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Becky's Needlebook Instructions
I have had so many e-mail over the past week asking for finishing help. I have put together this tutorial for a SIMPLE needlebook to assist you.
Please note that this is only a guideline as I kind of do my own thing when it comes to finishing. This in NO way refelects how others may finish the same item.
After you have stitched the design for your needlebook you will need to determine how you would like to finish the needlebook. There are MANY different ways to do so. I use several techniques but a simple one is the following:
You will need:
Your stitched piece
Finishing fabric of your choice
ribbon to match
Needles (to add to your book)
Scissors (to add to your book)

Determine the size you wish for the finished needlebook to be.
Cut the stitched piece allowing the amount of seam allowance you wish to have around the design.
Cut a piece of finishing fabric to the same size.
Sew these pieces together (short wise) forming a "spine" for your needlebook. This will be the OUTSIDE of the needlebook.
Cut another piece from your finishing fabric the same size as the outside of your needlebook.
Cut a piece of batting the same size as the outside of your needlebook.
Cut two lengths of ribbon to make the tie closures for the needlebook.
With right sides facing, pin together the front, back and batting sandwiching the ribbon closures between the fabrics, making sure to have the ends (the ones you will use to tie the book closed) of the ribbon so it doesn't get caught in your seam (I pin mine to the insides until it is turned right side out) and sew a seam all the way around LEAVING an opening for turning.
Clip curves and trim seams.
Turn right side out and press with iron.
Stitch the opening you left for turning closed.
On the inside of the needlebook, Add your ribbon that will hold your scissors in and add the felt needle pages.
I do this in a number of ways-it really depends on the piece I am working with.
You can use buttons to sew the felt pages on, you can use small stitches to secure can PRE-sew them before sewing the inside and outside of the needlebook together...really the results and choices are up to each individual.
Add your needles and scissors to the book and there you go :)
Or you can take it further and add more to the inside of the needlebook
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