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Holy Nest of Angels

I am a big fan of Star Ocean 2. This is what this page is dedicated to.If you have any questions, please e-mail me. If you have any advice other than "get a job" also send it to me. Most people havent even heard of this game. If you are one of them then this will confuse the living crap out of you!

My friend is working on a walkthrough and I am looking for as many codes as I can so if you have any info, please e-mail me! [note: I have found a walkthrough. It is in the codes section]

In Star Ocean [SO2], there are like 12 characters in all. You can only have 8 in your team and 4 in your active team. The game is moderately hard. I couldnt get through without a walkthrough. My favorite part of the game is where you fight Indilecio, the last sage. I have somw gameshark codes, and I will post them when I get a list.

The walkthrough wont be done for a while, so I recomend you find other reffrence untill at least april of next year.Here are the codes for now!!

the codes and the link to a messed up[but true] walkthrough

UPDATE: I now have a pokemon page. Here it is!!pokemon stuff

UPDATE: I now have a pic of Celine!!!