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Becky's Tape Measure Cover Instructions
I have had so many e-mail over the past week asking for finishing help. I have put together this tutorial for a SIMPLE Tape Measure cover to assist you. Please note that this is only a guideline as I kind of do my own thing when it comes to finishing. This in NO way refelects how others may finish the same item.
I received a Tape MEasure Cover for my B-day last year from Karen and it inspired me to try my own!
You will need:
Round Tape Measure
Stitched piece
Fabric for back unless using two stitched pieces
I use a very light weight batting to cover both sides of the tape measure before adding the stitched piece and the backing piece.
Cut your stitched piece so that when you pull it over the tape measure it comes to the center all the way around the edge of the tape measure. Run a gathering stitch around your stitched piece and place it on the front of the tape measure and pull to gather.
Do the same with your fabric you are using for the back side of the tape measure cover.
Whip stitch the two pieces together around the tape measure. I pay close attention to the opening that the tape comes out of and I try to push the fabric down into the hole without obstructing the pull and release of the tape.
Add a piece of ribbon around the edge to cover the seams. Last, add a tassel to the pull of your tape measure. I make my own tassels for this.
There you have a simple Tape measure cover. To make a more complex cover, you would add a stitched band that goes around the Tape Measure.
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