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After writing the shorter version of this, I became very, very interested in bringing back an old idea of writing essays. So I set out on starting off by making the shorter version into a real essay-like substance. I made out a outline which took a couple days and then it just sat and sat and sat in my notebook. I'm a busy man you know? After I took care of updating this whole site, which took a couple weeks, I had spare time. So I set out on doing this essay and after two days of not paying attention in school, this essay was born. It is set on trying to answer "What is love?"

     If you would ask me, "Do you love yourself?" I wouldn't have to think about it. Of course I do! Why? I say why not? I totally rock not to mention I have that amazing ability to transfer ideas from the unperceivable to a physical medium. It's an easy thing to say what we love but what exactly is love.
     To start off, let's break this love thing down. L-O-V... I'm just kidding. Love is a connection between you and everything else, an essence to be in a prefect harmony. You can love anything, such as friends, family, girl/boyfriends, fiancÚs, spouses, pets, nature, music, art, any yes even cookies, a personal favorite of mine. The point I'm trying to lay down here is that there is an infinite, A.K.A. a whole bunch, of things you could love, but only if you allow yourself to. You can love some things more than others. It all depends on personal preference. Obviously you can't love everything. Sometimes that square love block won't fit in that circle love hole and that's ok. Infinite, big number, and this is a big world, there's always something else. But for this essay, I'm going to focus mainly on love between people since apparently there are a few on this world.
     Before we, and by we, I mean you, go on...POP QUIZ! No turning back now. There's only one question so you better get this right. What is the first person we should love? And no its not Halo. It is not a person or the first thing we should love, but it's up there. Give up? It's yourself. Don't worry if you got that wrong. That's why you are reading this, right? Before you love anything else, you must love you. Remember that, it is very important. You come before anyone else. If you aren't happy with yourself, then how can you be happy with someone else? Unlike anything else, you are with yourself always, which means it will take some work.
    All loves have responsibilities. Loving yourself isn't any different. There's only two things you need to do. First, take care of your body. Your body is the thing you look at everyday. It's the thing you carry around everyday. Do you want to look at, much less be in, a body that is not taken care of? Nope. Nor would you love it. Then you also have to take care of your mind. Your emotions, moods, feeling, are all important. If anything is bothering you, vent these bad feelings out. How you vent differs for everybody. If you cannot get a hold of anyone, relief can be found in things like writing (which is why I write), music, etc. Close friends and/or family are your best choices because they know you the best. They will have a clearer mind set and will be able to help you the most. Plus, if you could take care of everything by yourself, there wouldn't friendships, communities, societies, and also love.
     Now we can start on loving others. This love comes from eating the love berries off the same love bush. But, back in the real world, love is totally different. Love is from a relationship that grown stronger, deeper. For example, you can like or love friends. Friends that you like, you will socialize with them, hang out with them, do things with them. When you love a friend, you do all that and more. You spend a lot of time with them, you tell them things you wouldn't tell other people, you hang out with them more often than not. That friendship has gone a step up from the rest. You may do the same amount of things that you do with the friends you like, but with the friends you love, you take on the responsibilities that love needs.
     What are these responsibilities? They are the common characteristics that you will find in all loves. They may not be as obvious in some loves than they are in others, but they are still there. The first, and most obvious one is a close affection. You enjoy being with them and when you aren't able to, you may feel as though there is something missing. You care for them more than ever. You are willing to do the next characteristic which is sacrifice. Sacrifices can, and usually are small. It can be giving your friend a couple of bucks up to missing your favorite band to spend more time with your loved one. Respect is the next responsibility. It starts out with you respecting yourself. When you can do that, you can move on to respecting the beauty of nature, or respecting your spouse in her feelings and emotions.
     The last responsibility is a hard one to explain with any other love than with living things. And since it is so hard, it is the most important. Trust. You have to trust in order to love. How could you love someone that you couldn't trust with what matters to you, such as your love for them, or your deepest feelings? If you don't trust the bridge's durability, you aren't going to cross it. It is the same with love. That trust allows you to connect on a level that is much more intimate. As the connection grows, so does the love. So how can you trust things such as nature? That's hard and obviously less important than between living things, but trust can be a sense of security or safety or reliability in nature or music or so on. How can you trust yourself? That's an easy one. Trusting yourself is what self esteem is built upon.
     Now that we have broken love down to levels far beyond scientific, we can start to focus on the symptoms of love. Love can, and will do many things to a person. It will change a person. It can make you happier, more open, caring, focused on loving, and for a low, low price, it can even make you fly! (Offer not available on Earth, Mercury, and Uranus) Love opens a door of new feelings and emotions that no ordinary relationship could ever do. Love is the key to that door because it brings a completion to your essence. It is what I like to call the Theory of Two. I won't go into much detail into it, mainly because I haven't fully thought it out, but the main idea is that everything needs something else to complete the essence. The best example of this is the yin yang. Both the yin and yang are independent of each other yet they need each other to exist in a perfect harmony. Love is created when two people come together to form this harmony.
     This perfect harmony is what people seek, no matter what they say. While you are in love, everything seems better, making you happier. Yet, we all know that this love may fall apart, and that can be devastating. Love hurting seems to be a perfect and often used excuse for people who try to avoid love out of fear. But they are wrong in thinking so. Love is not thing that hurts. Losing this love is what causes all this pain. Love is a connection and when it breaks, like a bone, it hurts a lot. And like a broken bone, it takes time to heal. Do you need love to fix the broken love bone? Not necessarily. It may help, but at the same time, it could make things worse. At this time, you need to take care of yourself and work your way back up the love ladder. Once you have gotten over this lost love, life will return to normal and you can begin your search for love again.
     Love is from a connection between yourself and anything or anyone else that has grown stronger than an ordinary relationship. The search for this love is human nature. It is essential in everyone's life. Without it, our essence would be walking around with a huge hole in it, yearning to be filled. It is a great power than has responsibilities to make it work, but we all know that love is well worth the extra work. When that love key opens our doors, we feel more complete and one step closer to happiness.