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The Plight of the Breeding Stock Paint

More often than Paint breeders are comfortable with, a solid color foal is born out of one or two Paint parents. Though this horse may be out of championship bloodlines and have the potential to go to the top of the breed, it is immediately labeled a Breeding Stock Paint, a title that has come to be a nasty one for me, a proud owner of a beautiful mare that no registry seems to want in the show ring. The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) will register these horses, but they will not allow them to compete with color horses at breed shows, offering a few token "breeding stock" classes at local club shows. These classes are not offered at the world level. The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), though the horses are out of the same bloodlines, have the same conformation and meet AQHA's color standards, will not register them because one or both parents were Paints. Other than open shows, these horses have nowhere to really show, and the prestige and honor that accompanies a world title has been denied them. A call to AQHA gets a firm "no"; a call to APHA gets a "we're reviewing it at the next convention." There are many horse owners now who aren't even bothering to register their Breeding Stock horses anymore. Something's got to change in one or both registries- these horses have to be allowed to compete at the same level as other horses of their kind.

What Could Be Done

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