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I am SHOCKED! here is the dirt on several twelve year members...

Raz is at it AGAIN! never leaves people alone!

after quite a long time, hours perhaps, we see this occur over guildsay. obviously raz has worn nikole out!

and here it is. raz is really getting into it. raz was telling us all over guildsay about how theres 3 web cams set up, and theres plastic covers on the keyboards... something like that anyway! i was too disgusted to listen anymore!

as you can see, nikole is as scared as i was. but for totally different reasons, i am sure. raz probably wouldnt leave nikole alone! one of those cyber stalker type people.

laardus commenting about raz's dressing style during their webcam cybersex parties. sick.

ah ha! the truth comes out! now we know for sure laardus slept his way to 50!

you see the black bit after the "do"? thats cuz a fly landed on my monitor, and somehow it got sucked into my screenshot. anyway

woah, evidence from all over norrath. its happening everywhere! coming to a cinema near you! raz cybers! only 1cp per hour!

well, you've seen this one before... but its gotta be put back in. admitting it again! that dirty enchanter! by far the worst of twelve year.

and now caanon is involved too!

[13:24] [Caanon] hey have you heard nige's pet name for me?
[13:24] [Bare] stuby?
[13:24] [siffan|kfc] shorty?
[13:24] [Caanon] Love Rod!

this is a legitimate log from irc in #12yr. caanon is a "love rod". we're all too scared to know just how he got this name.. i'll leave you to think about it...

AAAANDD! thats all folks ;)
but im sure they are still doing it, as i silently write this page, hiding, secret identity and such because they're all going to try and KILL ME

kodi teapot
Signing off
perhaps forever... if they catch me

remember i love you


Kodi is phat in red...

and you're not!