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who is this... strange long-eared tiny dog? saqqara. this is a page about my personal furry, and saqqara off the paper, too.

warning: pespsi-lovers will die.

always coca-cola.

on paper saqqara

fur color: golden-brown (with black and silver back and tail) hair: jet-black, chin-length, angled. typical expression: lost, confused, but generally with her hands befing her back clutching some homicidal weapon.

attitude: lets just say hyper, aggressive, cute, evil, and lovable all rolled into one, nothing in between. overuses the "f"-word

fave outfit: sky-blue tube-top with clouds all over it. khaki shorts with cargo pockets and black striped running down the sides.

attitude around guys: can treat the, no different than any girl, acting like a tomboy. more often seen bursting into conversation and just being bold and... wierd.

hometown: cairo

off paper saqqara

hair color: light-brown with some blond streaks

attitude: can be bitchy, but more often obnoxious

fave outfit: will be her furry's if she can find the stuff ;).

attitude around guys: nervous. vevy, vevy nervous.

hometown: edisto island/beach, sc


mwahahaaha. an eye of horus. supposedly has magical powers and junk which saqqara off the paper (typing this) has no clue of. *sigh* wonder why saqqara on the paper wears one. *schniff* Graphic (c) Mallory Tossel.