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Welcome my site! It is mainly devoted to Age of Kings, but there is tons of other stuff here. I'm still working on it, but every thing on it is running. Oh, and if you don't hear the music, click on the empty box at the bottom of the screen.Enjoy!.

Age of Kings Expansion pack :

The expansion pack for age of kings sounds great! There are 5 new civilizations, including the Aztecs and Mayans from South America, the Huns and the Koreans from Asia, and the Spanish from Europe.

In addition to these cool new civilizations, there are a whole bunch of new technologies like Heresy, which makes it if one of your units gets converted, they die instead of your enemy getting your unit. This will make killing elephants a lot easier, but it will keep the enemy from taking your expensive paladins and turning them against you. There are also a few new units like the mounted priests of Spain called Missionaries. They have the same hitpoints of a regular monk, except they can't pick up relics,they have less converting range, and can only be built after a castle is built. This would suck because there are a lot of peaple who base their army on monks and never bother building a castle, just lots of monasteries. The only real advantage of the Missionaries are that they go fast and they wont slow down your army when it moves all together.

Just to make things a little easier, I will put things in categories for you. A category for each new civilization, a category for the new units(not unique), a category for new technologies, and a category for other stuff like map types, and terrain.

New Civilizations:


The Spanish are the only civilization to have two unique land units. They have the Missionaries, the mounted priests that I already talked about, and the Spanish have a unique unit called the Conquistador. The Conquistador is like a hand cannoneer on a horse. All of the new civilizations have a unique technology too. The spanish's unique technology is called Supremacy. This makes the villagers a whole lot stronger and tougher by giving them +3 regular armor, +3 peircing armor, more hitpoints, and more attack. Below are pics of a Missionary and 2 Conquistadors:

The Civilization bonuses of the spanish are that they build everything except wonders 30% faster, cannon balls shot from cannon galleons travel faster, and all upgrades in the blacksmith shop just costs food and no gold. Also, you get +50% trade profit for a team bonus.


The Koreans have a powerfull presence in maps with water. But also on land. They have two unique units. Their first unique unit is called the Turtle boat. This boat has armor all over it, but it is also very slow and has a terrible fire rate. The second unique unit is called the War Wagon. It is like a horse and wagon used for fighting. I don't completely understand it myself, so I wont be surprised if you don't. The Koreans's unique tech is called Shinkichon and gives their onagers get +2 range. This is a good unique technology for the Koreans because they can gaurd their Onagers with War Wagons and the Onagers won't get hurt. Also, the Korean's team bonus is +1 range for onnagers, so you can tell that Ensemble(The company that created AOE) wants Onagers back in the game and the Koreans to be the ones using them. By the way, there is a picture of turtle boats and two War Wagons at the bottom of this section if you want to see them.

The Koreans have four great civ bonuses. Can you believe that the Koreans get all tower upgrades for free, including bombard tower(after you research chemistry)! In addition to these free upgrades, the towers get +1 range in castle age and an additional +1 range in imperial age! No, that's not all; the villagers mine stone 15% faster and have an additional +2 line of sight! Wow, what a civilization!


The Huns are an excellent warrior civilization. They are so good because they don't need houses to support their poputlation. They are like nomads. Anyways, their unique unit is called a Tarkan. I think of it as a Beserk on a horse. Tarkans are a cavalry unit, with horses kind of like a scout, and they have a bonus vs. buildings. Here is a picture of a Tarkan:

The Huns are kind of like an upgraded version of the Mongols. Their cavaly archers(The mongols specialty) are 25% cheaper in castle age and 30% cheaper in the imperial age. Also their trebuches have a higher rate of success(50%). This is pretty good when you consider the rate of other civ's trebuches(30%). The Huns start out with 100 less wood, but that is not a big deal considering they are such a powerfull civilization.

The Huns's unique technology is called Atheism. Atheissm makes relic & wonder wins take twice as long to complete. In addition, Atheism lets you pay half as much as you normally would have for spies. Considering that the team bonus for the Huns is that stable units train faster, if the Huns see an enemy unit walking alone some where, or with a few friends, the Huns can build lots of Paladins and kill the enemy before they get very far at all.


The Mayans will be the economic power of the expansion pack. The place where they get resources(gold mines, berry bushes etc.)last 25% longer(notfarms unfortunateley). Like if one Korean started picking one berry bush, and at that same time, a Mayan started picking a berry bush, the Mayan's bush would last 25% longer, and give the mayan 25% more food. This can be a huge advantage because the Mayans would have 25% more food than everyone else untill farms are invented. And even when farms are invented, the mayans will get 25% more stone and gold! The Mayans also start with four villagers(not 3), so they will have even more of an advantage economically over everyone else.

The Mayans unique unit is called a plumed archer. It is an archer that is faster than normal and since the Mayans get a bonus allowin archers to cost -10% in Feudal age, -20% in Castle age, and -30% in imperial age, these will be cheap, fast archers. This will be very helpfull in the castle age where that fighting is starting to increase and everyone is building walls because a team bonus of the Mayans is half price walls and palisades. So these cheap fast archers can be behind half priced walls! The mayans also get a unit that the Aztecs get too. That unit is the Eagle Warrior, and because the Mayans Unique technology is El Dorado(gives eagle warriors 100 htpts). The Eagle warrior is fast too so the Mayans will be a fast and economically strong. The Eagle Warrior pic is in the new units section. Below is a picture of the Mayans unique unit: The Plumed Archer:


Unlike the Mayans whose army is based on archers, the Aztecs' army is based on infantry. The unique unit of the Aztecs is called a Jaguar Warrior. It is really good at fighting infantry units. To continue the Infantry based army, the Aztecs' unique technology is an exteme advantage with infantry. It is called Garland Wars, and will give all Aztec infantry +4 attack and +6 attack against cavalry! In addition to that, all Aztec military is created 15% faster. So, Jaguar Warriors like the one below are created 15% faster, and can have +6 attack against calvary.

In addition to having an excellent infantry, the Aztecs are a very religous civilization. In other words, the Aztecs have good preists. Get this; Every time that the Aztecs research a monk technology, their monks will get an additional +5 hit points! One downside is that you can only go up to 85 hit points. But that is still pretty good.

The Aztecs are a pretty well rounded civ. They have good infantry, good priests, and they even have a good economy. As a bonus, Aztec villagers get a +5 carrying capacity. In addition to that, Ensemble Studios(ES) threw in a 33% icrease in the Aztecs gold that they get from relics. The aztecs will be able to build lots of Jaguar Warriors with all that spare gold the Aztecs will have. And you better keep your cavalry in the corral if you don't want them to get worked by a unit with +6 attack against cavalry. As I think about it, you better leave your infantry at home too.

New Units:


This unit is the imperial age upgrade to the pikeman. It has extra attack, and hit points, but only has a slightly larger bonus against horses and camels.


The Hussar is the imperial age upgrade to Light cavalry. It will have the same speed, but have more attack and hit points. The coolest thing about the Hussar is that 10 civilizations get it!

Eagle Warrior:

The Eagle Warrior is an odd unit. It is as fast as a light cavalry, but can only be built in the castle and imperial ages. They have a small bonus against cavalry, but are bad against knights. And, they can can only be built by South American Civs(Aztec and Mayan). I am sure that only the S.A civs get them because neither of them get horse units of any kind!


Do you remember the cheat code for AOK that made a unit called a Saboteur? Well ES decided to put that unit in non-cheat games. The Petard is the land version of a demo ship. It is a unit that has a little bit of pierce armor and runs into buildings or units to cause damage. The Patard will be O.K against units but excellent against buildings, especially town centers(T.C's). I don't know about you, but this is one unit I don't want in the expansion pack!

New Technologies:


Gives all mounted units(includes elephants and camels) +20 hit points.


Makes speed of all trade carts and ships 50% faster, and all civs get it.

Herbal Medicine:

Makes healing rate while garrisoned 4X faster.


Makes it so if one of your units gets converted, it dies.

Parthian Tactics:

Gives cavalry archers +1 armor and +2 pierce armor.


Makes it so all of your monks don't get faith points taken off when you convert a unit together. Just one monk loses faith points.

Thumb Ring:

Gives archers 100% accuracy of hitting the target and a faster fire rate.

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