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We help danes in need in South Carolina. We are contacted about danes needing assistance from shelters/pounds, as well as from private individuals. Our goal is to help as many of these danes as we possibly can and get them into a safe place until a permanent home is found. All danes will be evaluated and vetted prior to placement, and we also have a screening process to try and match each dane and family up as best as possible. Education is the key to success with this Great breed !!!

Sebby the survivor...

There is alot to know about owning a Great Dane. While speaking with most any dane owner you are sure to hear that they truly adore their wonderful breed and will most likely never be without one in the home, you will also hear about the many misadventures that caused them to slowly count to 10 before doing something rash !!! Danes can be very energetic as puppies and young adults and have a wonderful sense of adventure...which can encompass anything in your home !! You must be committed to helping your dane learn to be a good pet that will be part of the family....not just a possession that inhabits the same space as you. This takes time and patience. Be prepared for mistakes until your dane understands what is accepted. Obedience is a "must" for a dog of this size. Working with your dane also helps deepen the bond between you and enriches your relationship. Please visit our Related Sites, Links page to find some very informative and even some very fun sites. Even if considering if a dane is right for you, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.......glad to help anytime !!

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Charleston,South Carolina

Phone: 1-843-871-9336

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