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New pic!

VERY cute pic of MaCHeTe. ^.^ Lookit! By Nyx! Why? Cuz she's so nice ^.^ When Side7 comes back up I'll link her site there to here.

New pic!

VERY kewl pic of MaCHeTe. ^.^ by Bliss, aka Haley Schauble. Aint it purty?

Yo, dis is my friend Transmetal2 Dinobot, aka TM2. Anyways, his art rocks big time, check it out or I'll have your head. Oh! and here are some pics he drew/inked/colored for my char Moon Song the Red Wolf.

Nonmorphic MS.... SOOOOOO cute!

Moon Song just being, well... un-amused

Moon Song with Confederate Flag shirt

And this is my patient, huggable friend, Raven! (j/k) Anyways, he waited a long time for the colored part of my half of an art trade. Thanks, Raven!

Comp Colored(Saqqara)