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  Outhouse #1
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Great Falls Shrine Club


   Outhouse #1   
Flop-Eye River Rats

 Cuzzin Randall Roof - Raban of the Clan
Cuzzin Eddie Tart - Keeper of the Cob
Cuzzin Logger Head Eudy - Guardian of the Still

Hillbilly Day, Saturday
August 14, 2004
"Honor the Cob"

By: Randall Roof
  We had a very nice Hillbilly Day August 19th
in Flop-eye.  We had 24 men to take the Hillbilly
Degree that day and I think all but two of them
went all the way and got their Master Hillbilly
   We had around 25 women to take the ladies
degree that day also.  I would like to thank all of
you for coming that day.  Hope you all had a good
   The Imperial Clan is trying to say that there is no
such thing as a Master Hillbilly.  All I can say is let
them come to Floy-Eye and we will show them.
   This degree was started back when Wayne Larkin
was Raban of Clan #2.  The only reason it was
started was to make more money for the kids and
have some fun.
   Everyone in Flop-Eye was a Hillbilly and when we
had Hillbilly Day we would only have one or two to
take it.  So I got with Wayne about something new
called a Master Hillbilly and he liked it, and the rest
is history.
   We now have a little over 500 Master Hillbillies.
Cuzzins that's over $25,000 more for the kids and
look at the fun we have had.  By the way, this degree
has a copy write on it by Clan #2.
   I was about to forget Clan #2 made $2,700 Hillbilly
Day.  Thanks for making it a great day.
   At Divan Night the Outhouse turned in a total of
$5,100 to the Shrine Hospital.  This gives us a total for
the year of $10,210.  Thanks Cuzzins for making this
   A husband is a man who wishes he had as much fun
when he is out as his wife thinks he does.  Again, thanks
Cuzzins for making it another good year for the Outhouse
and keep on working for the kids.  God bless each one of