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     This essay is based on nine questions given to us to answer in Theology class about love. Since we didn't have turn it in, I thought, why not make a comical essay out of it, just for kicks. Well, not only was it a kick in the pants, but this turns into a real essay if you check out the longer version.

     If you would ask me "Do you love yourself?" I wouldn't have to even think about it. Of course I do! Why? I say why not? I totally rock not to mention I have that insane ability to transfer ideas from the impercievable to a physical medium. So now that we got that out of the way, let's break this love thing down. L-O-V- I'm just joking. Love is an intimate relationship between a person and themselves/someone/something. It comes from eating the love berries of the same bush. But back in the real worl, its something different. You gain love through trust and some good ole fashion bonding. Love comes in many shapes and sizes so that means you can't stick the square love block in the circle love hole. You can have love between friends, family, boy/girlfriend/ fiance, spouse, pets, nature, and etc etc. Each one requiring special needs that must be taken care of. You can see love when you actually care enough to worry or go out of your way for the lovee. Love can do funny things to you. It may make you nice, friendly, happy and for a low low price even fly! (offer not available on earth, mars, or uranus) Now that we know all about love, you need to know the symptoms. Like said before, someone in love may be happier, more open, caring, spends a lot of time with the lovee and other things. Now when we talk about love what do you think about? Cookies? PUffins? Cartoons? I ask because there was no other way to introduce lust. Lust and love "ain't the same thing" as the kids say. Lust is an uncontrollable desire for sokmething you want. Simply put, lust = bad; love =good. Trust me here when i say love doesnt come automatically because we all cant like everything or we wouldnt ask this question.