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-(8-15-04) Well, school starts Thursday so either I'll be writing a lot very soon or I will continue with my poetry drought. Either way thanks for checking out my stuff. And as a gift, two new poems.
-(7-19-04) Sorry kids, I didn't mean to keep you waiting but writing just isn't working as it used to. But new poem today.
-(6-21-04) The last three poems now have guestbooks.
-(6-21-04) And a long time later, another new poem!
-(5-31-04) And an amazing three hours later, I come back with a new poem.
-(5-30-04) I'm sorry for anyone who checks my site regularly. Right now my inspiration is at an all time low, along with leisure time to write. I'm going to try to write soon, but no promises will be made. But in the meantime, I did add new words to the Words You Need To Know section. And not just any words....Canadian words.
-(5-13-04) Another new poem and a new link and I am now free from the prison called high school!
-(4-29-04) It hasn't been too long has it? Two new poems are finally up!
-(4-17-04) I've noticed traffic is starting to build up again, so to any new and old wanderers, leave me some love! I want to know who comes to this site.
-(4-15-04) So awhile turned into only 3 days. Not too shabby eh? New poem!
-(4-12-04) I'm sorry to anyone and everyone who visits my site to see new stuff. I've been insanely busy with school and work and I just haven't had the time to do or much less put up new poems. So now I have 5 new poems up. I think it may be awhile before I get a chance to write new poems but until then enjoy!
-(3-16-04) I fixed the Losing Her:Part I link on the list of poems.
-(3-12-04) It's a rare day when you get two updates in one day, much less two poems. Only took almost 24 hours. But in case you are looking for the point, new poem.
-(3-12-04) I can't sleep so I fixed my website. That means: Innocent link is fixed (thanks salti fries), New poem is up, three essays are up!
-(3-8-04) It's a special someone's birthday. Hint: He's a poet.
-(3-2-04) New links are up!
-(2-29-04) I kept to my promise with 20 minutes to spare. This is the brand new layout. What's new? Every main page (those listed on the left) have all been updated with new quips. There is a new section, Essays. The lyrics for A Crow Left Of The Murder... are up. There are more meanings and many meanings have been changed in the poem department. And also a couple new poems. If there is anything messed up, leave a message somewhere and I'll lay the smackdown on it. So, enjoy!
-(2-21-04) I'm sorry to anyone who comes here regularly to see new stuff. I've been busy working on millions of things. But don't fear, new stuff will be coming soon. Everything new will come up either tomorrow or on Feb 29.
-(2-5-04) I wrote yet another poem today. I'm starting to like this month.
-(2-2-04) Looks like I haven't lost my touch yet. Wrote two poems today. And go buy the new Incubus CD! It rocks!
-(1-22-04) I'm not doing too bad this month. Another poem has just come out of the oven.
-(1-21-04) I have decided (kinda) on The Ocean's Song and Giving Up for the poetry contest. Agree? Disagree? Other suggestions? Email me. or leave messages somewhere.
-(1-16-04) Another new poem is up.
-(1-14-04) A new poem is up.
-(1-11-04) I have completed The Lost Soul. If your name happens to be Salty Fries, leave a message somewhere.
-(1-3-04) Happy New Year to everyone. I need your help in picking what poem I should send in for a contest. Click on Contest Choices for more info. (Warning: That link only shows up on four pages.)
-(12-25-03) Happy Present Day!
-(12-17-03) Well, well, well. It looks like I wrote another poem just for you. No, no, not you, all the other you's.
-(12-13-03) So I guess I'm on a roll now. A new poem is up thanks to a lack of sleep. (Thanks Mr. Insomnia!)
-(12-11-03) Guess who is back in action? Oh yeah, new poem.
-(12-04-03) For anyone who cares, I got accepted to USC!
-(11-29-03) I finished everything on this website so if there is anything that is messed up, figure out a way to tell me. Enjoy!
-(11-27-03) Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it. Just so you know many poems will not work since I'm updating the website. Just give me a couple of days since this work is pure torture.
-(11-26-03) No poem yet since I am still on my month break but there is a new section. There is now a Burns Out Bright Lyrics section. They are an awesome band, so you need to support these guys. There is a link for their website in my linkage section and you can find some of their music on
-(11-20-03) I need some help! I am entering a poetry contest and I need to pick two poems to enter. The only rule is that it must be 30 lines or less. So if you have any suggestions, either email me,leave guestbook messages, im me, or leave a message in crazy message box.Thanks!
-(11-9-03) I got good news and bad news. Good news first, there is a brand new poem. Bad news is I'm going to take a month off from even attempting to write in hopes of renewing my creative spark. Sorry for any disappointments.
-(10-16-03) Who wants a new poem? There's one if you do.
-(10-14-03) Another new poem is up so enjoy!
-(10-7-03) Well, well, well. The longest poem ever written by me is up. Tell me if you like it somehow because I don't.
-(9-29-03) Fall is finally here! I wrote a poem too.
-(9-24-03) Not only did I write one poem today, but I wrote two poems, and on top of that, both are up!
-(9-23-03) Once again, I apologize for the lack of updations. I don't give myself enough time to think and ponder so even less time to write. But no fear a new poem is up!
-(9-15-03) I'm sorry for the lack of updations and no there is no new poem but you know what would be nice? If people left messages in my guestbooks just like Jessi does. It would rawk my socks almost as much as she does!
-(9-7-03) Fresh out of the oven. This new poem smells like warm apple pie.
-(9-3-03) Just like I promised. Another new poem up!
-(8-30-03) There is yet another super cool poem for your thorough enjoyment. And I have fixed the messed up dates, thanks Jenny.
-(8-28-03) It's all good now. I got yet yet another poem out.
-(8-27-03) Yet another poem is up! Enjoy!
-(8-26-03) I am getting my writing ability back so that means another new poem. And come on, leave some comments in the guestbooks of all the poems!
-(8-23-03) Since I love whoever you are so much, I put the new poem up today! And this time, it won't take another month for me to write another!
-(8-20-03) Do not fear, Saturday morning will be the day I put up today's new poem.
-(7-27-03) Guess what this means? Yeah, new poem. Leave a message in the poem guestbooks!
-(7-17-03) So what is this new thing? Every poem now has a guestbook for you to leave a comment. I thought it to comment on the poems but random messages will do. There are bound to be things messed up since I did this all in two days so tell me somehow. And yes I found yet another lost poem.
-(7-16-03) Guess what I found out. I found a lost poem. Weird I know but it is up.
-(7-16-03) For your own sake, I would just pretend that last update was there because it didn't work out too pretty. But as we speak, or read in your case, I'm working on it. All the poems will have this new feature in about a week or so. But if you want to see the new look, the newest poem, Dry Grounds, has it.
-(7-13-03) I got a new feature. Its nowhere near done but now you can leave comments in the guestbooks of every poem. So far the first seven poems have this.
-(7-10-03) Nope, I'm not dead. Just a bad case of no inspiration. But alas a new poem is up.
-(6-27-03) My 100th poem is now up!
-(6-26-03) It took me two days to write this new poem. I started at 11:50 P.M. and went til 12:10 am in case you wanted to know how long it took.
-(6-23-03) Another new poem and its already gotten two thumbs up.
-(6-19-03) Well, I got two new ones up and the last one has me feeling good so we might just see 100 coming around soon. Only three more to get there.
-(6-11-03) So it looks like writing one everyday isn't going to work. But I wrote one yesterday and never got around to putting it up until today so enjoy.
-(6-6-03) I'm making new poems like latinos make babies. Except its only one today.
-(6-5-03) Looking like I'm on a roll here. Another brand new poem for your poetic pleasure.
-(6-4-03) Yep another new day. You know what that means. A decrease in the cookie population and another poem up.
-(6-3-03) It only took one day to break my plan. Oh well. I got a new poem up anyway to keep it going for the rest of the month.
-(6-1-03) Now there is a new poem. Sorry about the 15 day wait but now that it is summer, I'm going to write one everyday this month if possible.
-(6-1-03) No new poems just yet but Drops, Stormy Outlook and Pure Evil have brand new backgrounds.
-(5-29-03) After more than a month of insane work, I have completely finished everything I wanted to do for this site. I hope you enjoy this new layout and if there are any bugs, find some way to tell me.
-(5-22-03) I could really just cry in joy. But since I'm not a girl or a true emo kid, I'll just say I have finished the big updation of the whole website. All I have to is check to make sure everything is perfect.
-(5-21-03) If only it would end. I have continued my epic journey of updating the site and my path has led me to finish all A-O poems. Enjoy!
-(5-17-03) I'm at it again. I have finished all A-G poems. So that leaves about 51 to do for another day.
-(5-17-03) Another new poem is up only a couple days late. And more poems are becoming finished with new backgrounds and all.
-(5-11-03) Just in case you wanted to know, all poems that start with a and b are done. Only 24 other letters to finish!
-(5-10-03) I grew out of my laziness spell and put up two new poems from two days ago.
-(5-5-03) Today has been a productive day. I have done the Many, Many, Thanks section for everyone to check out.
-(5-5-03) Another link is up in the amigos section. The lucky gal this time is Arielle.
-(5-5-03) Feliz Cinco De Mayo for all my latino brothers and sisters in Mexico. To celebrate I have finished all the layouts and put up three new poems. All I got left to do is the backgrounds for the poems!
-(5-1-03) Just because I love the people who come to this site other than me, I have updated the first 52 or so poems. Not to completion but they now have the new layout.
-(4-30-03) There is a new addition to the Amigos Link area and it just happens to be Patty's.
-(4-28-03) A brand new poem is up! It's called Calm in case you lost it.
-(4-27-03) Here's a list of what's done: All pages listed on the left, all incubus lyric pages, and the first ten poems. All I have left are the poems and I'll be changing most backgrounds to them. If you like the changes, leave a message on the tag board to the right. Or if you don't, do the same. I'll still love you. Just not as much.
-(4-27-03) Pardon the mess or anything not working. I am going through major layout changes right now for this website. Sooner or later everything will work. Maybe.
-(4-21-03) In case anyone checks this page out a lot, I'm out on vacation until Saturday. But I don't want to go. So leave me some love in the email or guestbook please.
-(4-20-03) Happy Candy Day to everyone! I made a poem, just for you.
-(4-19-03) I may be on Spring Break but they still keep on coming like bunnies. New poem in case you couldn't figure it out.
-(4-17-03) Guess what? Oh yeah, another poem.
-(4-14-03) Another cool poem is just waiting to be read. The new one is called Relax.
-(4-11-03) Sorry about the wait. I've been busy and sick all at the same time. But I have updated! New poems. Enjoy! -(4-8-03) A couple new poems. Might as well check them out.
-(4-3-03) The 75th poem! It's called One Day. Enjoy!
-(4-2-03) Brand new poem is up. It's called Bad Day.
-(4-1-03) New poems, The Rain and Boredom, are up.


     What is this website for? I am a poet and I wanted to manifest my poems in a medium that anyone who wanted to could read them and enjoy them thoroughly. So I thought, and thought, and though and came up with....writing on birds. That experiement was a complete failure. After a few more failures, (rocks, random people, birds again) someone suggested the Internet. Thus, My Ponderation Creations was born. It started out as a very ugly and very simple website, but like everything, it grew up to be...even uglier. Then the three months of torture and regrowth began and you are now looking at that child of creation.
     So what does that have to do with you? Well, in all reality, I don't know. To help you to find that deep meaning to the boredom and providence that led you to this site, I'll tell you what all those links on the side lead you to:

  • Home Page: That's where you are at. Crazy huh?
  • What are Ponderation Creations?: Wondering where the name came from? That link will lead you to the answer. (No, not THE answer.)
  • My Poems: Yes, I am a poet and yes, I have poems. This is the long, long list of all my poems.
  • Essays: Amazingly enough, I  have somehow found a way to actually make myself right out certain ideas that float around in my mind. Yet in this section, they are in the form of essays.
  • Burns Out Bright Lyrics: Ever heard of Burns Out Bright, South Carolina' no the World's best band? You haven't? Well check that section out to read their kick ass lyrics and then go to their site.
  • Incubus Lyrics: Incubus, the world's second best band, has crazy awesome lyrics too so check it out.
  • Words You Should Know: Do you want to shock and amaze friends with an amazing vocabulary? Well this is not the place, but it does have cool words.
  •  Kick Ass Links: Who doesn't like links? Especially Kick Ass Links.
  • My Many, Many Thanks: Although this seems quite self-explanatory, in my deli experience, people don't seem to understand simple things so this part is all my thanks.

     Now that you know the whole site, now here are some important facts you should know:

  • My website is free and open to anyone. I also allow people to use my poems on their websites, or projects, etc. I only have two rules with that which are, ask my permission through my email, and you must cite that it is my work. Other than that, it's fair game.
  • I have a million Guestbooks, exactly one for each poem and one for the homepage. Feel free to leave any comments on the poems in them. I heart constructive criticism and I heart compliments even more.
  • In the constant struggle to keep this site fresh, I update it as often as I change my underwear so, updates are written in The Updation Nation. To scroll up and down on it, just roll over the arrows at the bottom.
  • Random messages are cool. So use the Crazy Message Box to your heart's content.

     If you have read all this, I'm sorry for those lost minutes in your life but if you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, poems, or random thoughts, you can email me at Enjoy my site!

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