
But the message it sends
Needs your ear.


It can not be heard
Yet speaks loudly.
Laying on the outside,
It can heal on the inside.

It can hold thoughts
And has no memory.
Unable to form emotions,
It can retell all feelings.


Red, orange and brown
Mark inward changes from which
Rebirth will begin.


My love so far away,
With her my heart will stay.
No matter where she may be,
Even farther than I can see.
All night and all day,
My thoughts of her will stay.
I will be filled with glee,
When again her face I can see.


Always searching for my gift,
My gift to share for others,
For others to cherish and enjoy,
Enjoy thoroughly to be with me,
With me, that one I am always searching.


Gazing on the beauty outside,
Thoughts wander to someone else.
Shades of red and orange,
Reminds me of times with her.
Glowing with earthly warmth,
Like her ever joyous smile.
Watching it set away,
Hoping together we can stay.

Unrealistic Crises

I canít see, I canít hear
Falling in this black sphere.
I canít think, I canít feel
Lost among the unreal.

Shrouded in my thought
Bad luck is all I caught.
Days are just passing by
Without your light in my eye.
Stuck with the pain inside,
Reliving my mistake as I died.

Living away from the unknown
Even though, close to you I have grown.
Things head towards the wrong
I have done this for so long.
Ignoring my open window
Scared of what I have to show.

I canít see, I canít hear
Drowning in a sea of fear.
I canít think, I canít feel
My life sold at a steal.

Giving up seems clear to me,
My one and only possibility.
Plans crash in a blink,
Problems last as long as I think,
Conflicts I battle forever,
Make me want my head to be severed.

I canít see, I canít hear
Sensing my end is near.
I canít think, I canít feel
Wounds grow that I canít heal.


Zapping my optimism,
Zax cuts me away.
Zigzagging between beliefs
Zeus couldn't stop.
Zipping towards fear because
Zareba is burning away.
Zooming, I am, all alone.

Zoning away from reality,
Zombie-like mode begins.
Zinging thoughts blind like
Zodiacal lights at night.
Zeroing on unsurity,
Zephyrs could blow me into
Zooming all alone.

Load On My Shoulders

Building up all the stress
With weight unable to bare.
For something I must confess
To someone for whom I care.

Waiting way too long,
Looking for the right moment.
Even though my feelings are strong,
When I speak it makes no comment.

Every day and every night
I think only of you.
You are my bright and shining light.
I only think of you.

Passing Lights

Slowing to a stop.
Large obstruction in the way.
Taking a moment to rest,
Observing all that is around.
Another beginning sets away,
As the night starts to shine.

Staring at the life below.
Listening to the cold air flow.
Passing lights zoom on by,
Brightening what's in my eye.
Pushing past thoughts aside,
Using my heart as a guide.


Heading into 2003,
I hope to expand in my poetry.
Just for my second year,
I'll be writing in here.
This is called Poetry Version 2.0,
Since I'm moving to a new plateau.
This poem may be as cheesy as can be,
But it's the introduction I'll always see.

Broken Dreams

The greatest gift of all
Can be the hardest to bare.
Making wishes but having to stall,
Not being able to say that I care.

Thinking too much,
Looking at the "What ifs" and such,
Turns the crystal clear to dark,
Never allowing me to embark.
Even the very simple is hard.
In those broken dreams I have starred.

Leading me in my emotional downfall
Is my greatest gift of all.

Power Outage

The time has finally come,
Yet only to be outdone.
All the power is out,
Darkening my shadow of doubt.
The wind is blowing against me,
So hard that I cannot see.
The last hour has been so long.
I know now waiting was wrong.


I cannot rest.
This nightly ritual I detest.
I cannot sleep,
A habit I wish not to keep.
Thoughts plague my mind.
With my heart in a bind.
Locked in with the bad,
Even some that hurt a tad.
No relief is present,
Because I have no place to vent.
Cold, dark, and lonely,
Feelings that can be defeated, if only.


How to move on with hatred so deep?
How to move on when revenge is what I seek?
This forever long battle is so wrong,
Yet I am never backing down
Until one falls to the ground.
I will never secede.
Victory will be mine to be achieved,
Unless the clock ends it first.

The Fire

The fire that burns inside
Brings warmth to us all.
The fire burns bright inside
It burns away parts of me,
Destroying all shimmers of life.
Constructing a wall around me,
A wall without end.

Right now nothing sees through it.
Nothing can pass or climb it.
This fire of warmth
Sheds it shadow of despair.
Allows coldness to fill within.

Only one thing keeps me warm.
Within my grasp, I know it brings joy
Yet I have fear of holding it.
This can reform the fire,
Erasing its gloomy shadow,
Bringing back its fulfilling warmth.


With beautiful red curly hair,
And eyes that are a matching pair.
A joyful aura that is so rare.
Being around her is better than sleeping on air.
My mood may be of despair,
But with her, that can be repaired.
I'm so glad we have time to share,
Even though we should be working there.
No one can ever compare
With her, for whom I care.

New Life

A brand new light to me.
One of remarkable beauty
That I have never seen.

Many thoughts convene,
Opening eyes to different views.
From many, I choose only a few.

Trying to choose which is right,
Leading my mind and heart to a fight.
Yet their cause is the same.

I have only myself to blame
Because I have the answer so near.
But what comes after is what I fear.

I know this is the change I need.
To clear my thoughts that make me so weak.
And soon, I know, this change will show.


There you are
Drawing the line.
There you are
Telling everyone we are fine.

It seems as so we've done this before.
Always it's me getting kicked out the door.
You said you just wanted to talk
But they only appear to be worsening,
Every time we end up arguing and cursing.

Here we are
Yelling and fighting.
Here we are
Going against our love song.
We know it shouldn't be like this.
So why cant you admit you're wrong?

It's the little things that bother us,
Pushing our limits past the precipice.
Now you say that this is the end.
You look at me but I don't know what to say
All I know is that I don't want to go away.

Here we are
Yelling and fighting.
Here we are
Going against our love song.
We know it shouldn't be like this.
So why cant you admit you're wrong?

I can see now we should be apart.
I can't take being torn at the heart.
Separation never was clear to me.
So now I can finally move along,
And I know my decision isn't wrong.

One Month

As the colors mix and mold
So the story is told.
Countless beauty has come by,
Yet I still seek what I eye.

As the colors churn and turn,
I think upon what I've learned.
The repeated journeys of life,
Condensed in a month of strife.

As the colors glow at a glance,
I try to stop waiting for chance.
What it would be like to vent
To someone, whose heart they have leant.


Tarnished by the war,
Hell-beaten ground,
Its own life never to be found.
Scarred from the battles,
Victims are left lying.
Like themselves, their nature dying.

Early missions were to protect--
If the powers only knew.
Or saw what it has done to you.
Their rules, their mold,
Changed what you've worked so long for,
Just to be as important as they were before.

Last thoughts on your knees;
Why can't there be peace
So established beliefs won't cease?
Why did you let this become?
All this you must condone
Because, on this torn land, you are alone.


Hidden behind chosen limits,
Oneself is held underneath the bar code,
Unable to shine their light they can emit.
Their constituted blandness is woed.
When he breaks the covers by which others have knit,
His oppression is granted by their ode.

In there, the warm musty air settles.
Not a word is to be heard,
Except in the tapping, which silence it meddles.
Their words are of repeated thoughts,
Oppressive thoughts that can be absurd.
Yet breaking away is one
That screams from under its bar to be heard.


Grayness blinds the day;
Functions being to falter
As the clouds roll in.


Resting his head on his hand,
By itself it would not stand.
Feeling the throbbing flow,
And letting his senses go,
His eyes forget the closed surrounding,
And the words upon his ears stop pounding.

He falls into a hidden world.
The painted sky had colors swirled.
Curved palmetto trees line the sea.
Laying in the warm sand, relaxing quietly.
He closed is eyes and smelled the ocean air.
Listened to waves crashing, while losing any care.

Held Back

Dreams and high hopes
Plague me, held below.
These things are hard to cope
Because here, no light shows.

Chained down, by my leg
The scene never changes.
The darkness diminishes the range;
Blocking that, for which I beg.

Yet, the torture drives me.
So many things I'd much rather be.
To replace the fear that surrounds,
Opening doors that are around.

To only fly so high.
To absorb the deep blue sky.
Only then would they be so serene.
They, my high hopes and dreams.


Standing over,
The water stands still.
The sky shines clear
As rain starts to fall.

One drop.
Forms infinite waves,
Disturbing the peaceful.
But the water returns the same.

Another drop.
Repeats the chaos,
In a slightly different way.
But the water returns the same.

More drops.
Change the puddle,
And even though it grows,
The water stays the same.


I can't stop the change
That has conquered me.
It's taken over my life.
It has skewed the colors,
The sky is green,
And the grass is blue.
And if I only knew
That this was what to be seen,
I would of stayed with the former.
Yet with all this strife,
I have grown to see,
That all I need is a change.

Breaking Free

Held back by walls,
Their entrapment was appalled.
One stood out from the rest.
Against the wall, it started to press.
Even though it was a hard fight,
It kept going until it saw the light.
And outside the wall, it saw above all.
As it was high above the rest, it was the best.

The Rain

As the rain beated across his face,
Tired from the quickened pace,
He never realized what he's done.
As he stopped, the water soaked in.
Clothes became heavy as he let thinking begin.
Why was he running from the sun?

All he wanted was a little protection
From the rain, but feared rejection.
Never, he thought he knew.
But behind him it was waiting,
Ready to stop his self-debating,
Standing under clouds where sun broke through.


Being insanely bored,
I fell out of my mind.
Lost and confused,
I began to meander
And search for something to find.
But then I chose
To return to me
Only to find to my dismay
I lost my mind today!

Bad Day

I've struggled long enough,
Being locked in handcuffs.
Forever I have hidden the fire.
But now, too strong has grown the desire.
Even if it's the end of me,
As long as it stops your tyranny,
I've accepted the goals set,
And won't stop until I've ended the threat.

One Day

Waking up early with the dew,
The darkness hides.
As the pink sky reveals itself
With the natural beauty,
The colorful sky brings with it
A brand new day.

Laying upon the green grass,
With a calming breeze,
I lose myself while looking up
Into the deep blue sky.
My thoughts starting to clear
Like the air above.

Watching the sun end its journey.
Marking its excellence
With brilliant shades of red.
And as it falls
Beyond the far reaching horizon,
It shines through someone else.

Hanging as the white pearl,
It lights the black night.
Sparkling are the sky's own treasure,
Diamonds of perfect quality.
All taking care of me
As I sleep under the stars.


Awaking and feeling sore,
Tired from the night before.
While everyone moves at will,
I am here, standing still.
Hours are flying ahead.
Left behind, I feel dead.

But, I turned around,
A new path, I had found.
My heart wanted to go.
In the end, my legs said no.
Because of myself, I had pain.
And I had no room to complain.


The fate not chosen
Burns inside of me.
Slowly and painfully,
It takes the life away.
Time slows down,
Outstretching the torture,
Yet time is all that heals.


So tired.
So worn out.
Something saps my energy.
Something slows my movements.
It flows throughout me.
It tears at my functions.
Everything has a slow pace,
Everything except my thoughts.

That Poem

My hand trembles
As energy is focused elsewhere.
Eyes cover themselves
As the weight grows too much.
The strength is gone
As the will to move diminishes.
Heat overflows me
As the cold feeling leaves.
Sleep doesn't heal
As the heart works hard.


Complex notions that fill the mind,
Washed away with the waves.
Tight schedules of limited time,
Stretched out across the beach.
Cold, isolated feelings,
Melted by the warm sand.
The war of everyday life,
Stopped simply by peaceful meditation.

Lone Star

Too scared to move ahead,
I stay, laying in bed.
Looking up before me,
My chance is she.
But my courage is afar,
Like a faint, glowing star.

I think of what could be
I think of you and me
Then I start to walk away
In fear of what you might say
What do I have to lose?
The same, if I don't choose.

My Plans

I try and try again,
But it never works for me.
I do it to avoid the pain,
But it never works for me.

It always ends the same.
My plans, my hopes,
Smashed into oblivion.

I wish hard to run away
But I found myself surrounded.
I want to look forward to a day
But I find them clouded.

It always ends the same.
My ideas, my dreams,
Shot out of the sky.

I see an open chance,
But it is slammed shut.
I use everything to get through,
But it is slammed shut.

It always ends the same.
My plans, my hopes,
Crushed into pieces.

I look for the warmth that is true,
But I am left out in the cold.
I reach out for the new,
But I am stuck in the old.

And it always ends the same.
My ideas, my dreams,
Lost, never to be heard.

By Myself

By myself,
I stand alone,
Without movement.
I know what I need.
It's not just anyone,
Not just someone to push me
While dragging my feet in the ground.
I need someone special,
Someone to lift me up,
Someone to get my wheel moving,
Someone to take me to where I belong.


Bisecting early thoughts,
Beach lays ahead of me.
Beaming light from above,
Below is the warm caressing sand.
Beholding the glistening water,
Beauty so calming to me,
Beckoning on to me.

Being one with surroundings,
Better for the lost mind.
Becalming are the gentle waves;
Beside me, they reach.
Binding problems
Blissfully wash away.
Becoming peaceful, I have.

The Show

After waiting for so long,
I am ready to hear my song.
I walk up to the stage,
Ready to hear the star sage.

The power of music is like no other.
With the power to make anyone gather.
As it flows out of the speakers,
Its presence is felt down to my sneakers.

It makes me jump up and down,
Making me feel higher off the ground.
And I will always enjoy this moment,
Finally reaching pure excitement.

Night To Remember

Until that night, I have never seen
Such a remarkable beauty
And nothing will intervene
With her night with me.
Even though I only got one dance
I wished it would of ended never.
Hopefully I'll get a second chance
At this night I'll remember forever.


The emptiness expands
As it tears me apart.
I yearn to fulfill its needs,
But it is impossible right now.
Because I am trapped in here
Because of my own choosing.

I cannot stay the same.
It will drive me insane.
Drowning me in the pain.

I can't take the torture
Because it lasts forever.
It taunts me with a growl
As I grip myself in agony.
It leaves me to do nothing
But fall down before it.

I cannot stay the same.
It will drive me insane.
Drowning me in pain.

My life depends on the time.
But it is also against me.
Watching the clock go backwards,
I hope my end is near.
But this, I will not fear.
Because I don't want to stay here.

Only You

I see you walking by
And my mind starts to fly.
Only you can do this,
Make other ideas dismiss.
Everything seems clear
When you are near.

I hope it could be
Just you and me.
We could spend time together,
Enjoying life forever.

I see you coming to me,
With a smile so lovely.
And as your words start to flow
And your beauty shines, I know,
I would never pull away.
I'm always ready for what you say.

I hope it could be
Just you and me.
We could spend time together,
Enjoying life forever.

Caliginous Ideas

Closing myself away.
Clouded thoughts fill in as I'm
Caging my true feelings.
Creatures of anger are
Creating instability as
Chaos ensues,
Canceling my freedom.

Calumniating myself,
Caliginous ideas form.
Cradling lost thoughts, the
Candle regains its light.
Culminating on the good, the
Candor responds to the
Calling of an open life.

Inward Thoughts At Your Door

As I walk up to your door,
There my problem begins.
I stop there, right before it,
And my mind starts to soar.
It leaves me impaired to say
Why I came to see you today.

At first, my thoughts seem true,
But then I keep asking myself
Is it worth risking what we have
To find my own place with you.
But while this answer I try to find,
I fear you might change your mind.

Winds Of Change

I was sitting on the ground
Wasting my time away.
I was waiting to be found
Or to find a brand new way.

But all I did was wait,
Holding back for an unknown date.
Yet I knew my staying there
Would not bring for what I cared.

Long enough with myself I had fought
As the winds brought a rolling cloud,
Which spoke an idea clear and loud.
A change of thought is what I sought.

The Blade Of Grass

The blade of grass silently stood
Even though it was not as well as it should.
Deep inside, it was starting to die.
Nothing, not even other blades, heard its cry.
Yet, it still stood up to the sun,
Pretending there was no battle to be won.
But it never knew true pain
Until it started to rain.

The rain had started off light.
Not enough to put up a fight.
Suddenly the wind grew stronger,
The rain fell even harder,
It was beaten to the ground,
Unlike the other blades around.

And as the blade thought it was gone,
A light shone across the lawn.
It started to stand again, even higher
Because the painful water had refilled its desire.

Hidden In Flight

Inside of me,
My heart is hidden in flight.
Its path has been obscured
By self-created clouds.
Yet it still tries to guide,
Knowing I have nothing to hide,
Knowing I should say it aloud,
Knowing I would be cured.
Ready to shine its light
For all to see.

The Cleansing

The water falls upon him
As he hangs on to the rim.
His outlook on life was dim.

The water drops all around.
He is lost because he never found
Nor followed his aura's sound.

The water continues to fall
When he realizes it all,
When he realizes why he stalled.

The water began to slow.
With a clean mind-set, he knows
What he needs to show.


Instead of going straight,
I end up off the path.
I can't find my way back.
Because nothing ever goes
The way my mind shows.

No matter how hard I try
Or how strongly I vie,
I can't find my way back.
I'm left along to wonder
If it will ever be.

Because it never goes
As I have planned out.
It always fails,
Without a doubt.

Through Closed Eyes

Through closed eyes
The world seems dark.

Knowing where nothing lies,
Hidden obstacles leave their mark.

Feelings of lost and alone
Lead only to despair.

This life I don't condone
Because I know how to get out of there.

Even if I must fight,
My will never dies.

I will see your light
Through my open eyes.


As he stood,
Planted firmly to the ground,
He misunderstood
The drop that he found.
Only one fell from the gray.
Only one fell to his feet.
He thought "It happens everyday"
So he took a seat.

As he sat
Without a single care,
Another fell through his hat,
And into his hair.
Even though it was not the last.
He thought "Soon it will fade"
Even though rain was falling fast.
Still, there he laid.

As he rested,
The drops began to rise.
He pretended to be uninterested,
But the continuing rain was a surprise.
As the water rose to his head,
He thought "This rain will soon end"
But he struggled instead.
His own life, he had to defend.

As he fought,
The water continued to flow.
And then he finally got
What a friend tried to show.
On accepting his watery grave,
He thought "I wish I saw land"
Only then to be saved
By his friend's helping hand.

Falling Apart

I've been watching them fall,
All falling apart on me.
They leave an unbearable force,
One, I just cannot take.

There are so many battles
That I cannot fight.
All I can do is watch,
Watch their destruction on me.

I don't know what to do.
I don't know who to talk to.
If only it was like it was before,
Because I cannot take this anymore.


Waiting for the change,
The journey slows down.
The red eyes of certainty
Is what stops me.

Looking behind,
I see my dark path
That I have traveled alone,
With my own dim light.

Thinking ahead,
I have before me two choices:
To go left or to go right.
I need to decide soon.

Knowing which way to go,
The eyes change their colors.
And I restart my journey,
My journey to the right.

A Moment In Life: Part I

As the energy overflows,
United all on one frequency,
I step up on the stage.
The lights flash before me.
Hands come up in anticipation.
I close my eyes
As I let the energy take me.
I am lifted into the air,
Opening myself without a care.
Enjoying one true bliss.

The Flame

As I watch the flame flicker,
Disturbed by passing wind,
I try to cover its distress,
Only to be burned by it.
I draw my hands back in pain,
Only to be drawn back again
By its shining beauty.
But I could not take it anymore
This flame does more harm than reward.
And even though it hurts,
I extinguish the flame in my hands.

Dry Grounds

I look up, searching in the clouds,
But no rain ever comes down.
I stand on my dry ground
That is dying before my eyes.
I hope for any type of relief.
Any type to replenish my land, yet
I stand alone, watching my work
Be blown away with the dust.


You start at the top
Until you just drop.
Your early strength is gone.
You feel abandoned.
The battle is uphill,
And it might even kill.

The limbs grow heavy,
Your pace is less than steady,
Senses seem to dull.
The journey takes its toll.
Chances of reacting,
Like life, is evaporating.

Fighting for your life,
Already filled with strife,
Seems almost pointless,
Leaving you to be hopeless.
Then your sight starts to blur,
And then, you are never to be heard.

Watching Time

I stop to look down,
My watch points to where I am.
Right then and there,
Things pass me by.
The new grow up,
A crawl starts to walk.
And as I look up,
I am lost again.

A Moment In Life: Part II

As I drive alone,
Late at night,
My windows are down.
The wind blows through me.
Total freedom lies in the empty streets.
Yet there lies the invisible fear,
Hidden, keeping me at a slower pace.

The music playing flows through me,
And I hear it well.
But truly, I am ignoring it
As I fear what could be,
Even though there is nothing around.

Tired of the slow pace,
I pull into the fastlane.
I start to speed up.
The wind starts to grow.
Muffling any words from the music.
And I only go faster.
Without a thought of fear.

Lost in speed, I notice my missing music,
And I play it louder.
Now it does not fall on deaf ears
As I finally reach my exit
Off the fastlane.

As I slow down.
The turbulent wind is silenced.
And the music plays only louder,
Guiding me in the right direction.
I safely reach my destination
To not be alone anymore.

The Hunger

Yelling from the inside,
The hunger has not died.
It strives to be filled.
The pain it has instilled
Could not be ignored longer,
Because it grows stronger.
The hunger cries to me,
"Your change is a necessity."

Lost And Confused

I am lost, I am confused.
I stand alone to wonder
Where should I be?
Then the wind blows through me.
Its cool hand flows over me,
Laying upon me a refreshing touch.
I release a weighted sigh
As I close my eyes
And I look deep inside
To see where I really am.


I hear so many words.
But they all anger me.
All these things I have heard
Are as wrong as can be.
If only people thought
Before they revealed their stupidity,
Then stupid ideas would be caught,
And the truth would be clearer.

Downward Fall

I start the day,
Striving to be ahead.
Without having a word to say,
I am already dead.

One event lets me go
Into a downward fall.
Light doesn't even have to show
For my day to stall.

It's only the early morning
And my day is hell.
Everything I am scorning.
Everything makes me yell.

Things go wrong,
It's happened for so long.
Things go wrong,
Serenity is what I long.

One Breath

One breath,
Is a small but powerful force.
One breath,
Calms a weighted mind.
One breath,
Takes in nature's beauty.
One breath,
Begins a new life.
One breath.

Falling Before Me

The leaf separates from a branch far away
And slowly starts its journey.
As light as it is,
The slightest wind controls its path.
As brittle as it is,
The slightest weight crushes it.
Yet it still goes on its way,
Landing before my feet.

Created within the cloud,
The drop slowly starts its long journey.
As light as it is,
The slightest wind controls its path.
As formless as it is,
The final destination shapes it.
Yet it still goes on its way,
Landing before my feet.


Apples are red.
Inside the red,
It is off-white.
It is quite a sight
To watch it go brown
All because you threw it down,
Down in the mud.
But do not fear,
With the help of suds,
It wont be crystal clear
But it will be clean,
Cleaner than you've ever seen.


Dark clouds engulf the sky.
An everflowing waterfall of rain falls,
Drenching whatever it touches,
Beating anything it lands upon.
And there I am, standing still.
I am there because I cannot move.
What I wear upon my shoulders
Bears an unbearable weight upon me.

Even in darkness, nothing stands still.
The violent flashes of light prove so.
Nothing stands still, except for me.

Alone, I am disconnected from the rest.
Alone, I am different from the rest.
Everyone is like the strong boom that fills the sky.
I am just the patter of an ending flight.

Water drips down my face
As I start to open my eyes.
I see nothing in the darkness.
I see something in the darkness.
In the torment, it has grown.

In my first steps, the rain still pours.
And I am still my own prisoner.
But as I take off my heavy shirt,
My freedom reveals my regained strength,
My freedom reveals my regained vision.
And as I look up through the dark clouds,
I see the slight light breaking out.

Holding Out

I pull my hand out,
Holding it in the sunlight.
And it shines so bright
For anyone to see,
But I am only holding out
For only one's eyes.
I could, I would stretch farther
To finally reach her,
But in my mind,
The light burns my hand.
And as I get close, I pull back,
Only to wait and try again.

The Pencil

The pencil taps upon the paper.
The paper as clear as the sky.
It taps, waiting for words,
Words that will paint a detailed picture,
Words that will cure an ailing mind,
Words that will lead a lost heart.
It taps, waiting for these words,
But the pencil is blank like the paper,
Only staring upwards into the heavenly blue dome.

A Moment In Life: Part III

The sun descends as the day ends,
Casting its shadows across the land,
Leaving the sky in a colorful light show.
And as I sit there watching,
Enjoying the warmth of the visual fire
Slowly changing upon the light clouds,
Time slows to a pleasurable pace,
Calming the tense nerves of the mind.
As the pulchritude fades away,
Its magnificence, in me, will stay,
Until I see it the next day.

The Beauty Of Chaos

I step into fall's night grasp.
Its frosty tough takes ahold of me
While its beauty blows me away.
As I get ready to start my daily journey,
So does the light of my path,
Stretching its arms in shades of red.

I take a look at what is below me
And I marvel at the beauty of the green sea,
This amazing sea that is sparkling
With its early tears of joy.

As I am prepared for the journey ahead,
I begin to move along my chosen path.

Bordering along my journey's path,
The life, planted firmly by its earthly roots,
Begin to reveal its true new colors,
Displaying the beauty of a natural death.

I begin to feel the presence
Of the light shining straight down
From its high arc path.
As it walks along the road with me,
It shares its warm and bright aura,
Laying gently upon my body.

Not to be forgotten on my journey,
Fall gracefully flows throughout.
Making the life around waving their outstretched hands,
Making waves in the surrounding green sea.

It also comes to see me again,
Blowing a cool refreshing kiss.

Then I open my eyes to shadows starting to grow,
Creeping slowly away from its attachments,
Hoping to be free from its captor
Before its chances are lost for another day.

Finally, I see the end of my road coming close
As the light heads off in the distance.
Its job of shining my path with its brilliance
Has done more than I could ever ask for.
I wish that the light may stay,
But I know my journey can't end that way.

All that is left of the guiding light
Is its diminishing golden footprints in the clouds.
Its glow slowly fading to the dark,
Marking the near end of my experience.

As the light has ended its journey,
It begins again somewhere beyond my sight.

I slow my pace as my path
Nears the final steps of the way.
Yet, I don't want to reach the end,
So I stopped and stared upwards.

Looking through the cold, clear air,
My life flows into me,
Refreshing me with every frozen breath.
My life flows out of me,
The warmth rises upwards as a fog,
Rising towards the beauty of the night sky.

Reflecting what showed my path before,
The full pearl shines with a halo around it.
It glows brighter through this thin air,
Enlightening more than the black darkness around.

The pearl of the night did not stand alone,
Surrounded by the diamonds of the sky.

Sparkling in the midnight light,
Are these jewels I always treasure.
And even when I can't see them,
They are always there for me.

I look around and it is dark.
But in this cold, desolate night,
I stand alone, knowing I'm not alone.
My journey is finally done,
And even though this day has passed,
These memories will always last.

Hidden Beauty

Locked away so no one could see,
It was a beauty hidden from me.
I was told it was lost forever,
But I made it my own endeavor.
I did not want it to be alone,
Something I would not condone.

I had the key in my hand,
But it wouldn't open at any command.
So I just put the key in,
And it opened from within.
I finally saw the truth inside,
I knew the beauty had never died,

The beauty glowed brighter than before
Since I helped it open the door
That was closed shut because of fear.
But while I am still here,
Never again will it have to hide,
Because I will always stand by her side.

The Ocean's Song

Slowly making their way to land,
The waves grow in excitement
Before it crashes upon the sand.
Then glides back to do it again.

As the ocean plays its music upon my ears,
I lie peacefully in the white sand.
Every grain that was under the sun's eye
Now shares their warmth throughout my body.

High above, the sun shines brightly
In a sky as clear as the water below.
Water that shimmers like a new diamond,
Which stretchest past my own eyes.

I close my eyes yet I still feel the sun's aura,
I still feel the beach's fingers holding me,
I still feel the wind blowing whispers my way,
And I hear the ocean singing me to sleep.

A Moment In Life: Part IV

As the rain descended from great heights,
I took a pause in my forward motion.
Before and behind, steam rose from the street,
Ascending into the late, darkened sky.

I remove what covers my head
And let the wind blow freely through my hair
Like an everflowing sea of grass blades.

Enclosed in this frigid air,
I seem frozen in my movements.
My eyes gaze forward, and then nowhere.

I emerge from my darkness
As the rain drips off my fingertips.

I raise my arms against the rain,
Stretching them out, and turning my palms up,
Catching every drop that lands upon them.

Drops fall in front of my eyes
From a few strands of my wet, black hair.
And I turn my face toward the clouded sky,
My eyes gaze upward, and then nowhere.

I feel every drop that hits any part of me.
My face, my hands, my body,
All saturated by the cold falling rain.

As the water sinks into my skin,
A large, frozen breath is taken in,
Filling my chest with the crispness of the autumn,
Pushing out the fire hidden deep inside.

I clench my hands into fists.
I open my eyes to falling raindrops.
I let out an oppressed shout.

I yell out into the bleak darkness
Why am I alone?
Why can I not reveal the truth?
Why must I make myself so miserable?

Water rolls away from my eyes
As I calm the rage within me.
Water not from the clouds above
But from the heart inside of me.

There laid the beginning of the search,
My search for true peace.
My eyes gazed forward, and then inward
As I looked for my own lost answers.

Please Don't Cry

I look into your eyes,
And the tell only half the story.
Overwhelmed by the rain,
You can't hold back much longer.

I try to open your heart,
But only the rain pours.
Your vision is flooded
And I'm trying to absorb it all.

If I could open your eyes,
And wipe away the pain,
Then you could finally see
Your emanating beauty.

Frozen Star

I feel a cold wind that dominates,
Blowing from your melancholy state.
It freezes you to start
Then it tries to break you apart.
But I cannot watch with my eyes
The beginning of your demise.

I need you to be strong
Remove anger that's blinded you for long.
Then you can finally see
What you have always meant to me.

Nothing is what it seems.
Once again your light will be seen.
For you are not too far
Of a lost, frozen star,
For me to hold close
And melt away your woes.

So if you hear me shout,
Fight back your rejections,
Fight back your depression.

To you, I yell out
Fight back the last good bye,
Fight back the day you die.

The Lost Soul: Part I & Part II

In the absolute darkness
Of a constructed reality,
They wander aimlessly through life.
Trapped. Blinded. All by their closed minds.

Their essence lays within them,
Frozen by their bleak, desolate lives.
Lives forged by the others' examples
Of a never-ending cycle of monotony.

But piercing through the shadows of dark,
There is one who barely sees the others' despair.
Its gift, It was destined to share,
To help as many to awaken from the nightmare.

Resonating through the silence are lost sounds.
Only the One allows them to refuge in its mind.
Its burden, It takes on for the others
As It speaks out to everyone, anyone, no one:

"The sound of many thoughts
Falls upon my ears.
Empty thoughts are released,
Confused in their numbers.

The sound of my thoughts
Falls upon deaf ears.
My mind, filled with thought
Is overwhelmed within its numbers."

Regaining vision lost by anger,
It exhales the frozen grasp
That has held all in their non-existence.
Released, It is dropped to the ground.

Laying in its despair, its confusion, its pain,
The others never saw the One in their path
They only stared forward with closed eyes
As agony rolled down its face

Through the One's water-filled view
A shimmer is reflected from the ground
Before it is crushed by the others,
Unlike the growing fire inside.

Resisting the force of the others
One hand lifts upward, towards the energy,
Towards the light hanging over everyone's head,
Hanging brightly, despite the darkness below.

It began to glow in the energy's presence,
Which brought fear and anger to all,
Uncomfortable with the change It was embarking.
A quest for identity.

All hands came toward the One,
Shielding what It once saw,
Pushing It to the ground,
Pulling It back to the darkness.

Through the violence, It grew stronger,
Fighting the others away.
They did not know what to do.
They could not see what was happening.

It continued to push them further,
Regaining Its firm stance.
It was to rise as a new form,
Emerging from the beauty within.

The One sat on a knee, leaning over the other
Its body, forged to perfection,
Emitted light from Its immunity to the dark.
Light that scared many, but touched a few.

A shout flew through the air.
The pain changed into strength.
Calmly, It stood up straight
And stretched out its wings.

Some saw the epiphany before them.
The reached out to touch their future.
But the One's destiny came to an end.
It left never to come again.

Lost Love

I've sat around for weeks,
Waiting to be called.
Then you come to me
And brush the dust away.
Yet you expect me to stay?

You were all I ever saw.
When you left I was all alone.
Then you want to be right by me
After I shut myself away.
And you expect to stay?

I thought we had it all.
Then you took everything.
Soon our love turned to pain.
I had to look away,
And I knew I couldn't stay.

Giving Up

You watch the clouds fall from the sky.
They crash into the ground before you.
All you can do is break down and cry.
You are trying so hard not to fall through,
But everything just knows how to die.
What have you gotten yourself into?

In that real world where anything
And everything seems to fall apart,
You wonder ďWhy am I trying?
Is there a point when nothing satisfies my heart?Ē
Your attempts to control your living,
Slips through your hands from the start.

Losing Her: Part I

All that she could do was cry.
Life always seemed to run away,
Leaving her in a trail of pain,
Leaving her in a trail on despair,
Constantly hurting and never ending.

She wanted to be alone.
She wanted to be hidden.
But she was surrounded
By others who drowned her
In a deep, dark sea of misery.

No one knew what she went through.
No one could ever understand.
She wanted to die in hopes
That a new life would come by,
But all she could do was cry.


Sitting within the crowd,
Saturated with thoughts
That can only be heard
As a flood of chaos
Overflowing in our ears,
He sits completely alone,
Slowly releasing his thoughts
That can only be seen
As an ocean of serenity
Overwhelming our souls.

Losing Her: Part II

All he could do was hope.
Everyday she seemed further.
Slowly, she was slipping away,
Slipping closer to the bottom
Of a darken hole.

He tried to absorb the blows.
He tried to feel the pain.
But he was surrounded
By the obstructions laid out
To hide the truth unknown.

No one knew what he knew.
No one else would understand.
He wanted to open her eyes
Like he had opened his arms
But all he can do is hope.


Locked in your own prison,
Denied the freedom you need,
The only visible objects
Are chosen misconceptions 
Of a destructive future.

You see what's behind,
And it will lead the way 
Down the repetitive path 
That is far familiar to you.
The trite trail of tears. 

Running blindly down that way,
Not looking where it goes,
One step pulls you to that hole. 
And it grows dark with the depth, 
Just like your waning hope.

Without warning, the end manifests.
Hitting hard, the built up pain
Cripples you body, your mind, 
Opening the storm from inside,
And pouring it on the ground.

In your sad, little world,
You ignored what I have said. 
Now you must see the truth,
Let go of the fear in your head
And climb your way out.


She doesnt seem to notice
As I sit down beside her,
Hidden underneath the headphones,
What surrounds her seems to vanish,
At least that was the plan.

Lost behind her beauty
Laid a past not so perfect,
A heart with a growing hole,
A mind worn from sleepless nights,
And yet her halo never faded.

Looking into her green eyes,
Burning through what they see,
I can feel the fire inside
Destroying what is left
Of her innocent soul.

Then I grab her cold hands,
She finally sees who I am,
And tears start to roll down,
Calming the flames of her pain
That she has carried for too long.

Wingless Church

The rain fell harder,
Crashing along his back.
Far away, sirens faintly scream
Through the depths of the night.

Lightning ran across the sky,
Emitting the only light seen.
Thunder echoed behind it,
The only sound above the whispers.

People began to gather around.
The crowd started to grow
As did the puddles, growing deeper.
As did the blood, flowing even more.

No one knew what had happened,
Their eyes were fed processed lies.
They only knew one thing, death,
Laying in front of the wingless church.

Innocent as his heart could be,
One boy touched the victim
And all he could feel was pain,
He saw how the man lost his light.

The boy ran to his mother,
Blood still dripping from his hands,
With words drowning in tears and rain,
ďThey were only virgins to love.Ē

On the manís finger is an indentation
Created by their golden circle.
Now stolen, but he didnít care.
To him, it was already taken away.

There was only one symbol
From the manís lost love life,
It was his own bleeding heart,
Pierced through from behind.

The sirens slowed to a stop,
But his wounds never did.
He missed all the red lights
And now it was too late.

They walked up and looked around.
Not a soul had an answer,
Except for the one in flight.
And the men picked him up.

His left hand fell, dripping,
Revealing the carved words on his palm:
ďYou will never lose meĒ
And it rained even harder.

The Golden Hand

Scraping slowly across the ground,
His rusted chains always follow,
Under his worned dark tunic,
With a hood hiding his suffering.

Fatigued from his lifeís mission,
His body was slumped over,
His breath was heavy upon his heart,
And his face stared downward.

Underneath the black hoodís shadow
Laid ears deafened by all the screams,
Eyes scarred from what they have seen,
But a mind whose brilliance lightly shone.

As his feet are dragging warily,
A little girl sits in front of him,
Weeping all her sorrows down her cheek,
And disappearing on her black dress.

His hand raised from below his garb,
And revealed his purpose, his life,
In the form of a golden touch,
Which he placed on the girlís shoulder.

His veins grew from his hands to his chest,
And from his chest to his head.
His face turned pale and his eyes red
As he slowly absorbed the pain.

He felt it burn inside of her.
He felt it burn inside of him.
And even though he falls to a knee,
He continues, just for her, a stranger.

Once he was done, he ached all over.
His hand fell back into the darkness
To regain the light it lent out,
To the search of lost hope.

And as she looked up to him,
A tear lands upon her head.
She shines a smile as she stands up,
And runs away in a flowing white dress.

He watched her run away to the horizon,
Then returned to a tenebrous path of remedy,
To help the blinded see, the hurt heal,
With his gift of the golden hand.


Two eyes stare behind closed doors.
On one side, the light lived,
But on the other, only illusion.

Opening those doors and seeing no light,
Looking around, everything in their place,
He is completely alone, deep in thought.

Nothing could be worse than the silence
Conquering the fear of the solitude,
Filling the holes of a desperate soul.

The energy blew away at every breath.
Limbs grew heavier with the passing seconds,
Leaving him to lay under the celestial ceiling.

One by one, each section of him went away.
Shutting down and leaving for the night,
In the form of a controllable death.

Released from his reality of platitude,
He wanders into a painted reverie,
Formed by its sole inhabitant.

The creator knew that its perfection,
Its foundation was never meant to last
As he soon became its only destructor.

He gasped, drenched in a cold sweat,
Fused with what kept him away from rest,
And still searching for solacement.


This idea that you built me somehow
Gives you the power to control
The "flawed" machine of yours.

Pathetic attempts to hypnotize me,
To program my own thoughts,
Never worked and only ruined me.

Your ignorance blinded you.
Hid from you the only truth,
That I built myself.

So look again at your empty hands.
The remote control is gone,
Along with your possession.


Stand up now.
The spotlight is waiting.
You wanted the time
And now the world is the audience.
Stand up now!

What? You have no feet?
On the ground, you are lying,
And there you will stay.
If you keep chopping them
They wil not grow back.

Speak up now.
Raise your chin for us.
You wanted us to listen.
Everyone is ready for your mind,
Speak up now!

Yet, all you do is bite down
On those words flowing out
From the fountain of your mouth.
Continue to build that dam,
And your tongue will dry out.

What you have ever wanted
Was what you could never find.
Look past the broken mirror.
See your life of lies,
And open your eyes!

Driving Away

Driving away from the fire.
Fate keeps my hands on the wheel
While they tremble in fear.

If I could, my weakness
Would drop me to my knees,
In the verge of tears.

Drying off what skews my view,
I'm caught behind a blink
While time pauses for me.

When I start to wake up again,
I hear screams in the distance,
But I cannot see anything yet.

My head is covered in pain,
My chest yearns for help,
And my body aches for them.

As much as it hurts to stand,
I look around and see no one,
Except for another fire.

In the midnight darkness,
The fire is all I can see,
And the skid marks behind it.

Where do I go now?
My false path never led me to
That so called "perfect world" I wanted.

I wiped my brow clean
And tried to find a way out,
But all I could do was think.

I closed my eyes to retrace
Everything that I have done,
Which I could not defend.

When I opened my eyes,
The fire finally died out,
And a single streetlight flickered on.


My toes pass through the lush,
Lively emeralds of nature,
Blanketing the land with an
Innocent sparkle in their eyes.

The soft gentle breeze flows into
The outstretched arms of nature's sage,
And as they go separate ways,
They whisper their love to each other.

A pedal, like a drop from the sun,
Floats into the hand of the pond,
Carrying it across as it glistens
With the eternal energy of life.

The blues of my eyes melt
Into the depths of the sky,
Looking for the treasure of nature,
Marked by white x's up high.


My hands wander though the lively grass blades.
I feel every finger from the ground.
I hope this feeling will never fade,
A feeling that makes everything around
Fly away from this euphoria that
Is like a refreshing breeze, kissing me.
And carries me to a cloud that I've sat
From up high, everything that I can see
Is like a sparkle or like a shimmer,
Each trying to tell a story of old,
That they told me as it became dimmer.
I was lucky to hear each one unfold,
An everlasting memory to keep,
Which I remember in my peaceful sleep.

Don't Leave Me

How could of this happened?
That's what each tear said,
Falling, crashing, dying on his pillow
Until he pushed his face into it.
He hoped it would stop the rain.
Or at least slow the downpour.
Yet the pain was unbearable.
He squeezed the covers tightly,
Trying to make it after her hand
Grabs him from inside his chest
And twisting his heart dry
Of the love he still wanted.

Another Day

Another day, fallen from his fingers,
Lays shattered on the floor.
He stares at it looking for reason,
But it won't talk, it can't talk.
The sound of death is alone
While red wine seeps into the ground.
Even his own blood, sweat, and tears
Will never glue the pieces together,
Or breathe new life into its lungs.
Instead, it is gone forever
And he is left to move on.

Knocking On My Door

Out of anyone in the universe,
It was your beauty that shone,
It had to be you I saw.
You came to me and smiled,
Everything around grew silent,
The world was nothing but us.
My eyes said "Let me go with you"
And our hands were the answer
As I gave you mine to hold.

All that I saw were your stars,
And, like the sparkle in your eyes,
They blinded me with pleasure.
We sat under your protective tree,
Shading my eyes from the harmful,
As we enjoyed love's gentle breeze.
There, we thought we were close.
You said, "I've shown you mine,
Now can you show me yours?"

Our eyes were locked, but mine trembled.
It was something I have never done,
But then, she wasn't just anyone.
I was like a flower she was holding,
Ready to bloom with her touch
And open myself up  for her.
From there, she saw it all,
Reading my life like a journal,
And I gave it to her, with the key.

But your knocking on my door
Was just a dream created by you
To hide me from your nightmare.
Together, you would make me feel
Like you always left to the right,
While I always left to the wrong.
I couldn't find why we hurt
Until I finally woke up to see,
That it begins with you.

"Go away," You didn't hear me.
"Go away," You finally noticed me.
"Go away," I turned my back to you.
Your song cannot be heard,
And your halo fades away
As I start to see the real you.
I shut myself away from you
And your light diminishes
As I start to walk away.

I Shot The Moon

I am running in the dark
So no one can find me
Or my dagger I call "Truth".
What I have done pains me.
I see it, over and over
When I try to shut my eyes.

Every second I spend awake
I see my healthy reminder
Piercing through my heart.
The night is my only hope.
But even here, I am blinded
By the slight light above.

Those thoughts won't slow me.
All I need is the growing fire,
Burning stronger in my eyes.
Never will I enjoy the light.
And now, neither will you.
Look up. I shot the moon.

She Whispers Her Secret

I never thought it could be,
But there she was, smiling at me.
Like perfect chords being played,
Her voice sung, in harmony,
The reasons of her true joy
Behind the beauty of a smile.

Underneath the luminous street lights
Of the eternal stellar sights,
We held hands, enjoying time together.
Her soft hands, flowing with her warmth
Kept my thoughts away from the stars
And into the heart so close to mine.

Compassionately, she held me close,
And I could close my eyes, knowing
There is always one, and she's beautiful,
Even beyond what anyone could see,
As she whispers her secret to me,
               "I love you."

Prisoner Of The Rock

A prisoner of the rock watches
A hammer and its chisel
Breathe life into an idea.

Under the glow of a painted face
Remains its emotionless gray,
Hidden in a frozen time.

A prisoner of the rock perceives
A hammer and its chisel
Forming an empty feeling.

Stains of water streak down
The natural arid texture of its skin
That no one would touch with love.

As the bankrupt heir of freedom,
It walks around aimlessly,
With a breeze flowing through it

Staring at its fingers touching
The signature hole in the center,
Lost along with the light it once held.

Yet only one hand on its own
Could raise his interest with its spirit,
One from the same hammer and chisel.

Shut From Society

In the bottom of the basement
There lies a secret so secret
Hidden under the radar of our eyes
Is the truth to each and every lie.
....That secret so secret....

At the top of the attic
There hangs a bat searchings
Waiting for the next death
Or is it the continuity of life?
....That secret so secret....

In the stealth of a dark room
There struggles a solitary flame
Engulfed in the sound so familiar
Deafening the demands of sorrow.
....That secret so secret....


Feel the sorrow of the lost soul
Wiping the tears of the last goodbye
Sitting in the center of a crowd
But sitting alone in the center
People around walk with purpose
Yet the heart remains unalterable
Except by the strong emotions
Flowing through every single vein
As his eyes close to the world
The need to catch every tear fades
In the memories of her beautiful love.

One Teardrop

Walking through the wind,
The rain beating across his face,
Sliding down his cheeks,
And gathering underneath his feet.
A step grows to a splash,
But his eyes never noticed.

A breeze turns into a gust,
A drizzle elevates to a downpour,
But his mind never noticed.

He kept walking ahead
As his feet were engulfed.
Lightning yelled out its thunder,
But his ears never noticed.

Everything became harder,
The rain, the wind, the storm,
The ability to keep moving,
As his pockets carried the rising water,
But his hands never noticed.

Fatigue brought along the pain,
As did the lightning striking the water,
As did the current, pushing his chest,
But they could never stop him,
They could only hope to slow him,
But his legs never noticed.

Trees fell, structures collapsed.
The world was falling before him.
He was one tear drop away
From drowning in the flood,
But his heart never noticed.