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Some Ways I have Finished off Pieces

Finishing Page 2 Finishing Page 3 Finishing Page 4

I liked making the Snowman scissor pocket so much, I fished out an autumn piece from my "needs to be finished drawer" and made another one. This one is really gorgeous! I used a leaf print fabric and cording and glass pins to compliment the design.

This is my entry for the Lottery at the SBEBB. I chose to make a Scissor Pocket. It is MOST adorable.

This is a gift for Isabelle. It is Quaker Swan Case and it turned out so lovely. It WAS a challenge trying to perfect the fabric around the heart! I am very happy with it.

Outside Open


I stitched this piece a year or so ago and have been looking for the perfect way to use it! I decided today to finish it as a Needlebook/Scissor Keep.
It turned out lovely and I finished it a little differently than I have my other needlebooks. I am pleased!
This is the front of the Needlebook. The back is finished in the same fabric

This is the inside of the Needlebook.

I stitched this piece as a Redwork piece. I finished it off as a pinkeep.

This is a freebie.

Back of Autumn Freebie

This is Friend To Friend.
I stitched it for KarenV.

Back of Friend to Friend

This is Wooly Zipper.

Back of Wooly Zipper

This is Eliza Jane's Needlekeep and Scissors Flat.
Outside when closed


Outside when opened

This is LK's Cherish All Living Things.
I stitched it for RobinB awhile back and finally decided on how to finish it.
I finished it into a flat fold. It turned out lovely.

Back to show finishing fabby

Today's finishes were easy ones! Tucks :) These will be placed in a basket (along with a few others) for decoration in my home at Christmas time. I love displaying stitched items in baskets :)

I have had this piece stitched for 4 years, as you can see by the date on it. I couldn't decide how I wanted to finish it until today. I chose to finish it into a needlecase/scissor flat. It turned out lovely. It has a black pin closure and the fabby inside is adorable with the bees on it. I love the way this one came out. I didn't take a pic of the back, as it is just the linen used for cross stitching the piece.


This is Bent Creek's Bluebird zipper. I stitched it several years ago and finally got around to finishing it off. I made it into a banner and it turned out so cute.

I made this piece into a cube-I wanted it to look like a present to go under one of my small trees this year. It has green checked fabric for the sides and back. It turned out adorable. The pins will be removed from the piece once the glue dries.

This is LK's Garden Sampler. I always have a difficult time choosing my finishing fabrics. I chose a print with cherries on it, to go with the cherry in the piece. I made it into a NO SEW flat fold for instructional use. I will post step by step instructions w/pics of this piece (will need to e-mail me for details). It turned out really nice. All pins will be removed once the glue is dry.
Front (not sure if I want the tassels, so they are NOT secured yet)

Front view of stitching

Side View


This is Have you Any Wool. I stitched it for my friend, Jan. She adores sheep. I finished it off into a cube and it came out TOO adorable! I used the NO SEW technique on this one-and it turned out great-any pins you see will be removed once the glue dries.

Side View


This is DT's Too Tiny Too Sampler. I turned it into a flat fold for KarenV. It is the cutest thing, and one of the smallest flat folds I have made. This one is put together without sewing (i wanted to try to make one that required no sewing, so that I can help those on the exchanges BB that want to finish a flat fold without sewing knowledge, this is the first one I have made that used no sewing...EXCEPTION..lacing the fabrics to the cardboard.) If you see pins, they will be removed after glue dries.
Front of Flat Fold

Side View

Back View

And because someone asked...this is why it is called a Flat Fold. It can be folded flat for storage.

This is HE Freebie "Beehive" I made it into a Needle Book/ Scissor Flat for Danielle. I learned from this one, what to do differently next time for an even better finish. This turned out really nice tho :)
This is the front.

The inside

And the outside

This is ABC Zippie from Bent Creek. I decided to turn it into a Needlebook. I LOVE the way it turned out.
This is the front of the needlebook. I used Twine for the tie to make it rustic like the zippie.

This is an outside view of the book open

And this is the inside. I wanted a rustic, simplisitc look as that is the feel you get from the front cover,
so I haphazardly whiipped around the lining fabric-it gave it an awesome look in person. I LOVE the way this turned out!

this is SB's In My Garden NR. I stitched it earlier in the year, but only finished it into a NR 7-31-05. This was my first attempt at actually finishing a NR off with the hemstitching method. I have always used the sewing machine to hem them. It was a bit frustrating at first, but once I got the hang of the hemstitching method, it was easy! I wish I had finished all my NR's this way! I needed to practice the hemstitching on this one, so that I will be ready for the upcoming NR exchange!

This is Dance of The Bumblebee. I turned it into a box for buttons, for a new blogging friend of mine. She collects buttons and I thought this would be a nice addition to her sewing collection/room.

This is the inside of the button box. The inside of the lid can be used as a pincushion.

My Garden Wild. I finished this one off into an adorable Flat Fold. It is for a dear Blogging friend....JUST BECAUSE!. I hope she will like it. please excuse the disappearing fabric marker marks on the front, they had not disappeared when I took the photo)

My Garden Wild...Back of Flat Fold

Bee Keeper Scissor keep and Fob.


This is Bloom Where you Are Planted. I finished it off into a Flat-Fold and I must say it turned out REALLY nice. Front view.

and Side view.

I finished Buttoned Seasons by Erica Michael's into a Long Roll type pillow. I used ribbons to coordinate with each of the buttons. It turned out cute.
I also finished off the blackwork piece into a pillow

I found the perfect Sudberry box to use for The Busy Bee. It looks AWESOME!

Lorri Birminghams Joy To The World.
Many of you will remember when I stitched Lorri Birmingham's Joy To The World and the fit it gave me...:) I decided to finish it off today into a bell pull to give to the hostess of the cookout tonight. Debbie collects Santa's and I KNOW she will love this piece. I was excited about how the finishing turned out. It turned out REALLY nice. I found some gold ribbon to make the bow and I "scrunched" it, that gave it a wonderful affect. I also made a Gold tassel and I spray painted my dowel and ends gold. It's quite lovely. :) :) :)

This is a kit from Lorri Birmningham called Busy Bee Needle Keep. It was a quick fun stitch. I love the way it turned out, but next time will finish it by MY directions, not the given directions.

I love this piece. It turned out REALY nice.

This is another cute piece. I love the finishing fabby I chose.

This one is so cute too.

This was a gift for Bambi. It is a freebie and I stitched it up into a treat bag and filled it with Easter Goodies.

This is my very first RR. I love it, and it hangs proudly in my stitching room. All the stitcher's did a wonderful job on this piece.

This turned out really cute as well. It is from Glory Bee and I love it.

I made this for Veronique Meyer

This was a gift to Diane

I made this for a quickie Ornie exchange.

This one was a lot of was my first attempt at making a cube/box finish. I have improved on those techniques now. this one turned out adorable and was given to my neice.

This is a quilt project that I coordinated for a friend in Canada who's son has a disease and needed to be treated in Utah. The quilt was to be auctioned off and the proceeds going to the travel funds for treatment. ALL the stitcher's on this project should be so proud. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! My mom did the quilting.