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     Let me warn you before you start reading this essay. In all reality it's not an essay. It's really just a bunch of rambling. I wrote this to regain the longest guestbook signing in Joell's guestbook. Apparently, some kid thought it would be cool to beat the whole record, so I, of course, had to decimate his wimpy, and may I add boring, guestbook signing. Now that you know why I read it, beware, its a whole lot of filler. But once I get rolling, it gets interesting.

     I sure hope everything I write makes it on there. If it doesn't, I'd just like to say that I now have the longest guestbook signing ever. Sure, maybe I tied with the other kid, but since a) I had the first long signing, b) I was the first to sign this and c) I'm just cooler, I win the championship. Anywho, being that I was the very first person to ever sign this guestbook and being that you are probably busy doing homework like the good student that you are and I am not, I decided to take precious time out of my awesometastic life and write probably the longest guestbook signing ever known to maybe not the whole universe, maybe not even the whole galaxy, maybe not even the whole milky way, maybe not even the whole solar system, maybe not even the whole earth, maybe not even the whole continent, maybe not even the whole country, maybe not even the whole state, maybe not even the whole county, maybe not even the whole city, maybe not even the whole community, maybe not even the whole street, maybe not even the whole house, maybe not even the whole room, maybe not even the whole computer hard drive but damnit, it'll be the longest in your guestbook. You are probably thinking: "For the love of Gandhi, if there are more pointless and never ending sentences like that first one (yes, you have only read one and a half sentences and by the end of this statement, two and a half.), I will definitely sue someone for the dramatic waste of my time. But really, come on. (Enjoy that last sentence, it might be the shortest in this whole thing.) Is time really yours to waste? In a deeper sense, is there really time. In all reality, there isn't time. Time is something invented by man. But as a famous philosopher who's name slips my mind as of right now, if you can name it, it exists. So saying that time does exist, who said it was yours. What I'm trying to say is "Hey. I'd like some time too along with the other 6 billion other people on this planet. Not to mention all the other plants, animals, virus, fish, dolphins and other fuzzy things. Not to mention the possibility of life on other planets i.e. aliens, Elvis, Easter bunny, etc. So to finalize that thought, time isn't yours to waste. Plus, I think you should take some time out of your oh so busy life to enjoy the smaller things of life. Soothing rain, a blooming flower, a spider making a web, a beautiful sunset, a clear night, all thing people, in my opinion, don't take the time to enjoy. Unfortunately (or fortunately in other peoples opinions), time is the only thing that lasts forever. So hey, relax. (who knew there would of been a shorter sentence?) ((not me.)) (((holy cow! a shorter one. or was it? there was no verb, therefore not a sentence if we want to be official.))) I could go for some relaxing. A nice 74.6 degree clear day, hanging out in a hammock, with shade, a cool glass of lemonade, soothing hardcore music, and a sweet gal. That would be a nice day of relaxing. One day I say, one day. What does this have to do with anything? Really nothing. I'm just trying my best to enlighten people to another perspective on life. I'm not trying to "convert" you to my way as do most other things, i.e. religion. I'm just opening another door for you to go down. That door being the gateway of life. Deep stuff huh? I can go farther. So back to the idea of being able to name something means it exists. Do you think this is true? If you say it does then, do you think nothing is something? If you don't, do you there is a "nothing"? If you do believe in the said statement, nothing is something obviously. Nothing is the lack of something. But since it is a lack, it is something. But in being something, it can't be nothing right? Wrong, dead wrong. It's a state of being. But if you believe the said statement is wrong then what is nothing? To you, nothing is _____, which, no offense, is stupid. Nothing is nothing therefore something, therefore said statement is true! But you know, you can always argue for both ways. Just like you can always argue that there is/isn't a god/God/gods. What do I think of all that? I won't say. People don't like to hear things they don't believe in. That's why we have wars. That's why people hate each other. That's why we don't live in a utopia. (Uh oh, did he just admit to believing in Christianity? nope, just the fact that there could be a utopia.) So in conclusion, lets go over the main points made in here, in descending order of importance: 3) I have rambled way too much. 2) My first sentence could kill the common man, (so if you got this far, you are not common, but then what is common?, that'll be saved for another guestbook signing of some sort). And last but not least 1) This is the longest guestbook signing known to man as we know it. Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoy it. Visit my site!